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#1625 closed bug (wontfix)

Opened September 16, 2007 12:00AM UTC

Closed June 22, 2010 02:32AM UTC

Last modified March 14, 2012 03:51AM UTC

resize event handler is called twice in IE

Reported by: aercolino Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 1.2.1
Component: event Version: 1.2
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In IE7 (at least) the resize event handler is called twice.

For example, in the following script I get 6 alerts instead of 3.

The commented code is a workaround.

jQuery( window )
.bind( 'resize', /*{ count: 1 },*/ function( event ){
  if ( == 1)
  { = 0;
  { = 1;
  var w = $( window );
  var d = $( document );
  var b = $( 'body' );
  alert( 'w: ' + w.width() + ', ' + w.height() );
  alert( 'd: ' + d.width() + ', ' + d.height() );
  alert( 'b: ' + b.width() + ', ' + b.height() );
} );

I thought that the 'one' method could fit here but maybe I misunderstood its intended usage. In fact, it works once, and then never more. For the first resizing, the handler bound with 'one' is called, but for any other resizing after the first one, the handler is never called again. (unbound?)

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Changed September 18, 2007 01:37PM UTC by brandon comment:1

resolution: → wontfix
status: newclosed

Please see this article for a possible workaround for this IE issue:

You could also use a setTimeout to call another function ... if the resize method is called again before the setTimeout has fired, just reset it.

And you are correct about the one method. It unbinds the event after it fires the first time.

Changed September 28, 2007 08:01PM UTC by aercolino comment:2

OK. I've put up a jQuery plugin for solving this issue:

Changed January 31, 2008 12:00AM UTC by harking comment:3

resolution: wontfix
status: closedreopened

Can this issue be looked into again? It seems that a fix for this would fit perfectly into jQuery core, rather than a plugin.

Changed June 22, 2010 02:32AM UTC by dmethvin comment:4

resolution: → wontfix
status: reopenedclosed

This really seems tricky to work around in jQuery, but relatively easy for an application to solve using one of the approaches above. If there's a simple patch someone can contribute for the problem, feel free to attach it and reopen the ticket.