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Mar 27, 2009:

11:39 PM Ticket #4441 ([validate] lastElement isn't cleared on resetForm) created by xianpants
Regarding jquery.validation 1.5.2... All of the validation state is …
6:37 PM Ticket #4440 (fadeIn / fadeOut does not restore tr elements in IE 8) created by bradcupit
when fading in or out multiple tr elements, the text will not …
3:42 PM Ticket #4439 ($.offset() and $.position() causes flicking screen in FF) created by TNT
Hi. i found bug. i have test page where use $.offset() to determine …
2:22 PM Ticket #4378 (IE6 Broken JSONP calls. Several tickets, > 1 year. Solution available.) closed by brandon
fixed: This is now fixed in r6301
2:20 PM Changeset [611d2408]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/ajax.js
fix for #4378, base tag causes javascript error in IE when loading …
11:28 AM Ticket #4438 (Attr bug.) created by shamuntoha
FF works, but IE it doesnt works.Here is the following code, it works …
8:53 AM Ticket #4437 (Bug with IE6: removing a selected attribute raise an error) created by cowa
Hello, my HTML page contains 3 select lists. 1- 1 list containing all …
7:11 AM Ticket #4436 ([ajax] j.readyState is null or not an object on IE6 with Timeout enabled) created by ThomasCr
I get the follow error message when I make a ajax reqest as shown on …
6:16 AM Ticket #4435 (Parse Error cause being lost) created by nunfur
I recently started working with jQuery, using its ajax features. I …
5:27 AM Ticket #4434 (access :hover css properties of an element via jquery) created by pixeline
imagine i style the :hover pseudo-class of an element via css: …
5:00 AM Ticket #4433 (Ajax post : multidimensionnal map support) created by Ludo
As you know, there is a syntax which permit to send multidimensional …
4:39 AM Ticket #4432 (Selectors problem in IE) created by matt
The both codes work in FF3.0.7 and Chrome, but only the …
12:59 AM Ticket #4431 (Change the jQuery expando prefix to data-jquery) created by dantman

Mar 26, 2009:

9:19 PM Ticket #4430 ([validate] phoneUS problem) created by stegel
When I am using the phoneUS rule in my validate options I get the …
6:45 PM Ticket #4429 (Use native JSON.parse if available inside ajax.httpData) reopened by hakanson
Native JSON parse and stringify will be a built-in browser feature in …
6:23 PM Ticket #4429 (Use native JSON.parse if available inside ajax.httpData) closed by flesler
invalid: We don't rely on this kind of things, only built-in browser features …
1:26 PM Ticket #4429 (Use native JSON.parse if available inside ajax.httpData) created by hakanson
In jQuery.ajax.httpData, would you consider using the native JSON …
9:55 AM Ticket #4428 (SELECTOR doesn't work) created by simonxy
If I use the following selector: $('~ span:first', this) doesn't …
4:09 AM Ticket #4427 (jQuery.css(name) returns inconsistent results) created by skyde
jQuery.css(name) returns inconsistent results depending on whether …
2:44 AM Ticket #4426 (CSS "left" value is incorrect when set to "auto" in FF3.) created by sharwood
I have an absolute positioned element that has the following css: …

Mar 25, 2009:

