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Jan 3, 2008:

9:54 PM Ticket #2111 (allow breaking out of $.each() for objects) created by scottgonzalez
Returning false inside the function of $.each() breaks out of the …
9:17 PM Ticket #2001 (syntax error) closed by kbwood
9:14 PM Ticket #2048 (DATEPICKER 3.2 (trunk) event string concat bug for cells onmouseover/out) closed by kbwood
9:11 PM Ticket #2061 (if minDate is set to new Date, today is not selectable) closed by kbwood
fixed: Update code to remove time components of min/max dates before use.
4:20 PM Ticket #2110 (jsonp script elements are never removed) created by malsup
Script elements accumulate when using jsonp. I could be missing …
3:45 PM Ticket #2109 (Adding xhtml+xml capabitlity to ajax load()) created by Max_B
Currently, the load() method uses the responseText from the ajax …
2:13 AM Ticket #2108 (Problem in Ui/Datepicker) created by manjula
Hi, I'm using rails 2.0.1 with jrails and jquery. I'm trying to use …
12:37 AM Ticket #2107 (issue in ui.mouse.js when using slider (ie6)) created by jasonaward
There seems to be a problem with ui.mouse.js in recent SVN versions …

Jan 2, 2008:

6:04 PM Ticket #1998 (UI.DatePicker is positioned incorrectly in a scrolling div) closed by kbwood
fixed: The datepicker has been patched to correct this problem.
2:59 PM Ticket #2106 (McAfee VirusScan sees jquery.js as virus when being used with IE7) created by crest5
Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 VirusScan Enterprise + Anti-Spyware …
2:04 PM Ticket #2105 ([PATCH] 1.2.2b2 curCSS() throws an error in IE) created by ieure
If you try to .show() an object which doesn’t have a .style
11:06 AM Ticket #2104 (find() does not recognize a passed DOM object instead of selector string) created by torben
I put some effort in making interface.js v1.2 work with jQuery v1.2.x …
7:41 AM Ticket #2103 (I have a problem in date picker) created by manjula
Hi I'm doing the same code as it is given. But I'm not getting the …

Jan 1, 2008:

5:33 PM Ticket #2102 (UI/Draggables Examples doesn't work) created by adnan
I'm getting the error: this.helper.outerWidth is not a function URL: …

Dec 31, 2007:

12:36 PM Ticket #2101 (Minor build script issues) created by emartin24
I found a couple of minor issues in the build scripts. 1) In …

Dec 30, 2007:

8:51 AM Ticket #2100 (Resizables broken?) created by mnbeer
The resizables examples on your web site don't work. Perhaps a recent …

Dec 28, 2007:

3:43 PM Ticket #2099 (IE: $('#someform').attr('id') returns sub element instead of attribute) created by streawkceur
HTML: […] JS: […] Gives '[object]' in IE. This is actually the …
2:08 PM Changeset [87d6bce]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Yehuda Katz <[email protected]…>
  • src/event.js
Fixes bug with charCode, bad 'var' and missing semicolon

Dec 27, 2007:

10:35 AM Ticket #1636 (icky of jquery UI vs. interface elements) closed by paul
invalid: What is still real and problematic? Where is the issue? I will happily …
10:23 AM Ticket #2025 (draggable with cursorAt (outside draggable) doesn't drop) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed in the new rewritten version to be released with 1.1 in …
10:04 AM Ticket #1783 (Draggable cursor setting does not change) closed by paul
10:04 AM Ticket #1642 (DND droppables bugs) closed by paul
fixed: All these issues are going to be fixed with the new rewrite for 1.1. …
9:42 AM Ticket #1973 (JQuery UI drag and drop issue in IE6.) closed by paul
fixed: IE6 has some strange zIndex issues. try to use the zIndex option and …
9:10 AM Ticket #1924 (UI Draggables (and perhaps others?) locations are off when parent ...) closed by paul
fixed: Thanks, this is fixed in the rewrite for 1.1.
9:07 AM Ticket #1920 (SlowMode on draggables may be wrong when cursorAtIgnore is on) closed by paul
fixed: The slowMode option will be removed completely in the new rewritten …
9:06 AM Ticket #1913 (ui droppable - greedy:true option does not change behaviour as expected) closed by paul
wontfix: The greedy option is going to be removed due to performance problems …
9:04 AM Ticket #1857 (jQuery UI - Dragables - <select> menu cannot be scrolled.) closed by paul
fixed: This should work fine in the new rewritten version of draggables, …
8:40 AM Ticket #1812 (Draggable error in function revert with helper defined as function) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in the new version to be released with 1.1. Thanks!
8:31 AM Ticket #2096 (ui.mouse: appendTo broken) closed by paul
8:30 AM Ticket #2089 (interface drag n drop bug in jquery 1.2.1 (work well with 1.1.2)) closed by paul
8:29 AM Ticket #2060 (Draggables & Sortable very very slow) closed by paul
invalid: That might be true, but it's not a specific bug report -> closed as …
8:27 AM Ticket #2059 (ui.mouse: accounting for parent scrollLeft/scrollTop) closed by paul
8:25 AM Ticket #2052 (UI mouse.js does not recognise parent with fixed position) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed in the new rewritten code that will be released with the …
7:58 AM Ticket #2098 (Datepicker - onSelect should use apply() with input reference) created by Stormtrooper
The onSelect callback of the Datepicker UI control should be bound to …
7:29 AM Ticket #2097 (Bug on UI DIALOG using opera browser) created by jonasformolo
i've found a bug when i tried to insert a text input into the …
2:50 AM Ticket #2096 (ui.mouse: appendTo broken) created by wehriam
Lines 141-142 in UI mouse in rev 4311: […] If "appendTo" is …
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