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TicketQuery Wiki Macro

The TicketQuery macro lets you display ticket information anywhere that accepts WikiFormatting. The query language used by the [[TicketQuery]] macro is described in the TracQuery page.



Wiki macro listing tickets that match certain criteria.

This macro accepts a comma-separated list of keyed parameters, in the form "key=value".

If the key is the name of a field, the value must use the syntax of a filter specifier as defined in TracQuery#QueryLanguage. Note that this is not the same as the simplified URL syntax used for query: links starting with a ? character. Commas (,) can be included in field values by escaping them with a backslash (\).

Groups of field constraints to be OR-ed together can be separated by a literal or argument.

In addition to filters, several other named parameters can be used to control how the results are presented. All of them are optional.

The format parameter determines how the list of tickets is presented:

  • list -- the default presentation is to list the ticket ID next to the summary, with each ticket on a separate line.
  • compact -- the tickets are presented as a comma-separated list of ticket IDs.
  • count -- only the count of matching tickets is displayed
  • rawcount -- only the count of matching tickets is displayed, not even with a link to the corresponding query (since 1.1.1)
  • table -- a view similar to the custom query view (but without the controls)
  • progress -- a view similar to the milestone progress bars

The max parameter can be used to limit the number of tickets shown (defaults to 0, i.e. no maximum).

The order parameter sets the field used for ordering tickets (defaults to id).

The desc parameter indicates whether the order of the tickets should be reversed (defaults to false).

The group parameter sets the field used for grouping tickets (defaults to not being set).

The groupdesc parameter indicates whether the natural display order of the groups should be reversed (defaults to false).

The verbose parameter can be set to a true value in order to get the description for the listed tickets. For table format only. deprecated in favor of the rows parameter

The rows parameter can be used to specify which field(s) should be viewed as a row, e.g. rows=description|summary

The col parameter can be used to specify which fields should be viewed as columns. For table format only.

For compatibility with Trac 0.10, if there's a last positional parameter given to the macro, it will be used to specify the format. Also, using "&" as a field separator still works (except for order) but is deprecated.


Example Result Macro
Number of Triage tickets: 0 [[TicketQuery(status=new&milestone=,count)]]
Number of new tickets: 0 [[TicketQuery(status=new,count)]]
Number of reopened tickets: 0 [[TicketQuery(status=reopened,count)]]
Number of assigned tickets: 0 [[TicketQuery(status=assigned,count)]]
Number of invalid tickets: 4504 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,resolution=invalid,count)]]
Number of worksforme tickets: 1200 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,resolution=worksforme,count)]]
Number of duplicate tickets: 1987 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,resolution=duplicate,count)]]
Number of wontfix tickets: 1328 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,resolution=wontfix,count)]]
Number of fixed tickets: 3195 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,resolution=fixed,count)]]
Number of untriaged tickets (milestone unset): 0 [[TicketQuery(status!=closed,milestone=,count)]]
Total number of tickets: 13852 [[TicketQuery(count)]]
Number of tickets reported or owned by current user: 1144 [[TicketQuery(reporter=$USER,or,owner=$USER,count)]]
Number of tickets created this month: 0 [[TicketQuery(created=thismonth..,count)]]
Number of closed Firefox tickets: 84 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=firefox,count)]]
Number of closed Opera tickets: 73 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=opera,count)]]
Number of closed tickets affecting Firefox and Opera: 1 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=firefox opera,count)]]
Number of closed tickets affecting Firefox or Opera: 156 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=firefox|opera,count)]]
Number of tickets that affect Firefox or are closed and affect Opera: 156 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=opera,or,keywords~=firefox,count)]]
Number of closed Firefox tickets that don't affect Opera: 1 [[TicketQuery(status=closed,keywords~=firefox -opera,count)]]
Last 3 modified tickets: #207, #132, #55 [[TicketQuery(max=3,order=modified,desc=1,compact)]]

Details of ticket #1:


Ticket Owner Reporter
#1 john
Summary SPAM

Format: list


This is displayed as:

No results


This is displayed as:

Resize event not working

Format: compact

[[TicketQuery(version=0.6|0.7&resolution=duplicate, compact)]]

This is displayed as:

No results

Format: count

[[TicketQuery(version=0.6|0.7&resolution=duplicate, count)]]

This is displayed as:


Format: progress


This is displayed as:

Format: table

You can choose the columns displayed in the table format (format=table) using col=<field>. You can specify multiple fields and the order they are displayed by placing pipes (|) between the columns:


This is displayed as:

Full rows

In table format you can specify full rows using rows=<field>:


This is displayed as:

Results (1 - 3 of 13852)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#15251 notabug Loading jquery2.1.1.js into Nashorn JavaScript engine yields error fritzthecat

A problem occurs in jquery2.1.1.js on line 718:

push = { apply: arr.length ?

should be adjusted to

push = { apply: arr && arr.length ?

because "arr" can be undefined here.

Steps to reproduce:

I use Java 8 with the Nashorn JS engine. I have all HtmlUnit 2.15 JARs in my CLASSPATH, including htmlunit-core-js2.15.jar. I instantiate the JS engine and execute the script from Java by

final ScriptEngineManager engineManager = new ScriptEngineManager();
final ScriptEngine engine = engineManager.getEngineByMimeType("text/javascript");
final WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
final HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage("http://www.this-page-intentionally-left-blank.org/");
final Window window = (Window) page.getEnclosingWindow().getScriptObject();
bindings.put("window", window);
bindings.put("document", window.getDocument());
bindings.put("navigator", window.getNavigator());
bindings.put("location", window.getLocation());
bindings.put("history", window.getHistory());
bindings.put("screen", window.getScreen());
final URL url = new URL("http://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.1.1.js");
final Reader reader = new InputStreamReader(url.openStream());
engine.eval(new BufferedReader(reader));

Nashorn error message:

Exception in thread "main" javax.script.ScriptException: TypeError: Cannot read property "length" from undefined in at line number 718

#15250 duplicate IE 11 Compatibility Mode - Aria attributes and "Member not found" BrainFooLong

I have found a bug in jQuery 1.11.1 that breaks all scripts the want to set "aria-" attributes in IE11 compatibility mode. The bad thing is that compatibility mode is mostly enabled in "intranet" pages in my company. I know that compatibility mode is the badass of the evil but unfortunately here it is mostly enabled because of stoneold software.

Steps to reproduce

  1. http://bfldev.com/tablesorter-bug/test.html
  2. Enable compatibility mode in IE for domain "bfldev.com". (Gear icon at top right -> Compatibility mode settings)
  3. Reload and watch the console error "Member not found".


#15249 migrated Question mark is replaced by 'jQuery1520046861610282212496_1411972375451'. wjj871125

Code as follows:

var content = document.getElementById("content").value; jQuery.ajax({

type:'post', url:'add.php', data:"content=" + content, value is '?' dataType : "json", success:function(response){


}, error: function(msg){




Code ends.

When the parameter 'content' value is '?' or '??', its content is replaced by similar content as 'jQuery1520046861610282212496_1411972375451'.

jQuery code

data = data.replace( jsre, replace );

jQuery code end.

These codes maybe need to optimize.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

See also: TracQuery, TracTickets, TracReports

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