11:16 PM Ticket #4425 (hasDuplicate namespace is in global context) created by kof13
10:18 PM Ticket #4409 (Difference between Firefox 3 and IE 6) closed by dmethvin
10:17 PM Ticket #4408 (escaped values in serialize() function) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: This is a duplicate of the epic #3611.
10:14 PM Ticket #4424 (Custom method doesn't work on IE) created by bfalcao
$.fn.load2 = function(path) { var obj = this; …
10:09 PM Ticket #4421 (jQuery.filter() and jQuery.find() do not return select or option elements.) closed by dmethvin
6:16 PM Ticket #4423 (Scope of Animation Queue) created by blackoutman
Using "queue:false" in animation params seems to lack the ability to …
6:14 PM Ticket #4422 (Clone under IE8 - form with trailing / in action) created by doug316
IE8 version 8.0.6001.18702 When cloning a form in IE8 with a trailing …
1:50 PM Ticket #4421 (jQuery.filter() and jQuery.find() do not return select or option elements.) created by dancasper
I am attempting to retrieve all 'form' elements from a div with …
11:44 AM Ticket #4420 (Internet Explorer 7 error: problem setting elem[ name ] = value) created by erinnn
I found a minor problem in IE that does not happen with Firefox or …
10:29 AM Ticket #4419 ([validate]) created by lewismc
Contribution to addMethod: Default Value If a default value is used …
9:11 AM Ticket #4418 (beforeunload doenst work correctly) created by Jorik
$(window).bind("beforeunload") and unbind() does not work correctly. …
2:12 AM Ticket #4417 (problem with attribute name when clone in IE7) created by boneazul
there is a problem in IE7 when clone elements, after change name …

Mar 24, 2009:

11:46 PM Ticket #4416 ($(window).height() does not work on Nokia 5800) created by santrajan
$(window).height() reports 0 on Nokia Series 60 (Nokia 5800). My …
9:39 PM Ticket #4415 (fix: Using min-height causes breaks in slide animations) created by dantman
If you set min-height onto an element it causes breaks in slide …
8:31 PM Ticket #4414 ([autocomplete] - Enhancement using mouseleave) created by brandonbk
Suggested enhancement: Add mouseleave functionality to the …
6:40 PM Ticket #4413 (Cannot animate by negative percentage in IE) created by rdmarshall
[IE only; works correctly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari] When an …
3:12 PM Ticket #4412 (hide and ie bug (height < 1px)) created by x-yuri
as a result of code […] element's height fits its content in ie …
2:15 PM Ticket #4411 (validation plug-in 1.5.2 - internet explorer and click event) created by jballon
With jQuery 1.3.2 and IE 7 & 8, the delegation of the onclick event …
11:17 AM Ticket #4410 (fadeOut does not execute) created by langdonx
1.3.2's fadeOut does not fully execute in my example. This is an edge …
10:39 AM Ticket #4409 (Difference between Firefox 3 and IE 6) created by OBU
On this simple test, only the first "div" with id "test" is processed …
9:35 AM Ticket #4408 (escaped values in serialize() function) created by bezhenez
when working not in utf(i work in cp-1251) encoding and passing it …
6:48 AM Ticket #4407 (Empty selectbox) created by Jorik
The empty() method on a selectbox is _much_ slower then …

Mar 23, 2009:

6:47 PM Ticket #4406 (jQuery doesn't wait for page to load.) created by Phil
On pages that take a while to load (few seconds) jQuery trys to access …
11:05 AM Ticket #4405 (<li> list-styles don't show up right after fadeIn() on ie7) created by jettero
It could be user-error, but I don't think so. If I change this fadeIn …
4:13 AM Ticket #4404 (using $.ajax with dataType = json causes no action in opera) created by madmike
Good day! i use $.ajax method to make a custom request to the php …
12:24 AM Ticket #4403 (Hidden (display:none) form lost after show. (Firefox 3.0.7, Ubuntu 8.10)) created by kossnocorp
$('a.file-upload').live('click', function() { …

Mar 22, 2009:

