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21:45 Ticket #4623 (css min-height / min-width breaks animation) created by Abro
In my opinion the way our method css('min-height','...') works …
20:39 Ticket #4622 (Jquery cannot get .text() or .html() from Div in IE8) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: I am not seeing any problem with IE8 8.0.6001.18702 (the shipping …
13:41 Ticket #4622 (Jquery cannot get .text() or .html() from Div in IE8) created by ericbojo
If you end a <div> tag with <div /> instead of <div> </div> you …
12:26 Ticket #4621 (filter("...:first") expands original selector) created by zaphod_41
I create a selector, then filter() that selector and put a length …
06:37 Ticket #4620 (Permission Denied Exeption) created by nim
see screenshot
00:58 Ticket #2698 (Traversing all elements and unbinding all events causes major slowdown ...) closed by brandon
00:58 Ticket #2156 (jQuery should use DOMContentLoaded with WebKit >= 525) closed by brandon
fixed: Resolved in jQuery 1.3.x
00:56 Ticket #2141 (Make shortcut syntax for the focus and the blur event) closed by brandon
wontfix: Going to leave this to a plugin unless it becomes wildly popular.
00:54 Ticket #3439 (Additional tests for non-DOM object events) closed by brandon
fixed: applied in r6338, thanks.


23:16 Ticket #4602 ($.post callback error) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The bug tracker is for jQuery bugs. It sounds like you are asking for …
22:30 Ticket #3424 (curCSS does expensive, unnecessary checks on every call when used in WebKit) closed by brandon
fixed: This was addressed in 1.3
22:29 Ticket #4276 (height/width cleanup) closed by brandon
duplicate: The dimensions module has since been cleaned up.
20:37 Ticket #4592 (Invalid element by specified index) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: The first case shouldn't be surprising since the docs say :eq
20:11 Ticket #4425 (hasDuplicate namespace is in global context) closed by brandon
fixed: fixed in r6336
20:06 Ticket #4615 (Incompatible with Windows SP3) closed by dmethvin
invalid: If you want this to be investigated, please provide more information …
19:59 Ticket #4618 (jQuery(html) cannot work well. (bug?)) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The .find() method finds elements *below* the elements you …
19:55 Ticket #4619 (submit(fn) cannot work in jquery 1.3.2) closed by dmethvin
invalid: When .submit() is called with a function argument, it merely …
13:58 Ticket #4536 (jQuery.isFunction fix for built-in IE functions) closed by brandon
wontfix: As dmethvin stated, this functionality was intentionally removed from …
11:22 Ticket #4619 (submit(fn) cannot work in jquery 1.3.2) created by jamesfancy
I am using jquery 1.3.2. I write code to find a form and submit with a …
11:13 Ticket #4618 (jQuery(html) cannot work well. (bug?)) created by jamesfancy
I am using jQuery 1.3.2, development version. Please check the codes: …


17:15 Ticket #3825 (enhance .toggleClass) closed by brandon
fixed: Added in r6332.
15:24 Ticket #3971 (.index() enhancement) closed by brandon
fixed: While I can understand the potential confusion about passing a jQuery …
15:14 Ticket #4617 (xml() function, or addition to html() function) created by yuniti
Not sure what the preference would be - the advantage of making an …


19:27 Ticket #4616 (get .css() class style) created by Panman01
I'm sure this has been reported, just can't find a bug. Using .css() …
00:23 Ticket #4615 (Incompatible with Windows SP3) created by itHighway
OS: Windows XP SP3 Incompatibility: IE 6 and Chrome


