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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#343 Set the Content-Type of an AJAX request bug undecided unfiled
#971 Interface 1.2: iDrag.js - unterminated comment stefan bug undecided interface
#1091 Sortable boxes crashes safari stefan bug undecided 1.2 interface
#1125 IE7 Interface Sortable Boxes breaks stefan bug undecided 1.1.3 interface
#1414 .submit() can fail if something has id="submit" john bug undecided 1.5 event
#1476 Interfaces's Selectables is broken stefan bug undecided 1.1.4 interface
#1481 when the input field in the Sortable,inside the input field text cannot select,IE7 stefan bug undecided 1.1.4 interface
#1527 [PATCH] Highlight is broken with newer SVN version of jQuery (23/08/2007) stefan bug undecided 1.1.4 interface
#1553 Error in offset position when dragging element more than once paul bug undecided ui
#1945 UI Datepicker iMarc bug undecided 1.2.2 ui
#1964 onclick ie7 bug undecided 1.2.2 event
#3037 offset returns top/left = 0 for a position: absolute / display: none div element brandon bug undecided 1.3 offset
#5825 Firefox 2 crashes badly in jQuery onload bug undecided 1.4 core
#6057 JQuery.getJSON malformed url bug undecided 1.4.2 ajax
#6125 Unfiltered for loop breaks animation in IE when a script extends the Object prototype bug undecided 1.4.2 effects
#6132 jQuery.each includes prototype functions enhancement undecided 1.4.2 core
#6145 Extend does not copy property getters bug undecided 1.4.2 core
#6231 :hidden does not work on tr bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6254 JQuery - stop IE jumping on movement bug undecided effects
#6285 child element selection in :not( ) dosen't work. bug undecided 1.next selector
#6287 show() hide() bug if element is hidden with css class property bug undecided css
#6288 Animate focus bug bug undecided manipulation
#6320 attribute selector does not work in IE8 on onmouse* bug undecided selector
#6352 cache is not being false by default with datatype === "script" bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6364 # selector does not work for following situation bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6426 Problem with jQuery, IE 8 and overflow:auto bug undecided 1.4.3 css
#6429 Selector problem: elements with "<" and ">" with backslash escaping aren't selected bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6468 Pass data into custom filters feature undecided 1.5 selector
#6478 $("<li></li>").attr("value", 42) crashes IE6 and IE7 in 1.4.2 bug undecided 1.4.3 attributes
#6542 iPhone Safari does not apply the scroll animation to top of the page bug undecided effects
#6561 Enhancing the :contains() selector enhancement undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6589 jQuery.ajax Browser History Enhancement enhancement undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6621 urlFilter function on the omgrequire branch incorrectly handle namespaces bug undecided 1.4.3 unfiled
#6632 Make proxied functions look nicely in Web Inspector "Event Listeners" pane enhancement undecided core
#6672 Selectors not working properly for textNodes bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6695 jQuery.support Update enhancement undecided 1.4.3 support
#6697 Navbar of *.jquery.com wrapping badly in Chrome stable (Ubuntu 9.10) bug undecided misc
#6718 Effect fails in IE with invalid property values bug undecided 1.4.2 effects
#6784 Different behaviour with binding multi eventhandlers pointing to the same function(s) occurs in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6827 Inconsistent behaviour in .text() on script elements bug undecided 1.4.3 core
#6834 $.ajax doesn't uri encode a string input automatically bug undecided ajax
#6835 .val() returns text on button elements with <= IE7 bug undecided 1.4.2 attributes
#6866 Feature request for removeCSS feature undecided 1.4.3 css
#6879 Add custom comparator to inArray enhancement undecided 1.4.3 misc
#6964 change(function() {..}) handler fires unnecessarily on Webkit bug undecided 1.4.2 event
#6984 animations - tweening enhancement undecided 1.4.3 misc
#6992 data() can be used as data[] enhancement undecided 1.4.3 data
#7066 More streamlined technique of appending a list enhancement undecided 1.4.3 manipulation
#7073 The .text() function doesn't return contents of a non-script script tag in IE (7, 8) bug undecided 1.4.3 manipulation
#7134 script tags seem not to load when site is in another domain bug undecided 1.4.3 unfiled
#7168 globalEval assumes JavaScript is being evaluated ScottyH bug undecided 1.4.3 unfiled
#7189 xhr.abort() triggers error bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#7213 make lint on a clean repo will occur error message bug undecided 1.4.4 unfiled
#7264 createDocumentFragment is not a function. bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7273 Ready event fired multiple times if an unhandled exception occurs bug undecided 1.5 core
