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#217 closed (invalid)

Opened September 26, 2006 08:44PM UTC

Closed October 26, 2006 02:19PM UTC

Last modified June 19, 2007 03:43PM UTC


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This is a summary for all things related to the work on the ajax module. There is quite a lot to do...

Related reports: - Is this really a problem jQuery needs to care about? Klaus: "In my opinion, jQuery shouldn't be responsible for others bad code." - Should be handled by merging the form plugin - Should be applied before merging form plugin, after adding all necessary tests - much later - allow local timeout, see handlers below - catch lastModified exception: start testing logging statements here!

Global and local handlers: Add a global global flag, defaults to true: This will, by default, call all global ajax handlers; Can be changed global (eg. $.ajaxGlobal = false) or per request, eg. $.ajax({..., global: false, ...});

Attaching global handlers to DOM elements doesn't make much sense in most cases, but it is nice to be able to chain them. Check if it is possible to do this:

var start = function() {...};
var stop = function() {...};

Maybe we should stop putting all and everything into $ namespace:


Whatever change is made, complete the tests first and make sure that backwards compability is not broken. Maybe mark methods or functions as deprecated, but delay there "official" removal for a 2.x release. To prevent bloating the code, do this only if it is really useful.

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Changed September 27, 2006 08:38AM UTC by klaus.hartl@ comment:1


Maybe I was a little too harsh here. After all it may be good thing to not break others code, if at all possible. I think it shouldn't be the goal to be compatible to any library out there, especially if these libraries are doing bad regarding coding best-practices (like enhancing the objects prototype), but maybe we can have a look into the issue (low prio if you ask me).


I thought there was already the dataType "html", so with it I expected scripts to be evaluated... If not forget that!

To override the ajax handlers via a global options makes sense to me and is good solution.

The chaining would also be a good thing, as one gets used to it.


As for the namespace thing, I'm not sure. Could make sense, but we should be careful with changing the API too much. That can be frustrating.

Changed September 27, 2006 09:10PM UTC by joern comment:2

The form plugin has currently some performance issues (see and followups).

There are quite some ideas how to improve it, would be best to merge an improved version to core.

Changed September 28, 2006 05:15PM UTC by joern comment:3

Update on form serialize: The current implementation maintains the order of the elements, which can be important in certains cases.

One could use a "fastNoOrder: true" option in case it is not possible to maintain order whith better performance.

Changed September 30, 2006 02:37PM UTC by joern comment:4

Tests are ready and running, still lots of work

Changed October 06, 2006 01:11PM UTC by joern comment:5

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All important points have been solved.

Changed October 26, 2006 02:19PM UTC by joern comment:6

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