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#5431 closed bug (invalid)

Opened October 30, 2009 10:23PM UTC

Closed October 02, 2010 01:37PM UTC

jquery.fn.offset on 1.3.x series + IE6/7 (works fine with 1.2.6)

Reported by: maniqui Owned by: brandon
Priority: major Milestone: 1.4
Component: offset Version: 1.3.2
Keywords: offset ie6 ie7 internet explorer Cc:
Blocked by: Blocking:

This bug has been reported originally here:

and Ariel Flesler (core developer) seems to have confirmed it (on a private chat).

This bug seems to affect just IE6/7. So fire it up if you want to do

some quick testing :)

Testing environments

  • Working version (jQuery 1.2.6 + jQuery ScrollTo 1.4.1 +

jQuery.localScroll 1.2.7):

  • Failing version (jQuery 1.3.2 + idem):

  • Working version (jQuery 1.3.2 patched using jQuery.fn.offset from

1.2.6 + idem)

Expected behavior (working with 1.2.6)

As you can see, there is an horizontal list of products, and so, the

page is horizontally scrolled.

When clicking on arrows (plain anchor links) between products, the

page scrolls to the corresponing product. That's the magic of scrollTo

+ localScroll.

On the _working version_, if you click on the arrows between products,

page will scroll correctly.

Triggering the bug (working with 1.3.2)

On the _failing version_, when you click on the arrows, it will fail

for those anchor links and products that are outside the viewport,

when the page was loaded.

So, if you have a very wide viewport (a big screen), be sure to click

until the failing behavior is triggered. In other words, the arrows

inside the viewport (when page load) may not fail.

You will see that the page scrolls erratically for the anchors outside

the viewport.

A bug on jquery.fn.offset?

I've been talking with Ariel Flesler (jQuery core developer and author

of jQuery scrollTo/serialScroll/localScroll plugin series) and he

suggested me to report it here.

Ariel also suggested me to patch the jquery.fn.offset on 1.3.2 using

the one from 1.2.6.

How can I help?

Is there anything else I can do to help?

This is my first post here, so sorry if I'm not following any

suggested convention. I've been looking for a "how to" report bugs for

jQuery but haven't found anything.


Julián Landerreche

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