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#11265 closed bug (duplicate)

Opened January 31, 2012 08:18PM UTC

Closed February 02, 2012 10:53PM UTC

Last modified February 02, 2012 10:53PM UTC

Unit tests failing.

Reported by: cowboy Owned by: rwaldron
Priority: low Milestone: None
Component: misc Version: 1.7.1
Keywords: Cc: mikesherov
Blocked by: Blocking:

I just cloned the repo (at 8e4859f), and test/index.html fails. Tons of 404 script errors when boxModelIE.html gets loaded.

FWIW, I'm serving static files using python -m SimpleHTTPServer which doesn't support PHP.

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Changed January 31, 2012 08:20PM UTC by rwaldron comment:1

component: unfiledmisc
owner: → rwaldron
status: newassigned

The non-php fallback is causing too many issues. We need to draw a line.

Changed January 31, 2012 08:20PM UTC by dmethvin comment:2

cc: → mikesherov

We get a lot of benefits from being able to use PHP, not sure we want to give that up. The resolution to this may be just to document our dependencies.

Changed January 31, 2012 08:29PM UTC by mikesherov comment:3

Agreed we need to draw a some point we gotta say that PHP is a requirement.

None of the ajax unit tests run correctly without PHP. We resort to a hack that says just don't run those tests if the protocol is file://. But if you're using a non-PHP server and the http:// protocol, wouldn't the ajax tests fail too?

There are a few options here:

1. say PHP is a build req and make unit tests fail when run from file:// or PHP is disabled.

2. say node.js is a build req, convert all PHP to node.js, and make unit tests fail when run from file.

3. attempt to keep the non-PHP callback, but have it load build/jquery.js so we can have the unit tests always run against a single file, but this causes the tester to build after every change.

I'm all for #1.

Changed January 31, 2012 08:33PM UTC by timmywil comment:4

priority: undecidedlow

Or, we could load scripts from a single file without php or node...right?

Changed January 31, 2012 08:34PM UTC by rwaldron comment:5

@dmethvin I'm not talking about removing PHP, I'm talking about making it a known requirement/dependency of the test suite.

@mikesherov I'm going to say #1 for now, but #2 is an ideal long term goal. I've been working with Ben to iron out grunt details and moving to one server dependency seems to make the most sense across the board

@timmywil, I think your missing some context here - this arises because we want to be able to test build unbuilt and built source.

Changed January 31, 2012 08:37PM UTC by mikesherov comment:6

this theoretically should work though. It's weird. I'm going to take a look at it.

Regarding the multiple files from one file, that's what the non-PHP fallback does. We run into issues though when the include_js.php is loaded asynchronously or in other edge cases. At one point or another, doing a bunch of document.write's inside a JS file exposes itself as such.

Changed January 31, 2012 11:05PM UTC by rwaldron comment:7

There were issues with the path of those document.write scripts, when running the core suite, so i fixed that, but now there are issues with the files that are loaded via iframe. The whole thing is a damn mess... but only if you dont have a PHP enabled server.

Changed January 31, 2012 11:27PM UTC by mikesherov comment:8

Wait, so, the document.writes all need to have an absolute path. I attempted to do that by inspecting the url and looking for "/test/" as the way to find what the "base" url is... can you describe what the url was when the tests were run so I can debug?

Before we just condemn non-PHP execution (even though I'm all for it), I'd like a chance at debugging this.

Changed February 02, 2012 10:53PM UTC by mikesherov comment:9

resolution: → duplicate
status: assignedclosed

so, I already have a ticket about warning the user if they run tests without PHP. I'll just fix what was mentioned here in that ticket.

Changed February 02, 2012 10:53PM UTC by mikesherov comment:10

Duplicate of #10901.