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    11[12:16] bgoldman86: i put an alert in jquery.js and i found the bug. it could be a feature. but regardless, its inconsistent with 1.1.2
    23[12:17] bgoldman86: #box returns true for ishidden, and is trying to show (fadein), so returns instead of queueing the animation
    35[12:17] bgoldman86: within animate()
    47[12:18] bgoldman86: blah returns false for ishidden
    59[12:18] johnresig: could you mock up a demo?
    611[12:18] bgoldman86: yeah
    713[12:19] bgoldman86: am i using fadeIn property? ive never had this issue before. when fading in an element for the first time, am i supposed to set its opacity to 0 first?
    815[12:19] johnresig: no
    917[12:20] bgoldman86: then it seems the bug is obvious. by cancelling the animation if opacity=show and hidden=false, youre not allowing fadeIns for elements that dont have 0 opacity
    1019[12:21] johnresig: well, fadeIns would only ever work for elements that were hidden
    1121[12:21] johnresig: opacity=0 != hidden
    1223[12:22] bgoldman86: so i have to hide() it first?
    1325[12:22] johnresig: you can't fadeIn something that isn't hidden to begin with
    1427[12:22] johnresig: right
    1529[12:22] johnresig: this was actually a bug fix, in that respect
    1631[12:23] bgoldman86: hmmm. in that case, the bug was in 1.1.2? because my code works with that lib
    1733[12:23] bgoldman86: lol
    1835[12:24] bgoldman86: well, i guess i dont need to submit a bug report
    1937[12:25] johnresig: submit a bug report saying "this functionality changed, therefore it should be documented better
    2039[12:25] bgoldman86: k