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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Priority Component
#4624 Charset in default ajaxSettings.contentType 1.7.2 bug minor ajax
#5571 Allow chaining when passing undefined to any setter in jQuery 1.7.2 enhancement low attributes
#7986 Bug in $.support.boxModel if page has DIV-element CSS 1.7.2 bug high support
#8165 .live('click', handler) fires on disabled buttons with child elements in Chrome 1.7.2 dmethvin bug high event
#8498 Animate Hooks 1.7.2 gnarf feature blocker effects
#9427 Passing undefined to .text() does not trigger setter 1.7.2 bug low manipulation
#10006 method show is not working as expected in all browsers when called for document fragment 1.7.2 rwaldron bug high effects
#10466 jQuery.param() mistakes wrapped primitives for deep objects 1.7.2 rwaldron bug low core
#10639 outerWidth(true) and css('margin') returning % instead of px in Webkit 1.7.2 mikesherov bug high css
#10692 Configure the jshint options to more accurately match the style guide 1.7.2 mikesherov enhancement low build
#10693 generalize the "test something in an iframe" code in unit tests 1.7.2 mikesherov enhancement low build
#10753 inline the evalScript function in manipulation.js as it's only used once 1.7.2 mikesherov enhancement low manipulation
#10754 have jQuery.swap return the return of the callback instead of just executing it 1.7.2 mikesherov bug low css
#10782 Incorrect calculating width 1.7.2 mikesherov bug low css
#10796 Bug in IE7 with $('#el').css.('background-position') 1.7.2 mikesherov bug low css
#10819 Eliminate "this.on.call(this, " 1.7.2 rwaldron enhancement low event
#10828 attr("coords") returns undefined in IE7 1.7.2 mikesherov bug low attributes
#10848 Animation toggling loses state tracking in certain atomic edge cases 1.7.2 timmywil bug blocker effects
#10858 css.js regular expressions are incomplete 1.7.2 gibson042 bug low css
#10864 text() method on a document fragment always returns the empty string 1.7.2 rwaldron bug blocker manipulation
#10870 Incorrect behaviour of $.removeAttr("selected") 1.7.2 timmywil bug high attributes
#10878 $("select").live("change", function(){ ...broken in IE8 in jQuery 1.7 1.7.2 dmethvin bug low event
#10901 have unit tests fail if the tester is running from file:// or doesn't have PHP 1.7.2 mikesherov enhancement low build
#10902 ability to test a built version of jQuery in unit tests 1.7.2 mikesherov feature low build
#10931 Unit tests shouldn't require internet access 1.7.2 enhancement low build
#10952 .fired() doesn't work on Callbacks object when it is flagged with "once" 1.7.2 jaubourg bug low misc
#10961 Error in XRegExp using jQuery 1.7.1 in IE6-9 1.7.2 dmethvin bug low event
#10967 .promise() does not attach methods onto target 1.7.2 gibson042 bug high queue
#10970 The .on() selector parameter doesn't work with :not(:first) selector 1.7.2 bug low event
#10978 jQuery.param() should allow non-native constructed objects as property values 1.7.2 bug blocker ajax
#10984 Cannot off() custom events ($.event.special) 1.7.2 dmethvin bug high event
#11021 Hover hack mangles a namespace named "hover" 1.7.2 dmethvin bug high event
#11048 Support Tests affect layout for positioned elements in IE6-9 1.7.2 mikesherov bug blocker support
#11055 Update HTML5 Shim elements list to support latest html5shiv 1.7.2 rwaldron bug low manipulation
#11076 .clone(true) loses delegation filters 1.7.2 dmethvin bug high event
#11119 The curCSS function only need 2 arguments 1.7.2 caii enhancement low css
#11130 jQuery.fn.on: binding map with null selector ignores data 1.7.2 rwaldron bug low event
#11145 $(document).on() not working with name="disabled" 1.7.2 gibson042 bug low event
#11217 Append problem with webkit 1.7.2 bug low manipulation
#11257 Wrong path to source files in test suite if PHP missing 1.7.2 bug high misc
#11264 evalScript() uses defaults set by ajaxSetup() 1.7.2 Matthijs Kooijman <matthijs@…> bug low ajax
#11291 Cloning XMLDoc's with HTML5 nodeName's breaks on IE 1.7.2 bug low manipulation
#11306 calling .disable() or .lock() on a $.Callbacks object breaks its fired() status 1.7.2 bug blocker deferred
#11309 hexadecimal-formatted data-* attributes parsed incorrectly 1.7.2 sindresorhus bug low data
#11316 Consider looking through valHooks by element type first, then by nodeName instead of the other way around 1.7.2 mathias enhancement low attributes
#11323 script tags with type="text/ecmascript" leak into the DOM 1.7.2 rwaldron bug low manipulation
#11337 Bug in $.support.reliableMarginRight 1.7.2 vlazar bug low support
#11356 safeFragment memory leak 1.7.2 rwaldron bug low manipulation
#11370 $('<div>').siblings() throws exception 1.7.2 bug low traversing
#11415 Silently ignore negative CSS values where they are illegal 1.7.2 SineSwiper enhancement low effects
