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20:11 Ticket #757 (Update for ifxtransfer.js) created by info@…
Hey guys, i've been using jQuery/Interface.eyecon.ro for quite a …
16:01 Ticket #756 (.text(val) should set escaped text) created by john
Current it just sets the HTML, when it should set the actual text …
15:20 Ticket #755 ($("foo").find("foo") returns weird results) created by john
When an initial selector doesn't return any results, future selectors …
15:05 Ticket #754 (Error in docs for $.each() callback) created by aaron.heimlich@…
I recently took a look at the code for $.each and noticed that it …
13:09 Ticket #753 (Advanced Setting of Attribute/CSS Values) created by john
It would be great if you could do: .attr("value", function(){ return …
13:06 Ticket #752 ([@foo] should match object properties too) created by john
Currently all [@foo...] operations only match HTML attributes - they …
11:13 Ticket #751 (selectors regex enhancement) created by spinnach
..it would be nice if jquery would support selecting elements in the …


04:45 Ticket #750 (jQuery( 'param', $( 'object' )[0] ); fails if an OBJECT element exists) reopened by joern
Works for FF, but still fails in IE.


15:48 Ticket #750 (jQuery( 'param', $( 'object' )[0] ); fails if an OBJECT element exists) closed by joern
fixed: Actually my test was wrong, it works fine with the latest revision. …
12:10 Ticket #504 (Event handling error messages in Safari with 1.0.4) closed by brandon
fixed: This is now fixed in SVN REV: 817
10:36 Ticket #750 (jQuery( 'param', $( 'object' )[0] ); fails if an OBJECT element exists) created by Andrea Ercolino
Cause: getElementsByTagName( 'object' ) returns an array of functions, …
09:13 Ticket #749 (parseColor function incorrectly parses 6-character-long color values) created by puzzles@…
The jQuery.fx.parseColor function can't process 6-character-long color …


13:25 Ticket #747 (query fails) closed by john
12:57 Ticket #512 (Document functions on destructive methods) closed by john
invalid: Ok, I've just finished removing the optional functions to the …
12:55 Ticket #447 (Refactoring of the filter function) closed by john
fixed: Ok, I've integrated the IE speed fixes that you mentioned - and its …
12:53 Ticket #172 (removeClass() with multiple classes) closed by john
fixed: Resolved in SVN.
12:44 Ticket #748 (Normalize mouse and keyboard buttons (keyCode, modifiers)) created by yehuda
For example, it would be cool if dimensions.js could provide a …
02:36 Ticket #555 (ifx six-digit hexadecimal color parsing) closed by stefan
02:14 Ticket #478 (iResizable: resize not working when multiple resizables) closed by stefan
02:14 Ticket #539 (Draggable isn't destroyed correctly) closed by stefan
02:09 Ticket #497 (jQuery.setAuto is not a function ifx.js line 13) closed by stefan
02:08 Ticket #479 (idrag.js highlighting prevention) closed by stefan
02:07 Ticket #462 (var are missing in plugins/interface/iutil.js + patch + test) closed by stefan


10:27 Ticket #746 ($("#feeds").load("feeds.html") Call to .evalScripts() fails in ...) closed by joern
fixed: I added a note to load() about this problem. Just put a character in …


00:36 Ticket #747 (query fails) created by T. Andersen
Hi I have this query inside a loop loop …


12:52 Ticket #745 (Attribute Begins With (a[@href ^= 'http://www']) fails in IE) reopened by andrea
I'm not sure of the fact that the bug is closed. Joërn has changed …
05:13 Ticket #745 (Attribute Begins With (a[@href ^= 'http://www']) fails in IE) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in SVN.


15:00 Ticket #746 ($("#feeds").load("feeds.html") Call to .evalScripts() fails in ...) created by pirklk@…
$("#feeds").load("feeds.html") Call to .evalScripts() fails in …
08:51 Ticket #534 (success-event not fired on synchronous AJAX events on FF (with fix)) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in SVN. It is a FF1.5 only-problem, but now handled by jQuery.
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