22:40 Ticket #4614 (submit bug?) created by jpxavier
[…] the submitted form always takes the action of the second form? …
21:31 Ticket #4611 (Attribute type checkbox return undefined) closed by dmethvin
invalid: I think you meant: […]
21:01 Ticket #3681 (Opera 9.62 jquery errors and non valid css) closed by brandon
worksforme: This worksforme with the latest opera 9.64
20:30 Ticket #4396 (the function css('height') returns "0px" in Opera) closed by brandon
worksforme: This works for me, both css("width") and width(), in Opera 9.64.
20:22 Ticket #2620 (event.fix() possible null dereference) closed by brandon
17:50 Ticket #4532 (Live event handlers don't receive custom event data) closed by brandon
fixed: fixed in r6325
17:46 Ticket #4612 (.live() should accept an optional data param like bind) closed by brandon
17:45 Ticket #4613 (add and remove special event hooks) closed by brandon
fixed: fixed in r6324
17:40 Ticket #4613 (add and remove special event hooks) created by brandon
It was proposed by Mike Helgeson to refactor the specialAll hooks into …
17:35 Ticket #4612 (.live() should accept an optional data param like bind) created by brandon
Should follow the standard for bind: .live( type, [data], fn ).
17:10 Ticket #4197 (live events' "click" handler catches right clicks (unlike normal click ...) closed by brandon
duplicate: Closing, duplicate of #3861
15:44 Ticket #4611 (Attribute type checkbox return undefined) created by stephanrenault
Hi, Simply, with this html : <input type="checkbox" id="CK" …


18:48 Ticket #4610 (Image width calculation) created by WorldWideWebb
Sorry that my debugging skills may not be up to par, but I think I may …
18:04 Ticket #3398 (Events register on the wrong window in IE) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in r6316
17:47 Ticket #4241 (Namespaced events cause memory leaks) closed by brandon
fixed: I had a really difficult time getting a reliable test case to verify …
17:46 Ticket #4609 (jQuery("...").unbind() doesn't unbind namespaced events) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in r6321
17:44 Ticket #4609 (jQuery("...").unbind() doesn't unbind namespaced events) created by brandon
When calling .unbind() without passing anything, namespaced events are …
15:24 Ticket #4608 (Overflow left "visible" vs return to "auto" after animate on Safari on ...) created by gftn
On some (but not all) Macs running one of our apps under Safari (and …
10:20 Ticket #4607 (strange selector behaviour) created by robin
i was using jquery version 1.2.6, and blewo selector works just fine …
08:09 Ticket #4606 ("prev ~ siblings" broken in 1.3.2) created by serge.olkhovik
The following code works in 1.3.1 and doesn't in 1.3.2.
07:38 Ticket #4605 (Siblings (~) selector doesn't work right) created by prokofyev
$("#some_id ~ div") doesn't select DIV siblings if element with …


18:44 Ticket #4604 (replaceWith is not removing old content before adding new content) created by soichih
I have multiple select boxes under a div, and when I use replaceWith …
17:58 Ticket #4603 (selector :last has incorrect behaviour on google chrome) created by thomas
see the attached file: version 1: correct id var …
14:49 Ticket #4602 ($.post callback error) created by Arrviasto
I'm writing the second script in jQuery and the second time I'm …
12:33 Ticket #4601 (support *not* adding X-Requested-With) created by jablko
10:12 Ticket #4600 (mouseleave event not fired when moving from a input button to a input ...) created by temega
Full description and example here: http://www.temega.co.uk/dump/4pqjql.html
02:07 Ticket #4599 ("Better" Event delegation) created by justinbmeyer
Although live is a great step forward ... I wonder if jQuery would …
01:42 Ticket #4598 (Adding capture to allow better event delegation) created by justinbmeyer
in event.js line 10 from add: function(elem, types, handler, data) { …


14:29 Ticket #4597 (Fail to append, prepend on IFrame Body element in IE) created by awdhes
While i am trying to append an element inside the body of IFrame …
13:07 Ticket #4596 (find function including the results of filter?) created by kazar
Hi, Just an idea - I often find myself doing something like: …
12:21 Ticket #4595 (Problem with all slide action in IE ( any version )) created by WebHelper
First of all the problem only apply if you position an element in your …
10:15 Ticket #4594 (tbody toggle() fails in IE7 if it contains more than one tr) created by mcgmatt
When a tbody tag contains one tr, toggle() works for all browsers when …
08:35 Ticket #4593 (accordion getter option active always returns null) created by dekiland
Hi there ... I'm trying unsuccessfully to grab the id/index of the …
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