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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#125 Nested in display:none gives width()/height()=0 bug undecided ajax
#138 remove() & remove(expr) not work bug undecided ajax
#165 Last-Modified and Firefox 1.0 bug undecided ajax
#173 Safari crash in test suite bug undecided ajax
#182 jQuery’s toggle(); gets mixed up with moo.fx’s toggle(); bug undecided ajax
#183 Minor typo on front page bug undecided ajax
#193 The float property for IE bug undecided ajax
#201 [PATCH] innerWidth and innerHeight fails in IE with no borders bug undecided ajax
#258 Sherry bug undecided ajax
#323 Add more tests for ajaxStart/Stop, easpecially avoiding to use $.ajax directly bug undecided ajax
#1048 JTip not working in MSIE bug undecided 1.1.3 plugin
#1161 Blank IE7 after reloading (F5) bug undecided 1.1.3 core
#1293 Works in Firefox and not in IE bug undecided 1.1.3 core
#2087 http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/jquery/dist/jquery.js missing. bug undecided 1.2.2 core
#2173 <select><option> results in error as select seems to be misinterpreted - see sample joern bug undecided 1.2.3 qunit
#2516 [draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-dragPrevention paul bug undecided 1.2.4 ui
#2517 [draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-helper-function paul bug undecided 1.2.4 ui
#2552 UI Plugins - disabled option, with getter and setter paul bug undecided 1.2.4 ui
#2663 [validate] Exception thrown when validating form bug undecided 1.2.4 plugin
#2730 Unable to retreive index of sortable element during update event. paul bug undecided ui
#3003 error in explorer setting unsupported css properties via ready() bug undecided 1.3 core
#3149 draggable/containment doesn't work in safari (3.1.2) (Windows XP) stefan bug undecided 1.3 interface
#3153 UI bug stefan bug undecided 1.3 interface
#3187 jQuery load crashes ie6 bug undecided 1.3 ajax
#3210 jQuery items calling curCSS fail when using xml+xsl bug undecided 1.3 core
#3824 ui range slider not moveable when both handles are moved to the left (jQuery UI 1.6rc4) bug undecided 1.3 plugin
#3961 XML selector doesnt work as it should, in IE6 john bug undecided 1.3.1 selector
#4057 Color Animation Bug (Highlight Effect) bug undecided 1.3.2 effects
#4256 Can't create iframe with jQuery('html) bug undecided 1.4 core
#4330 Unexpected call to method or property access in IE bug undecided 1.3.2 core
#4471 wrap(html) includes IE 7 appendChild bug IGotNothin bug undecided 1.4 manipulation
#4644 index() successively returns -1 after first time while a result should have been found bug undecided 1.4 core
#5254 Using Jquery with HTTPS ,IE 8 Gives Security Warning Dialog box bug undecided 1.2.1 core
#5264 embed tags do not work anymore in IE6 with current nightly build bug undecided 1.4 core
#5352 AutoComplete menu goes behind asp.net webcontrols in IE6 bug undecided 1.4 unfiled
#5517 .offset().top gives incorrect values rene___ bug undecided 1.4 offset
#5581 Event bindings does not work in Firefox 3.6 brandon bug undecided 1.4 event
#5665 JQuery 1.3.2 Post problem under firefox and IE bug undecided 1.4 ajax
#5685 Minor optimization of jQuery.fx.step jixxer enhancement undecided 1.4 effects
#5782 Jquery bug in IE bug undecided 1.4 unfiled
#5844 Global Ajax Event is not compatible with version 1.3.2 bug undecided 1.4.1 ajax
#6052 Google Chrome: losing focus on input when remove class bug undecided 1.4.2 event
#6062 Ajax call which retrieves a 301 status does not return this in the error callback bug undecided 1.4.2 ajax
#6112 :eq() Selector not working in Chrome, Safari and Opera bug undecided 1.4.2 selector
#6116 FF error on: var computedStyle = defaultView.getComputedStyle( elem, null ); spinemelter bug undecided css
#6138 Add option to not delete jsonpCallback upon execution orensol enhancement undecided 1.4.2 ajax
#6141 selectors with context fail for some cases gmathieu bug undecided selector
#6143 .live() .load() - combination not working anymore on 1.4.2 in IE (works on 1.4.1) lluuuk bug undecided 1.4.2 ajax
#6162 CLASS function with XHTML DocumentFragment: elem.getAttribute is not a function janmoesen bug undecided 1.4.2 attributes
#6164 issue with index method (DOM Element Method) bug undecided 1.4.2 misc
#6191 Assigining CSS property in animate() via external variable fails bug undecided effects
#6192 event.srcElement is incorrect when calling jquery.change() from within a click handler bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6196 IE error in curCSS on pixel recalculation Max_B bug undecided 1.4.3 css
