id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version resolution keywords cc blockedby blocking 8941 script error - invalid or illegal string when calling .load() on doc with DOCTYPE jaraco@… "I create a simple harness.xhtml to load jQuery: {{{
}}} And then I create the file widget.html: {{{
Got it!
}}} When I open harness.xhtml in Firefox 4 (either from a hosted location or using a file:// url), I get the following script error: {{{ An invalid or illegal string was specified"" code: ""12 Line 5620 }}} If I remove the line from the widget.html, it loads as I would expect, there is no script error, and the browser displays ""Got it!"". It appears that single declaration is sufficient to prevent firefox from loading the content dynamically. Nothing in the docs suggests why this would be the case. In fact, the examples from the docs appear to have declarations." bug closed low ajax 1.5.2 invalid