id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,blockedby,blocking 10565,"IE8: JQuery .find() fct:: ""unexpected call to method or property access""",Filip,,"Hi, I'm having some problems with getting one of my site pages with IE8. It works fine in IE9, Safari (both PC & Mac) & Firefox (Mac). I'm using a .find(tag1).html(tag1) call sequence to do a title substitution, but I get the following error in IE8 when I debug it in the IE script debugger, and this in the .html(tag2) fct.: Unexpected call to method or property access The .find(tag1) fct. seems to return the enclosing object (i.e. ""#sidebar""), rather than the nested object (""#sidebarheader""), and this causes problems when later making the .html(tag2) call. I've created a representative test case as follows: JQuery .find() test case
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Has anybody a suggestion on how to get this to work in IE8? Thanks, Filip ",bug,closed,undecided,None,unfiled,1.6.4,invalid,,,,