id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,blockedby,blocking 2489,Nested Tabs with different styling dont work,PushkingNoize,klaus,"I've played a lot around with the actual trunk version, because the old versions have memory leaks in IE6. I need to do an implementation like this: {{{ Subtabs

First tab is active by default:

}}} The Subfragment tabs should have a different styling as the main tabs. I could isolate the problem as follows: - The Plugin does append the default CSS classes to all child elements (including the subtabs ul, li, div elements), so I have to overwrite the styling of the main-tabs in the subtabs style. May someone could change the behaviour of the plugin that it just affects the right ul, li and divs (with child selctors or something) - If I switch the subtabs, all tabs (inclusive the currently open maintab) will be hidden. so there is no more content on the site. think that is the same problem. - The subtabs ul, li and divs have the subtab css styles but also the maintabs styles. they should only have the subtabs styles the default nested tabs implementation described here: is not usable for my project, because: 1. they should have different styling, 2. because I will have nested nested tabs and things like that. hope my weak english is understandable. (i am native german speaker) feel free to contact me through email:",bug,closed,major,1.2.4,ui,1.2.3,worksforme,nested tabs styling bug,,,