#11426 jQuery.ajax() always fails when requesting JPG images in IE 1.7.2 bug low ajax
#11469 Negative margin in animations (.animate) 1.7.2 lrbabe bug blocker effects
#10177 index of callback function in .wrap is always 0 1.7.1 rwaldron bug high manipulation
#10616 Type coersion not done for -1 in .eq 1.7.1 rwaldron bug low core
#10629 IE is much too sensitive concerning the fake body. Explore cleaning up support.js to avoid any future crashes. 1.7.1 timmywil bug blocker support
#10630 Fix focus-related test failures to resolve Swarm failures 1.7.1 bug blocker build
#10646 Have jQuery.error throw instanceof Error object 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low core
#10667 HTML5 Support in .wrapAll() does add a ":" to element 1.7.1 t.fellinger@… bug blocker manipulation
#10669 .animate() no longer animates percentage(%) width 1.7.1 bug high effects
#10670 rnoshimcache probably not constructed correctly 1.7.1 rwaldron bug high manipulation
#10675 Use internalKey shortcut instead of jQuery.expando 1.7.1 rwaldron enhancement low data
#10676 wheelDelta not added to mousewheel event anymore 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low event
#10682 Creating DOM elements with $(' ') leaks memory and skips the fragment cache 1.7.1 rwaldron bug blocker core
#10687 jQuery calls the AMD define() global function too early 1.7.1 timmywil bug blocker core
#10690 isNumeric 1.7.1 dmethvin bug blocker core
#10691 remove all occurrences of the "equals" and "same" function in the unit tests` 1.7.1 enhancement low misc
#10701 Problems with submit forms using submit function 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low event
#10704 special.handle method should fire under origType name 1.7.1 dmethvin bug blocker event
#10705 off bug event name parser 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low event
#10712 Triggering blur with live bind broken 1.7.1 dmethvin bug high event
#10717 A triggered load bubbles up to window 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low event
#10723 jqXHR.always() returns a Promise instead of a jqXHR object 1.7.1 jaubourg bug blocker ajax
#10724 $(document).text() always returns an empty string 1.7.1 timmywil bug high attributes
#10733 remove uses of jQuery.each in css module in favor of a for loop 1.7.1 mikesherov bug low css
#10750 A "null" in the data object can cause an error in stop 1.7.1 gnarf bug low effects
#10773 removeAttr is fragile for edge cases 1.7.1 dmethvin bug low attributes
#10794 .triggerHandler should not .preventDefault() 1.7.1 dmethvin bug high event
#10798 live("submit") and .submit() would cause unobtrusive ajax live to fire twice 1.7.1 dmethvin bug blocker event
#10807 Non-ascii apostrophe in comment 1.7.1 timmywil bug low support
#10812 passing empty object to .before() or .after() throws exception in IE7 1.7.1 dmethvin bug high manipulation
#10817 Change .bind() in ajax.js to .on() 1.7.1 rwaldron enhancement low misc
#10826 new support test leaks "body" to global 1.7.1 bug undecided support
#10844 .delegate() on submit doesn't work when form contains input with name "id" 1.7.1 dmethvin bug blocker event
#3144 Inconsistent cross-browser results from .text() method 1.7 dmethvin bug low selector
#3368 event.metaKey should be assigned to event.ctrlKey on Non-Mac only 1.7 dmethvin enhancement low event
#5145 jQuery.support.opacity = false in the Chrome browser 1.7 timmywil bug high support
#5479 removeAttr: remove multiple attributes 1.7 rwaldron enhancement low attributes
#5637 Boolean (and Empty) Attribute Selectors Fail 1.7 timmywil bug blocker selector
#5684 Effects: exception in animation callback causes endless loop 1.7 gnarf enhancement low effects
#6150 .stop sometimes doesn't clear .delay 1.7 gnarf bug blocker effects
#6170 jQuery(window).scroll(); causes IE* to scroll to 0,0 1.7 dmethvin bug high event
#6319 Regression: stopPropagation inside change handlers in IE is incorrectly applied to keydown event 1.7 dmethvin bug high event
#6386 support data argument for live events via "event.special.live.add" 1.7 dmethvin enhancement low event
#6485 Solution for HTML5 in IE 1.7 rwaldron feature high core
#6593 IE8: DOM 0 event handler called twice when a separate handler is attached via jQuery 1.7 dmethvin bug high event
#6641 Calling stop() within animation finished callback causes other animations to freeze 1.7 timmywil bug low effects
#6667 submit event doesn't delegate in IE* under certain conditions 1.7 dmethvin bug undecided event
#6743 map enctype to encoding, depending on browser 1.7 timmywil bug low attributes
#6782 carefully allow more strings to use innerHTML 1.7 dmethvin enhancement blocker manipulation
#6809 Add jQuery.support.fixedPosition 1.7 rwaldron enhancement blocker support
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