#7286 .css(propertyName) returns values with floating comma instead of a dot for some properties in Chrome 7 bug undecided css
#7291 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'sizzle'. bug undecided 1.5 selector
#7304 $("#Something").ready(/*someFunction*/) problem! bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7354 order of cloned modified elements mismatches bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7360 .val(undefined) returns jQuery obj instead of value bug undecided attributes
#7391 ajax async:false does not properly block in IE7/IE8 KingKaeru bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7412 jquery 1.3.2 and 1.4.3 don't work properly under HbbTV embedded browser Ant bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7420 Implement .child() shorthand for .children() enhancement undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7436 jqueryContext: Enable jQuery functions in iframes without loading jQuery in them. enhancement undecided 1.5 build
#7437 Attribute Not Starts With Selector [name^!="value"] enhancement undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7446 prepend and prependTo methods not accurate as method descriptors bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7501 Add a feature called "fadeAndSlideToggle" or with a better name... rudeboiidevil2k7@… feature undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7523 Setting outerWidth and outerHeight feature undecided 1.next css
#7535 Firefox Console error: Unexpected token in attribute selector: '!' bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7536 jQuery 1.4.5 - Having math fun with HTML5 selectors feature undecided 1.5 selector
#7538 attr("cellIndex") is undefined in XHTML bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7561 Manage a plugin registry table enhancement undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7584 SVG support metaticket feature undecided 1.next core
#7585 ajpiano smells like smelly eggs bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7590 jQuery.fn.css returns computed styles on the first DOM node or no-ops enhancement undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7592 jQuery1.43 && jQuery1.44 bug undecided 1.5 selector
#7606 Suggestion for jQuery 1.5 enhancement undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7617 enterviewport event feature undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7637 $(a).css('background') return empty string bug undecided 1.5 unfiled
#7654 cleaning warnings in jQuery bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7705 Enhancement Request: make css() parse 'hide' and 'show' enhancement undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7706 jquery.tmpl appears to execute ${} content tag 4 times bug undecided 1.6 templates
#7708 I suggest add the cookie method into the version1.5 jQuery core enhancement undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7725 slideUp isn't the correct opposit to slideDown Simon bug undecided effects
#7743 IE8: jQuery.isPlainObject( document.location ) throws an Invalid Pointer exception jaubourg bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7745 FireFox: Warning: Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'eq'. bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7767 live 'submit' not triggered in Firefox with programatic click on submit button. bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7785 jQuery throws exception if used inside an extension in FF4 bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7808 META: Investigate Event Object Creation bug undecided 1.6 core
#7852 Problem of Adding same Event listener Hanlder bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7866 Conditional compilation with #if #else enhancement undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7867 JQuery ajax request setting Content-Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded, regression bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7887 firefox 1.5 doesn't fire statechange for sync requests bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7894 Selector option:gt(-1) doesn't work bug undecided 1.6 unfiled
#7959 ie9beta jQuery.noConflict() bug undecided 1.next unfiled
#8271 max z-index as a property in jQuery enhancement undecided 1.next unfiled
#8340 cloning a table with selects inside doesn't preserve selected state Rick Waldron bug undecided 1.next manipulation
#8390 Add jQuery('input').intVal/floatVal to write less code to get value as number enhancement undecided 1.next unfiled
#8427 similar bug as Ticket #8107 bug undecided 1.next ajax
#8437 Using Multiple Selectors to search by tag name is significantly slower since 1.4.3 jseger@… bug undecided 1.next selector
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