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Default dialog without maximize button and modal with overlay

Demo 1

	$('<div id="demo1">').load('pag1.html').dialog({
    	maximize: false, // not maximizable
		overlay:{background:'#000000', opacity:0.4}

Diaglo with Title, without close button (Not close with ESC too) and not maximizable.

Demo 2

	$('<div id="demo2">').load('pag1.html').dialog({
    	title: 'I\'m the demo 2!', closable: false, width: 350, height: 200, maximize: false,
    	buttons: {
    		'Close': function(){

Close, maximize and restore original dialog (DoubleClick title bar maximize and restore the dialog).

Demo 3

    	$('<div id="demo3">').load('pag1.html').dialog({
        	title: 'I\'m the demo 3!', width: 450, height: 220