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16:45 Ticket #3662 (Add an Event class to jQuery) closed by flesler
fixed: Applied at [6005].
16:21 Ticket #3737 (TypeError: ret[i].parentNode is null) closed by flesler
fixed: Fixed at [6004].
15:51 Ticket #3744 (Broken links in UI/Droppable demo page) closed by flesler
invalid: This belongs to the UI Bug Tracker.
15:13 Ticket #3219 (boolean argument to toggle functions) closed by flesler
fixed: Added at [6000] and [6001].
15:12 Ticket #1681 (More powerful toggleClass()) closed by flesler
fixed: Added at [6000].
14:50 Ticket #3750 (Sizzle is not GPL) created by kkaefer
Sizzle is not GPL licenced, but is part of jQuery. This means that …
14:48 Ticket #3255 ($().attr does not work popperly with type) closed by flesler
fixed: Fixed at [5999].
14:35 Ticket #3749 (Preserve children when deleting elements) created by kkaefer
It is sometimes necessary to preserve the children of an element and …
14:25 Ticket #3641 (Merge function does not work correctly with 0/false values with same ...) closed by flesler
fixed: Fixed at [5998].
12:38 Ticket #3666 (Remove dead code from $(fn) shortcut for $(document).ready(fn)) closed by flesler
fixed: Applied at [5997]. Thanks.
12:10 Ticket #3702 (Math.max should be able to handle more than two args) closed by flesler
fixed: Fixed at [5985].
01:35 Ticket #3748 ([1.3b1] jQuery.data() API changed and does not allow to store "" or ...) created by cbeyls
I'm testing jQuery 1.3 beta 1. In jQuery 1.2.6, it was possible to …


22:47 Ticket #3747 (1.3b1: IMG does not animate properly if CSS width/height set) created by jtnix
Summary: if CSS height/width is set, IMG tags do not animate properly. …


20:13 Ticket #3746 (Unexpected return from .contains when using ':first-child' selector) created by culyun
Environment IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.080814-1233 FF …
17:37 Ticket #3745 (1.3 beta 1: :not(:first) fails) created by pixeline
var allItems = $('div.ds-item', datascape); (...) $('*', …
15:51 Ticket #3744 (Broken links in UI/Droppable demo page) created by reuben-boston
Scripts in the demo are feteched from <script …
15:25 Ticket #3743 (Unable to select elements with ID or class containing backslash (even ...) created by patridge
When trying to select an id/class that contains a backslash "\", …
15:11 Ticket #3742 (offset() uses parseInt which rounds down decimal numbers) created by ktrott
In Firefox 3, the value of getBoundingClientRect for top or bottom may …
14:15 Ticket #3731 (internet explorer issue with "background-position") closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #3732. Still need a test case there.
10:30 Ticket #3735 (Server at dev.jquery.com Port 80) closed by davidserduke
invalid: As this is not an actual bug, it would be better to ask this sort of …
10:15 Ticket #3736 (jQuery 1.3 Beta 1) closed by davidserduke
invalid: Try this instead and reopen if I'm missing something: […]
09:28 Ticket #3532 (Wrap sometimes duplicates the wrong object.) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed per your request.


23:29 Ticket #3741 (Name selector with a context should fallback when context doesn't ...) created by chuyeow
I ran into this bug while testing jQuery 1.3b1: […] Turns out …
22:15 Ticket #3740 (Clone the object Error) created by zhuisha
(Sorry to my poor English,So I'll give you chinese edition go with …
19:53 Ticket #3739 (1.3b1: trouble with animation of width/height) created by malsup
1.3b1 demo page here: …
19:06 Ticket #3738 (:animated selector filter fails in 1.3b1) created by paul.irish
The :animated filter is absent from the trunk build. Attaching a patch
18:47 Ticket #3737 (TypeError: ret[i].parentNode is null) created by malsup
TypeError occurred at line 1017 of 1.3b1 while using Taconite plugin …
17:10 Ticket #3736 (jQuery 1.3 Beta 1) created by Zhek-777
Bug description: Functions $(window).width and $(window).height do not …
10:36 Ticket #3735 (Server at dev.jquery.com Port 80) created by akagzi
Hi - Upto Friday (Dec 19/08) NOON, the following URL was working: …
05:24 Ticket #3734 (Bug in function append with iframe in ie7) created by LosGardos
I have this code with iframe <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-W3CDTD HTML …


09:19 Ticket #3733 (.load() executes and destroy's <script> tags) created by dante
The expected behavior across all browsers is to not execute …


20:19 Ticket #3732 (Fix for css properties problem under IE) created by sanaell
it seems have a lot of bugs in Internet Explorer when we use css …
19:59 Ticket #3731 (internet explorer issue with "background-position") created by sanaell
If you try to do a $(this).css("background-position"); you got …
18:34 Ticket #3730 (BUG: input text element hover() in FF Firefox) created by dazz
When you use hover() on an input text element in FF the result is very …
08:25 Ticket #3729 (Attribute selector with an class seperator(':') in it, fails.) created by Dykam
This code fails: $('[xml:lang="nl"]'); While this works: …


21:10 Ticket #3728 ([autocomplete] - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Security Fix Suggestion) created by richapps
When the loaded data for autocomplete contains special characters, it …
20:19 Ticket #3563 (Land Sizzle Selector Engine) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [5981].
20:08 Ticket #3727 (dev.jquery.com Not working) created by liamdbz
Hi, I'm learning jQuery and today, everything was working fine like it …
13:21 Ticket #1239 (hide function broken in Safari on elements not in DOM (see example)) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [5980].
13:12 Ticket #2233 (.hide() on a new element does not work in safari) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1239.
13:12 Ticket #3038 (show() function fails on Safari under unknown circumstances) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1239.
13:11 Ticket #3343 (Webkit: .is(':visible') is false for new nodes) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1239.
13:11 Ticket #3395 (Webkit: .hide() does not work) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1239.


23:30 Ticket #2614 (IE implementation of DOMContentLoaded failing when no assets) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [5970].
23:08 Ticket #2647 (Moving object containing Javascript) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #3105; further discussion is on that ticket.
22:51 Ticket #3025 (Livejournal's code is incompatible with jQuery) closed by dmethvin
invalid: As mentioned in #262, LiveJournal extends Object (I just checked and …
22:13 Ticket #3707 (javascript getting appended) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The thread says this happens with jQuery UI, as David said it doesn't …
10:36 Ticket #3289 ("Object doesn't support this property or method" clone problem in IE ...) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #2845.
10:35 Ticket #3142 ("Object doesn't support this property or method" error in MSIE 7 with ...) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #2845.
09:45 Ticket #3726 (draggable have a bug createHelper) created by liangpeng.net
1.6rc2 draggable.js createHelper: function() { may be is …
09:26 Ticket #3725 (Filter expression i.e. $('li:gt(1)') broken since jQuery 1.2.5) created by dasjan
I've been using a script which works fine with jQuery 1.1 but now had …
00:47 Ticket #3720 (default form submit event no triggered by submit() method) closed by davidserduke
worksforme: Worked fine for me in IE6, IE7, and FF2. If you try out this test …
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