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#10982 closed bug (invalid)

Opened December 08, 2011 01:14PM UTC

Closed January 10, 2012 07:56AM UTC

Last modified March 14, 2012 11:14AM UTC

In IE (6/7/8) had the following error:"Invalid argument. Line: 8826 Char: 5" on jquery-1.7.1.js

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Component: unfiled Version: 1.7.1
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Solved by checking if "" is NaN

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Changed December 08, 2011 02:22PM UTC by sindresorhus comment:1

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status: newpending

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the jQuery project! Please provide a complete reduced test case on jsFiddle to help us assess your ticket.

Additionally, be sure to test against the jQuery Edge version to ensure the issue still exists. To get you started, use this boilerplate: Open the link and click to "Fork" (in the top menu) to get started.

Changed December 15, 2011 12:26PM UTC by anonymous comment:2

Had the same issue on IE with jQuery returning an error for a missing/invalid argument.

It was caused by a call $(element).show() after a $(‘document’).ready().

I fear IE completely misses to pass some element feature (width? display status? visibility status?), or in some way those features are not readable to IE, or become available slight AFTER the .ready() is called.

Anyway, removing that .show() solved the whole thing.

Changed December 15, 2011 12:27PM UTC by Davide Losito comment:3

Sorry for the "anonymous"... forgot to put my name

Changed December 16, 2011 10:05AM UTC by anonymous comment:4

Is there any update on this?

Changed December 26, 2011 01:33PM UTC by addyosmani comment:5

#11104 is a duplicate of this ticket.

Changed January 10, 2012 07:56AM UTC by trac-o-bot comment:6

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status: pendingclosed

Because we get so many tickets, we often need to return them to the initial reporter for more information. If that person does not reply within 14 days, the ticket will automatically be closed, and that has happened in this case. If you still are interested in pursuing this issue, feel free to add a comment with the requested information and we will be happy to reopen the ticket if it is still valid. Thanks!

Changed January 25, 2012 04:32PM UTC by cr125rider comment:7

I have the same bug happening. The bug you reference as a duplicate, points to this bug as it's duplicate (circular duplicate reference :( ) Anyone find an fix for this?

Changed January 25, 2012 04:52PM UTC by cr125rider comment:8

I found a fix, in jQuery 1.7.1. somehow gets set to NaN. I don't know much about jQuery internals, but I can hack together a quick fix:

Starting at Line 8824

_default: function( fx ) {
			if ( &&[ fx.prop ] != null ) {
				if(isNaN( = fx.start; //Fix line[ fx.prop ] = + fx.unit;
			} else {
				fx.elem[ fx.prop ] =;

Changed January 25, 2012 04:53PM UTC by dmethvin comment:9

That's great! All we need now is to know the cause. Please post a test case, as mentioned in comment 1 above.

Changed February 14, 2012 09:46AM UTC by Hw2k comment:10

Not sure if this is the common cause, but I managed to reproduce the error by accidentally setting the animate value to Infinite when calculating the top position with percentages, simplified example here:

I guess it's no wonder the animation doesn't work, but a more helpful error message would be nice, rather causing an javascript error in IE<9