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wrapInner has no effect on IE8 — at Initial Version

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http://jsfiddle.net/pPuVL/3/ demonstrates what I believe to be a bug with wrapInner and IE8. (The fiddle makes use of jquery.ui.accordion, but this is only because that's how I noticed; the bug is with wrapInner.)

For an accordion to work correctly, the elements selected by the "header" parameter to .accordion() must have contents that meet a particular structure. Since this structure is not semantically meaningful, I wanted to create it on the fly rather than write it into the HTML. I do this with a call to wrapInner immediately before the invocation of accordion(). This works correctly on every other browser I've tried, but IE seems to silently ignore the wrapInner call. You can see that this is the case by comparing the rendered result pane in IE to that in any other browser - in IE the accordion headings are narrower, and the text is being drawn on top of the twisty triangles.

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