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uncaught exception: Invalid JSON

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Hello, I am new to jQuery and am working on an application that uses .NET4 (C#) + MVC3 + Razor view engine + jQuery + JSON.

Using Firefox v11 with the Firebug javascript debugger add-in.

In my viewpage .cshtml I have the following:

@using System.Linq; @using System.Web.Script.Serialization; @using Models; @using Infrastructure;

@model Models.JobSettingsModel


JobSettingsModel defModel = ViewBag.DefaultModel; JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer(); string json = serializer.Serialize(defModel);

} <script type="text/javascript">

var obj = '@…(json)'; var oModel1 = jQuery.parseJSON(obj);

function foo() {

if (oModel1 != null) {

alert("OModel1 is not null");

} else {

alert("oModel1 is null!");


if (obj != null) {

alert("obj is not null");

} else {

alert("obj is null");





When I view my page in Firefox, Firebug's Script tab shows the javascript as:

<script type="text/javascript"> var obj = '{"IncludeWatermark":false,"WatermarkText":"empty","IncludePageNumbering":false,"OverwriteOutputFileIfExists":

temporary","User":{"Name":"Sheir","DisplayName":"Sheir","GivenName":"Sheir","MiddleName":null,"Surname":"","SamAccountName":"sheir","IsActive":true, "UserId":"mydomainINC
sheir"}, "SharePointLocationUrl":null,"FeedbackUrl":null,"AppDescriptionUrl":null}';

var oModel1 = jQuery.parseJSON(obj);

Firebug's Console tab + Error tab shows: uncaught exception: Invalid JSON: {"IncludeWatermark":false,"WatermarkText":"empty","IncludePageNumbering":false,"OverwriteOutputFileIfExists":t rue,"OutputFilename":"dummyDefault.pdf","OutputLibraryLocation":"c:\temporary","User":{"Name":"Sheir", "DisplayName":"Sheir","GivenName":"Sheir","MiddleName":null,"Surname":"","SamAccountName":"sheir","IsActive":true,"UserId


Line 0

First I copied the oModel1 parseJSON param (everything from the { to the } ) and stuck it in the http://jsonlint.com/ and clicked their Validate button which says {

"IncludeWatermark": false, "WatermarkText": "empty", "IncludePageNumbering": false, "OverwriteOutputFileIfExists": true, "OutputFilename": "dummyDefault.pdf", "OutputLibraryLocation": "c:
temporary", "User": {

"Name": "Sheir", "DisplayName": "Sheir", "GivenName": "Sheir", "MiddleName": null, "Surname": "", "SamAccountName": "sheir", "IsActive": true, "UserId": "mydomainINC

}, "SharePointLocationUrl": null, "FeedbackUrl": null, "AppDescriptionUrl": null


==> Valid JSON

Then I copied the uncaught exception message and did same and got ... {

"IncludeWatermark": false, "WatermarkText": "empty", "IncludePageNumbering": false, "OverwriteOutputFileIfExists": true, "OutputFilename": "dummyDefault.pdf", "OutputLibraryLocation": "c:\temporary", "User": {

"Name": "Sheir", "DisplayName": "Sheir", "GivenName": "Sheir", "MiddleName": null, "Surname": "", "SamAccountName": "sheir", "IsActive": true, "UserId": "mydomainINC\sheira"

}, "SharePointLocationUrl": null, "FeedbackUrl": null, "AppDescriptionUrl": null


Parse error on line 16: ..., "UserId": "mydomainINC\sheira"

Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '['

So I am perplex to say the least.

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This is the bug tracker for jQuery bugs. It looks like your JSON is not valid since backslashes should be escaped, but again this is not the place to ask for help. Try http://forum.jquery.com or StackOverflow.

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