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$(exp).data() yields syntax error - unrecognized expression

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I'm trying to use the data() function in assigning data to specific dom elements that is returned as json and I'm receiving the following error in Firebug:

""Syntax error, unrecognized expression: . data(elem=div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker✉, name=undefined, data=undefined, pvt=true)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 1666) _data(elem=div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker✉, name=undefined, data=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 1847) add(elem=div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker✉, types="mouseout", handler=function(), data=null, selector=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 2849) (?)()OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 3718) each(object=jQuery(div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker✉), callback=function(), args=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 658) each(callback=function(), args=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 271) on(types="mouseout", selector=undefined, data=null, fn=function(), one=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 3717) bind(types="mouseout", data=function(), fn=undefined)OmNzo9...p2TA.js (line 3756) N(a=jQuery(div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker✉))cozmQY...4XXJ.js (line 488) M()cozmQY...4XXJ.js (line 487) M(d=function(), C=undefined)cozmQY...4XXJ.js (line 554) cozmQY8MS7QySFhOmPMMiatlibNLY61rwdkq7L64XXJ.js()cozmQY...4XXJ.js (line 554) [Break On This Error]

id = isNode ? elem[ internalKey ] : elem[ internalKey ] && internalKey,""

I've traced this down to the following line in jQuery 1.7.1:

Only defining an ID for JS objects if its cache already exists allows the code to shortcut on the same path as a DOM node with no cache id = isNode ? elem[ internalKey ] : elem[ internalKey ] && internalKey, isEvents = name === "events";

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this is the first ticket I've submitted to jquery and I will come back later to properly fill out this report

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by dmethvin

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That's fine, just post a test case and we'll take a look.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by anonymous

This is the code I was trying to execute:

var assignData = function(data) {

for(var c = 0; c < data.length; c++) {

$('#'+data[c]rna_well?).data('well', data[c]);



I believe data is undefined in the scenario when this error occurs. I have this function wrapped inside of a module. Let me know if I can offer any further information.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by dmethvin

Please give us a fully working example, preferably on jsFiddle.net. Code snippets can't really be debugged.

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