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Nov 10, 2007:

8:41 AM Ticket #1913 (ui droppable - greedy:true option does not change behaviour as expected) created by ahx
The greedy:true option does not change behaviour as expected. This is …

Nov 9, 2007:

10:14 PM Ticket #1912 (ajax calls fail in firefox created by rpzboray
In firefox The $("some_element").load("some.html") The …
5:53 PM Ticket #1911 (jQuery-bound events don't have access to jQuery-accessable items) created by mike503
I can see this happening in Firefox with FireBug and YSlow. I …
3:22 PM Ticket #1910 (Datepicker -> Input field locked from editing) created by MySchizoBuddy
In the example where the pop up calendar should only appear when you …
3:14 PM Ticket #1909 (DatePicker Doesnt Use JQuery Alias) created by mnichols
DatePicker uses the alias '$' in within the control which doesn't …
3:05 PM Ticket #1908 (jQuery.extend(true,{foo:"bar"},{foo:null}); //throws an exception) created by cthatcher
When running my unit tests in the jQuery testing harness (a few days …
9:28 AM Ticket #1907 (jQuery.extend() deep destroys array of zero) created by genezys
[…] returns an object where plop is an empty array.
5:51 AM Ticket #1906 (about the method of $(el).contants('text') can't work) created by joshua
the method of $(el).contants('text') can't work in the version 1.2.1
4:29 AM Ticket #1636 (icky of jquery UI vs. interface elements) reopened by florianb
This issue hasn't been addressed so far, there was no comment that …

Nov 8, 2007:

7:23 PM Ticket #1905 (Unit tests fail in IE on $.ajax() - JSONP, Local) created by davidserduke
The unit testing was failing in IE for $.ajax() - JSONP, Local In …
8:06 AM Ticket #1904 (Calendar doesn't position well when used in position:fixed elements) created by johngeek
When attaching a calendar to an input placed inside a div whose …
7:23 AM Ticket #1903 (place shadow for elements of specific class) created by SventB
Hello, I had problems with deactivating a shadow for a couple of …

Nov 7, 2007:

4:48 PM Ticket #1902 (jQuery.append mixed content gets mixed up) created by grosensteel
When adding mixed xml and html content to an element in the DOM, the …
3:38 PM Ticket #1901 (Datepicker v3.0 to include Java style date formats) created by mindjoy
Hi there, How could I modify Datepicker to implement Java style …
3:19 PM Ticket #1900 (Setting contentType on $.ajax() call does not work.) created by jweathers
setting contentType did not have any affect in using the following …
12:52 PM Ticket #1899 (datepicker - bug in november) created by davitf
The day "3" is showing twice on the calendar, as saturday and sunday.
9:47 AM Ticket #1898 ($("div", some_html_string) where string has EOL) created by apfelstrudel
I recently found a bug that is present in jQuery 1.1.4, 1.2.1 and …
8:35 AM Ticket #1897 (Flash movie disappears on drag in sortable feature from interface plugin) created by jamietssg
Hello I have found what I think is a bug with the interface/sortable …
6:37 AM Ticket #1896 (Tabs - layout problem on IE6 and IE7 when switching to RTL) created by Rgantree
Hi, I'm geting a bug on IE browsers when switching my files from LTR to RTL

Nov 6, 2007:

6:45 PM Ticket #1710 (Tabs plugin for jquery ui does not display correctly in IE7) reopened by SOUZACDS
in IE6, when the mouse is over the tabs, the tab background and border …
11:47 AM Ticket #1895 (jquery not selecting by id where id contains a dot) created by derek
At least it won't using Firefox (tested in and earlier: e.g. …
7:48 AM Ticket #1894 (Interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight ?) created by Adrenalin
Can you please add interface's …
1:16 AM Ticket #1893 (Unable to retrieve defaultValue using attr()) created by heardy
Unable to retrieve defaultValue using attr()

Nov 5, 2007:

11:25 PM Ticket #1634 (document.body is null!.2) closed by Bradley
11:20 PM Ticket #1742 (remove() function crash) closed by brandon
fixed: Appears to be fixed in Rev [3790]
11:11 PM Ticket #1877 ($.get in IE6) closed by Bradley
invalid: Submitter asserts this is not a bug. Marking invalid. Repost if necessary.
11:09 PM Ticket #1542 ($.ajax not working properly in IE7) closed by Bradley
invalid: Submitter asserts this is not a bug. Marking invalid. Repost if necessary.
4:02 PM Ticket #1892 (fadeOut Doesn't Work on this HTML in Safari) created by Vik_R
fadeOut works on this html in FireFox 2, but not in Safari 2. jQuery …
1:49 PM Changeset [a613a70]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by David Serduke <[email protected]…>
  • src/core.js
Added a check to make sure a parent node exists in call remove() to …
10:34 AM Ticket #1671 (Calendar - follow naming conventions) closed by paul
10:27 AM Ticket #1821 (slider() method not available in IE6) closed by paul
fixed: This one is fixed in the next version. Grab the SVN if you need it now.
10:26 AM Ticket #1852 (sortable dragged element not displayed on IE) closed by paul
duplicate: This is related to a clone bug, not to sortables. Thanks anyway!
10:24 AM Ticket #1860 (ui.jquery.com - more bugs in demo) closed by paul
10:22 AM Ticket #1875 (UI_Sortable - update callback is not called) closed by paul
fixed: Hi, this is already fixed in the current SVN (next release), thanks anyway!
10:20 AM Ticket #1883 (slider() cannot be applied to JQuery objects that are not yet in DOM) closed by paul
wontfix: Hi, I don't think there is a good way of solving this issue, and I …
8:49 AM Ticket #1891 (DOM creation in IE broken) created by george.petrov
Seems that with the latest 1.2.1 some basic DOM creation like this: …
8:15 AM Ticket #1890 (XML Broken on IE 7 and Opera 9.23 with jquery version 1.2.1) created by lisboa
Code: […] where "retorno" is a xml code like this: […] …

Nov 4, 2007:

11:57 AM Ticket #1889 (IE error in event.fix) created by MajestiC
IE error in calculating pageX/Y if missing and clientX/Y available. …
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