#6197 Ajax is not working in IE8 but working in firefox bug undecided ajax
#6219 :contains breaks with ( bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6224 Animating display and opacity with "toggle" causes "Invalid argument" error in IE8 bug undecided effects
#6225 IE8 Will not properly FadeIn() and FadeOut() eyekanspele bug undecided manipulation
#6237 Setting offset of an object which isn't in DOM failed to take scroll into account bug undecided offset
#6240 multiple "simultaneous" $.ajax requests don't all complete in FF 3.5.8 bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6253 $.proxy incorrectly passes $.proxy arguments to proxied function bug undecided core
#6276 .keyup() does not support cyrillic alphabet enhancement undecided 1.4.3 event
#6283 "change" event is browser dependent bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6303 support for leading/trailing fragments when using jQuery() to create DOM elements enhancement undecided 1.4.3 core
#6316 Some jQuery methods don't their check private variables. bug undecided 1.4.3 core
#6324 Sizzle reports link containing img is hidden in Webkit jeffkretz bug undecided core
#6344 selector bug with div and script bug undecided selector
#6345 Allow .data() to accept a function for its setter argument kswedberg enhancement undecided 1.5 data
#6356 $.proxy not working within bind bug undecided event
#6376 ajax() data parameter's array handling worked in 1.3.2 but not 1.4.2 bug undecided 1.4.2 ajax
#6378 An error is thrown if the returned document is expected to be valid XML but it is not. bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6389 .ajaxError does not fire in 1.4.2 bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6390 Selector :input produces css error in firefox 3.5.8. bug undecided selector
#6393 confusing verbage on docs.jquery.com for CDN disclaimer enhancement undecided misc
#6399 Jsonp ajax request errors on success callback when doing a redirect bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6409 fadeTo and animate work not correctly with opacity in Linux Chrome and Chromium Leolik bug undecided effects
#6412 Problem with fadeOut on ie8 bug undecided 1.4.2 effects
#6421 Memory leak in IE6/7 bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6437 AJAX IE error "Object doesn't support this property or method" bug undecided ajax
#6440 complete() not called with ajax request bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6447 $.event.special.*.trigger enhancement undecided event
#6453 Dynamically adding a JS file(s) not caching in Opera bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6457 Add a param to end() so that it can end multiple levels at once enhancement undecided core
#6475 jQuery adds new HTML tags when calling manipulation methods bug undecided 1.4.3 unfiled
#6494 clone(true) causes stack overflow error in ie on sortable elements bug undecided 1.4.3 manipulation
#6495 Bug Selector This when using $.get bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6499 WebKit checkClone line breaks PlayStation 3 (NetFront) shahyar bug undecided 1.4.3 support
#6502 slideToggle interacts badly with iframe and embedded PDF and Firefox bug undecided 1.4.3 effects
#6508 Inadvertent change event firing on IE8 bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6509 Documentation Incorrect bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6512 can't unset CSS property clip in IE bug undecided 1.4.3 css
#6517 Sending ajax request with bookmark(#) in IE7 bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6518 .ajax() ifModified option -- behaviour changed in v1.4.2 bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6519 :first pseudo-selector conflicts with CSS paged media module's :first bug undecided 1.4.3 selector
#6522 Strange behavior of animate and hover in Firefox 3.6.2 bug undecided 1.4.3 event
#6540 .offset() is not consistent between browsers Sayan.Chaliha bug undecided manipulation
#6551 jsonp without a defined callback name does not set the Accept headers properly bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6563 Log functionality for firebug feature undecided 1.4.3 core
#6573 Error running at Firefox. bug undecided 1.4.3 ajax
#6590 Error reading 'href' attribute in IE when userData Behavior is applied hallettj bug undecided attributes
#6599 dev.jquery.com - trac - need 'forgot password' link feature undecided 1.4.3 misc
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