id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,blockedby,blocking 8521,There is funny bahaviour with mutiple bindings 'live' and 'return false'.,MICKtheBIG,MICKtheBIG,"I've expierienced this issue with more than one event handler on links in Firefox 3.6.3. Try the following code: {{{ Live-Binding-Test Static DOM-Link

}}} With ""return false;"" at line 16 only the event with ""bind"" is triggered for the ""Static DOM-Link"". Then comment out line 16 (return false;) After this you'll see, that the live binding is also triggered for the ""Static DOM-Link"". This is from my point of view a funny behaviour. Eigther the ""bind""-Binding shouldn't work all the time for the ""Static DOM-Link"" or the live-binding should work with or without ""return false;"". From my point of view the live-binding should work with and without ""return false;"" from line 16. I hope you understand this issue and it's not a duplicated issue....",bug,closed,undecided,,event,1.5.1,worksforme,,,,