9:55 PM Changeset [f8ef75e]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/ajax.js
  • src/attributes.js
  • src/core.js
  • src/data.js
  • src/dimensions.js
  • src/event.js
  • src/fx.js
  • src/manipulation.js
  • src/offset.js
  • src/selector.js
remove trailing spaces
9:44 PM Ticket #4402 (Add mousewheel event) created by brandon
Add support for the mousewheel event. …
7:25 PM Changeset [e06da17]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • test/unit/attributes.js
  • test/unit/dimensions.js
moving dimension related unit tests to dimensions test module
7:25 PM Changeset [d7d908b0]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • Makefile
  • build.xml
  • speed/benchmarker.css
  • speed/benchmarker.js
  • speed/index.html
  • speed/jquery-basis.js
  • src/attributes.js
  • src/css.js
  • src/fx.js
  • src/support.js
decoupling styles retrieval from the attr method
11:37 AM Ticket #4295 (Output of .css(name); for combined properties like margin and padding ...) reopened by brandon
I have seen other requests that jQuery core better support the …
11:06 AM Changeset [9476530f]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/attributes.js
  • src/manipulation.js
moving some vars from manipulations.js to attributes.js
11:05 AM Ticket #4401 (1.3.x: Absolute positioned xul:image gets offset() values as if it ...) created by iamkoby
6:09 AM Ticket #4400 (jQuery incorrectly identifies XSLT-generated HTML document as XML) created by IvanPepelnjak
Client-side XSLT-to-HTML transformation in Firefox in combination with …
12:25 AM Ticket #4399 (Unused variables in dimensions.js should be removed [PATCH]) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in r6296 Thanks for the patch. :)
12:24 AM Changeset [a974b25]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/dimensions.js
fix for #4399, removing unused variables
12:19 AM Ticket #4399 (Unused variables in dimensions.js should be removed [PATCH]) created by CraigBuchek
Browsing through the source, I noticed that the tl and br variables …

Mar 21, 2009:

7:39 PM Ticket #4398 (mousemove() event handling is slow) created by olau
Event handling for mousemove event still causes a significant …
4:07 PM Ticket #4397 (jQuery.props should have mapping for "colspan" -> "colSpan") created by dcitron
Internet Explorer does not accept the attribute "colspan" and instead …
1:24 PM Ticket #4396 (the function css('height') returns "0px" in Opera) created by carkey712
<style> .obj {display:none; width:400px; height:400px;} </style> …
1:16 PM Ticket #4315 (Jquery.param encoding wrong) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: See the discussion at #3611.
10:48 AM Ticket #4395 (css('padding') doesn't work correctly in each browser) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: This is a dup of #4295.
10:37 AM Ticket #3609 (setting val() of radio or checkbox to single value sets "value" ...) closed by dmethvin
10:35 AM Ticket #4215 (Attribute "value" does not work well) closed by dmethvin
10:31 AM Ticket #4337 (Interation over array in google chrome iterate ascending by the array keys) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Technically a Javascript implementation doesn't need to guarantee the …
6:07 AM Ticket #4395 (css('padding') doesn't work correctly in each browser) created by xaka
This is test case for this bug. […] After inspecting code i have …

Mar 20, 2009:

10:40 PM Ticket #4369 (I have problems with internet explorer) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This looks like an cross-browser css or markup bug, not a jQuery bug. …
10:28 PM Ticket #4384 (jQuery.get doesn't shift all arguments) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #3775.
9:59 PM Ticket #4381 (IE7 reports 'inherit' for visibility property - is(':visible') returns true) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The visibility and opacity css attributes don't factor …
9:55 PM Ticket #4382 ([regression] Append with multiple elements doesn't bind events) closed by dmethvin
9:50 PM Ticket #4387 ($ is not defined) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This isn't a jQuery bug; please ask for help in a forum.
9:42 PM Ticket #4390 ($('input[type=checkbox]').val() doesn't return checked or unchecked status) closed by dmethvin
invalid: You haven't said what value you would expect from .val() when …
9:32 PM Ticket #4391 (:has() selector is inconsistent when used with element created by .after()) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The docs seem pretty clear to me already: > next only returns the …
3:56 PM Ticket #4394 (Jquery 1.3.2 (Sizzle) cannot use attribute selectors with an odd ...) created by [email protected]
Given some elements with apostrophe's in their attribute values: …
11:01 AM Ticket #4393 (IE6 JS error when processing $("abbr").html()) created by kipthegreat
The following Javascript generates an error in IE6: $(function() { …
9:03 AM Ticket #4392 (.val('') does not deselect) created by cdude
To clear a form I set "myform" attributes and use …
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