id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version resolution keywords cc blockedby blocking 10593 "The ""href"" attribute of element lost when using append() in old IE" abiao.chen abiao.chen "After calling append() to add a element by passing a string arg which declares an element with both ""href"" and ""onclick"" attributes, I found in some IE versions (such as IE <9 on windows server 2003) the ""href"" attribute was lost. I traced the execution and found in cloneAttributes() function: 1. Each of src&dest had the ""href"" attribute at the beganning. 2. All the attributes of dest was cleaned by cleanAttribute(). 3. The ""href"" attribute was missed when merge the src attribute into dest by calling mergeAttributes(). Does this a jQuery or IE problem? Here is the HTML file: {{{ link1
}}} " bug closed low None manipulation 1.7b2 invalid