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$(XMLResultObject).find(descendant) in IE6 works fine in jQuery-1.3.2 but not in jQuery-1.4.4

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$(XMLResultObject).find(descendant) in IE6 works fine in jQuery-1.3.2 but not in jQuery-1.4.4

Here is the AJAX call:


type: "POST", url: serviceUrl, contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8", data: paramList, dataType: "text", success: function(result) {

dataStore.Result = JSON.parse(result).d; Pfizer.CC.Client.Biz.API.Service.runOnSuccess();

}, error: function() {




Here is the XML stream returned (correctly in both browsers) and set in a string variable:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <CCBizModel xmlns="CCBizModel"> <BizItem>

<BizContext>Startup</BizContext> <ParameterCollection>


</ParameterCollection> <PayLoadCOllection>


<HeaderDate>November 10</HeaderDate>


</PayLoadCOllection> <Status>Success</Status> <NotificationCollection>

<Notification>All Requests Succeeded</Notification>


</BizItem> </CCBizModel>

Here is the success method that works in jQuery 1.3.2 but not in jQuery 1.4.4 on IE6:

Pfizer.CC.Client.Biz.API.Service.runOnSuccess = function() {

var dataObject = dataStore.Result;

switch (Pfizer.CC.Client.Biz.API.bizContent) {

case "Startup":

try {

var descendantDataName = "HeaderDate"; var myResult = $(dataObject).find(descendantDataName);

} catch (Error) {







end success function


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Note I'm not allowed to download/use jsFiddle in my environment.

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Resolution: duplicate
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As documented at api.jquery.com, $() is not intended to parse XML.

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Duplicate of #6693.

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