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#7209 $.fn.removeData can't delete data bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#7222 data() doesn't retrieve HTML 5 data-* attribtues bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#7223 data( key ) for HTML 5 data-* attributes behaves different from api documentation bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#7226 clone on line 372 is declared implicitly bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#7212 1.4.3 find() doesn't find elements when selecting from a form bug john blocker selector 1.4.3
#7219 .children(selector) no longer works in 1.4.3 bug dmethvin blocker selector 1.4.3
#7220 Next Sibling combined with :last is failing. bug john blocker selector 1.4.3
#7225 CSS width and height of hidden and disconnected elements is incorrect bug danheberden blocker css 1.4.3
#7243 live is not working properly with attribute not equal selector in Firefox bug john blocker selector 1.4.3
#7247 function bound to ready event fires twice on 1.4.3 bug gf3 blocker core 1.4.3
#7315 $.fn.show fails to show element if element hidden with style rule bug john blocker css 1.4.3
#7331 Problem with .hide().show() bug john blocker effects 1.4.3
#7337 "auto" keyword is coerced to empty string, breaking backward compatibility bug john blocker css 1.4.3
#7352 Appending iframe on "ready" causes re-trigger of "ready" bug john blocker event 1.4.3
#7393 Elements hidden before appended to the DOM can't be shown bug blocker effects 1.4.4rc
#7395 css() and the dimensions functions broken bug john blocker css 1.4.4rc
#7422 Ajax abort() regression for IE in jQuery 1.4.3 (through 1.4.4rc2) bug snover blocker ajax 1.4.3
#7451 $(document) cannot fetch attributes on document object bug snover blocker attributes 1.4.4rc
#4194 show() sometimes uses wrong display type bug high effects 1.3.1
#6577 jQuery.jsonParse is freezing FireFox and Chrome when parsing non-breaking whitespace (0xA0) bug high ajax 1.4.2
#7229 1.4.3 regression - passing null to event handler bug Rick Waldron high event 1.4.3
#7236 Sizzle.contains - compareDocumentPosition throws on older/lamer browsers bug bradrees high selector 1.4.3
#7374 (Google Chrome) ready Event is fired twice on back button. bug cyberheroo@… high core 1.4.3
#7382 CSS selector [class!=invalid] not working bug high selector 1.4.3
#3965 serialize bug in IE bug low ajax 1.3.1
#4587 Webkit not complying with simple selector bug john low selector 1.3.2
#6908 $.ajax doesn't ignore case of scheme and host in URL. bug SlexAxton low ajax 1.4.3
#7217 .live and .delegate, multiple handlers bug dmethvin low event 1.4.3
#7238 Bug in "not submit" bug low selector 1.4.3
#7285 Ajax Data Body Regression bug dmethvin low ajax 1.4.3
#7336 CSS width and height of hidden elements is different in opera from all other browsers bug low offset 1.4.2
#7975 filter() behavior is different when source is single dom vs multiple dom nodes bug low traversing 1.4.4
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