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May 5, 2007:

1:57 PM Ticket #1101 (Support of $.browser.version) closed by john
fixed: Replying to hobbit: Committed in SVN rev [1872].
1:57 PM Changeset [1501447]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by John Resig <[email protected]…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added some improvements to how the browser version is determined, …
1:45 PM Ticket #1157 (Adding array diff utility function) closed by john
wontfix: Looks good - you should release it as a simple plugin (we currently …
1:37 PM Changeset [003af8e3]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by John Resig <[email protected]…>
  • build/js/Packer.js
  • build/js/base2.js
Updated Packer - the current version was working incorrectly.
1:29 PM Ticket #1162 ($("<select>...</select>") double-wraps the value) created by john
Attempting to create a select element causes problems in Firefox (at …
1:26 PM Ticket #1159 (It just doesn't work) closed by john
worksforme: Correct - be sure to use document ready.

May 4, 2007:

8:11 AM Ticket #1161 (Blank IE7 after reloading (F5)) created by beachwalker
If I include the actual jquery version 1.1.2 like this and view it in …

May 3, 2007:

6:16 PM Ticket #1160 (Dimensions: <body> with margin auto results in bogus values from ...) created by mikeker
Using the Dimensions plugin (v 1.0a) and jQuery (v1.1.2). On IE (6 or …
5:06 PM Ticket #1159 (It just doesn't work) created by whocares
Downloaded compress and uncompressed version. Tried the first step of …

May 2, 2007:

9:07 PM Ticket #1158 (ThickBox) created by cutesykayus
hello! I’m Karlin, you can e-mail me back at [email protected]… …
1:18 PM Ticket #1157 (Adding array diff utility function) created by bermi
I've ported PHP function array_diff to JQuery. It compares two or …
7:07 AM Ticket #1156 (interface TTabs demo breaks) created by pixeline
the demo of Tabs in Textarea on interface website does not work: …

May 1, 2007:

10:41 PM Changeset [ed1e3f7]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
removing the context and selector properties that I left in …
5:36 PM Changeset [7fa12b4]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by John Resig <[email protected]…>
  • src/selector/selectorTest.js
Rev [1827] broke the two XPath sibling selectors.
5:31 PM Changeset [c5129843]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by John Resig <[email protected]…>
  • src/selector/selector.js
  • src/selector/selectorTest.js
We're not adding new selector features in until a new full release. …
5:27 PM Changeset [c0cc8ed]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by John Resig <[email protected]…>
  • src/jquery/coreTest.js
This test is expected to fail.
5:03 PM Changeset [67c640bb]1.12-stable2.2-stablekillphp by Brandon Aaron <[email protected]…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Moving constructor code to jQuery.prototype.init for more flexibility
4:26 PM Ticket #1155 ($("*") returns comments in IE) created by john
A jQuery selector should only ever return elements.
3:57 PM Ticket #1154 (Gracefully ignore non-elements) created by john
A good deal of functionality would be possible (e.g. .childNodes()) …
12:41 PM Ticket #1153 (IE sometimes objects to jquery.event.fix) created by wizzud
I have a problem with IE and the fix method of jquery.event, whereby …
6:43 AM Ticket #1101 (Support of $.browser.version) reopened by hobbit
Replying to john: You detect the browser engine (gecko, …
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