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Jun 5, 2011, 1:40:49 PM (12 years ago)
Timmy Willison

@rpflorence: jQuery fx has a different structure than Mootools, a structure I don't think we want to change. The options mentioned can be replicated in different ways in jQuery. Ignore might be similar to setting queue to false, chain as you said is the behavior of the jQuery queue (which has its own advantages I think), and cancel...well that wasn't really an option before unless you created your own animation that kept track of state. Finally, I think you're confused about what I've written. The code I've added and updated will work for all animations. The show function you see updated is not jQuery.fn.show, it's the show on the jQuery.fx prototype. Any property set to "show" or "toggle" will use this function and that is what we're talking about. Animations set to actual values are unaffected because we don't have to do any calculations for the user. Like I said before, you could already do before what is done in MooTools with a custom jQuery animation that sets values and keeps track of its own state. This will add that state tracking so that actual values do not need to be passed. I think what you're asking for in your last comment is really what I've already done. Anyway, I agree. This is something I've wanted jQuery to do since I first started using it as well.