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Ajax fails with JSON Data in Sizzle.filter method

Reported by: rtordable Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 1.4
Component: ajax Version: 1.3.2
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here you are an example of JSON Data that jQuery retrieves through de ajax method in the jQgrid table plugin:

{"total":8,"rows":[[1,"Tarifa 1","SASNProv1\/SASNCategoryPrice","111","Suscripcion Internacional","devCategoryFather" ],[2,"Tarifa 2","SASNProv1\/SASNSuscriptionPrice","12","Suscripcion NBA 22",""],[3,"Tarifa 3","@0,9" ,"","",""],[4,"Tarifa suscripción a devCategory","@2,5","","",""],[5,"Tarifa Mitad Precio 1","\/prov1 \/t4\/t5","","Suscripcion NBA3",""],[6,"Tarifa Mitad Precio 6","\/prov1\/t4\/t6","","Suscripcion NBA4" ,""],[7,"Tarifa Gratis","\/prov1\/t1\/t2","", "5x1en10devCategory20080611",""]], "records":72,"page":1}

jqGrid 3.3.1 + jQuery 1.2.6 -> Works fine

jqGrid 3.4.1 + jQuery 1.3.1 -> Fails

jqGrid 3.4.1 + jQuery 1.3.2 -> Fails

jqGrid 3.4.1 + jQuery 1.2.6 -> Works fine

Before the plugin get the result, jQuery 1.3.* fails in the Sizzle.filter method. FireBug shows the following message:

uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: "rows":1,"Tarifa 1","SASNProv1\/SASNCategoryPrice","111","Suscripcion Internacional","devCategoryFather"],[2,"Tarifa 2","SASNProv1\/SASNSuscriptionPrice","12","Suscripcion NBA 22",""],[3,"Tarifa 3","@0,9","","",""],[4,"Tarifa suscripción a devCategory","@2,5","","",""],[5,"Tarifa Mitad Precio 1","\/prov1\/t4\/t5","","Suscripcion NBA3",""],[6,"Tarifa Mitad Precio 6","\/prov1\/t4\/t6","","Suscripcion NBA4",""],[7,"Tarifa Gratis","\/prov1\/t1\/t2","","5x1en10devCategory20080611",""?

Have you had similar problems with JSON Data and Sizzle?.



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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by dmethvin

This report is much too vague. Can you post a simple test case? Actually, it would be best to triage this on a discussion group first to make sure that it is really a problem with jQuery core.

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by rtordable

Sorry, it was an error of mine.

I was doing with the response of an AJAX request with JSON Data -the previous one- the following expresion:


jQuery 1.3.x -Sizzle- does not detect that is JSON Data and fails saying that it's an invalid expression. jQuery 1.2.6 accepts it without errors.

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by dmethvin

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