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Oct 12, 2007:

6:45 PM Ticket #1798 (Binding Bug ?) created by flesler
This is an example: $('#foo') .click(function(){}) …
8:52 AM Ticket #1760 ([jquery svn rev 3463] setting a val for a select box - tmp is not defined) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in Rev [3649].
8:51 AM Changeset [971840f]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/core.js
  • test/unit/core.js
Fixed .val(String) for select elements (#1760) [Thanks Sam]
5:47 AM Ticket #1779 (javascript error in FF when running an animation in a hidden iframe) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in revision [3644]. Thanks for the patch David!
5:46 AM Changeset [0f5c1d1]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Jörn Zaefferer <[email protected]…>
  • src/core.js
Fix for #1779

Oct 11, 2007:

8:53 PM Ticket #1797 (Integrate extend-like Behavior in each) created by j5
Would like each method when passed an object instead of a function to …
5:49 PM Ticket #1796 (.height() and .width() can be wrong if element has padding on all ...) created by dcrosta
In this example: […] Javascript alerts that the height is 100 …
3:36 PM Ticket #1795 (Several warnings from Firefox Error Console) created by cguyomard
Hello, I noticed several warning in the Firefox2 Error Console. …
2:05 AM Ticket #1794 (ER: Generalize for Alternate "Global" Context Object) created by kris.kowal
I've been working on an XHR module loader and have been looking into …

Oct 10, 2007:

3:18 PM Ticket #1793 (Bug in domManip - mal-timed script evaluation) created by Jebber007
If you do an ajax load, with this being the content, it will fail. …
9:55 AM Ticket #1792 (widget:tablesorter shift-click twice problem) created by agrajag
There is a problem in Tablesorter if using FF You can sort …
9:38 AM Ticket #1791 (selectables not selectable by click) created by agrajag
Current selectables are not selectable by the "standard" …
5:23 AM Ticket #1790 (After removing an active tab tabset becomes inoperable) created by klaus
Switch to first tab or next tab to the left?
5:18 AM Ticket #1789 (Impossible to initialize an empty tabset) created by klaus
There is no possibility to initialize an empty tabset (e.g. to add all …

Oct 9, 2007:

3:38 PM Ticket #1788 ($.ajax is allways evaluating scripts) created by fourat
$.ajax call is allways evaluating returned data from the server …
12:35 PM Ticket #1787 (Dialog centering on div creation) created by elmkneely
It looks like the issue I found with not centering on scrolling has …
11:18 AM Ticket #1786 (Jquery UI runs infinit loop in Firebug) created by bryank
When I attempt to utilize any of the Sortable/Draggable effects on …

Oct 8, 2007:

1:45 PM Ticket #1785 (jQuery 1.2.1 + Draggable triggers infinite loop of errors) created by Brandon!
I have noticed a bug with jQuery 1.2.1 and any type of draggable …
9:22 AM Ticket #1784 (Make overlapping of multiple handlers optional) created by tuupola
When using multiple handlers they are not allowed to overlap / pass …
7:36 AM Ticket #1783 (Draggable cursor setting does not change) created by tuupola
Setting cursor parameter does not work using draggables. Tested with …

Oct 7, 2007:

11:29 PM Ticket #1782 (Ajax will not work with Internet Explorer) created by Agent Moose
the Ajax part of Jquery 1.2.1 isn't working for me in Internet …
6:46 AM Ticket #1781 (Javascript Warnings (javascript.options.strict)) created by Byron
jQuery 1.2.1 is throwing a lot of warnings in firefox when …

Oct 6, 2007:

10:11 PM Ticket #1780 (in jQuery 1.2.1 call to .height() Crashes IE 6.0 and IE 7.0 fully) created by sloppyjoe25s
I have a fairly complicated set up, but with some carefull debugging …
5:01 PM Ticket #1571 (Cursor position in IE) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in rev [3584]
5:00 PM Changeset [a5f95c88]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/event.js
Fix normalization of pageX and pageY event properties in IE (#1571). …
4:34 PM Ticket #1779 (javascript error in FF when running an animation in a hidden iframe) created by davidserduke
When animation code is placed in an iframe that is hidden, there is …
1:06 PM Ticket #1731 (New "handler" created for each event added and leaks memory in IE) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in Rev [3578]
1:05 PM Ticket #1697 (Memory leak in IE6) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in Rev [3578]
1:05 PM Ticket #1618 (Bind & unbind) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in Rev [3578]
1:05 PM Ticket #1610 (the default handler doesn't get unbound) closed by brandon
fixed: Fixed in Rev [3578]
1:04 PM Changeset [92aac3a]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/core.js
  • src/event.js
Fixes memory leaks relating to events in IE with page unload and with …
12:45 PM Changeset [bb998f25]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/core.js
Fix regression in add and append in IE after revision 3463
3:27 AM Ticket #1778 (Error on Sortables in jQuery UI 1.0) created by matheus
The plug-in "Sortables" not working in the FireFox 2.0.7
2:34 AM Ticket #1777 (jQuery UI Tabs not working in Safari 2.0.4) created by jolle
The new Tabs plugin have shaky support in Safari. Some of the demos on …

Oct 5, 2007:

4:25 PM Ticket #1754 (g has no properties - @ line 1918) closed by brandon
invalid: As David mentioned, the hover helper takes two methods. …
10:44 AM Ticket #1776 (Error: oDrag.helperSize has no properties about ticket#1699) created by shiplu
There is a same ticket about this. detials …
6:13 AM Ticket #1775 (UI Tabs: ids with chinese etc. characters) created by klaus
The tabs fail if id are used that contain for example chinese characters.
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