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#760 .css('fontSize') returns different value in Internet Explorer 1.4 bug minor core
#1319 $().ready() sometimes fires too soon on Safari/Win 1.4 bug major event
#1612 :contains selector doesn't work for Ajax responses in IE6 1.4 bug major selector
#1675 expando related problem on removeData() 1.4.3 flesler bug major data
#1900 Setting contentType on $.ajax() call does not work. 1.4 bug major ajax
#2185 animate does not work properly with non-block-level elements (table, tr, td, inline, etc.) 1.4.3 snover bug high effects
#2273 Other windows and documents 1.4 brandon bug major dimensions
#2338 jQuery.event.fix() mangles "event.which" when it == false 1.4.3 bug minor event
#2349 Script error leaving page with applet tag (related to #1675?) 1.4 flesler bug major data
#2414 Broken handling of embedded applets 1.4 bug major event
#2452 $.post and $.get are probably not handling the abcense of data well 1.4 flesler bug major ajax
#2542 Callbacks are not triggered on animated methods with a speed of 0 1.4 flesler bug major effects
#2620 event.fix() possible null dereference 1.4 brandon bug trivial event
#2661 Browser detection IE (and possibly other browsers) 1.4 flesler bug major core
#2697 replaceWith should remove before adding 1.4 flesler bug major core
#2769 Incorrect date/rev in jQuery builds 1.4 bug major build
#2814 originalTarget not copied to the cloned event object 1.4.3 john bug major event
#2847 jQuery :first-child selector does not work in IE if comment precedes element 1.4 john bug major selector
#2849 AjaxSettings.xhr Automation error on IE6 1.4 bug major ajax
#2960 jQuery sends wrong content type to server on ajax post requests if data is {} 1.4.3 bug major ajax
#2977 wrap() methods lose events 1.4 bug minor core
#3039 Older Safari versions crash in makeArray 1.4 flesler bug minor core
#3240 Serialize will submit disabled select options 1.4.3 dmethvin bug major ajax
#3286 Hover Glitch/Bug 1.4 brandon bug major event
#3331 curCSS() doesn't convert negative em/% values properly in IE 1.4 flesler bug major core
#3398 Events register on the wrong window in IE 1.4 brandon bug major event
#3533 Triggering custom event with : in name on table in IE 6/7/8 gives error. 1.4 brandon bug major event
#3546 Firefox gives wrong css values for elements within IFrame (func curCSS) 1.4 brandon bug major dimensions
#3549 Binding multiple custom namespaced events is not working correctly 1.4.1 john bug major event
#3551 Dimensions functions fail exceptionally on parent-frame scope 1.4 brandon bug minor dimensions
#3552 .wrapInner() won't work on empty elements 1.4 flesler bug minor core
#3583 too much recursion with animate( params, options ) [when options is a var] 1.4.3 bug minor effects
#3623 ajaxSettings.xhr breaks if IE activex disabled 1.4 flesler bug major ajax
#3680 Leading/trailing space not treated consistently in className 1.4 bug minor core
#3688 [PATCH] Prevent changing of @type for BUTTONs as well as INPUTs 1.4 brandon bug minor core
#3808 $().load() fails 404 if there is a hash in the url 1.4.3 bug low ajax
#3861 .live('click', function) conflicts with mousedown event 1.4.1 bug major event
#3881 some easing throws error in IE or invalid CSS in FF3 1.4 bug minor effects
#3965 serialize bug in IE 1.4.4 bug low ajax
#3981 IE 6 & 7 reports incorrect CSS opacity values in jQuery 1.3.1 1.4 brandon bug major core
#3982 jQuery.error event gets incorrect arguments 1.4 brandon bug major event
#3984 XmlHttpRequest.abort() does not fire ajaxStop event 1.4 john bug minor ajax
#3992 remove new line in version.txt 1.4 bug minor build
#4011 Internet explorer 7.0.6001.18000 crashes on append 1.4 john bug major core
#4017 IE7 wants to run ActiveX add-on 1.4 bug critical core
#4106 binding to beforeunload does not work 1.4 brandon bug major event
#4113 Standardize on .test() for RegExp 1.4 bug major core
#4116 parseFloat should be used in offset 1.4 brandon bug major offset
#4117 document.documentElement["getBoundingClientRect"] 1.4 brandon bug major offset
#4130 .val() should not return null as a value 1.4.3 dmethvin bug minor attributes
#4136 Offset Bug in 1.3.1 1.4 brandon bug minor offset
#4150 jQuery(str) has Performance/Crash issues with space right padded strings. 1.4 bug major core
#4156 Animate hyphenated names 1.4 bug minor effects
#4183 post/get ajax bug in IE 6-8 1.4 brandon bug major ajax
#4190 load method 1.4 brandon bug major docs
#4194 show() sometimes uses wrong display type 1.4.4 bug high effects
#4200 $.fn.filter() and $.fn.not() are needlessly asymmetrical 1.4 bug major core
#4203 firefox: color values on tags inside a frame are #00000 unless css is inline 1.4 bug major core
#4204 fadeTo should remove display:none 1.4 brandon bug minor effects
#4205 jQuery.filter used incorrectly in .remove() 1.4 bug major core
#4216 css function does not handle negative width and height in key/value pairs 1.4 brandon bug major core
#4218 Regression: jQuery 1.3 only accepts upper case node names in HTML 1.4 john bug major selector
#4219 event.currentTarget isn't fixed for live events 1.4 flesler bug major event
#4222 .remove() and .empty() are taxing 1.4 bug major core
#4230 $('<link/>').attr crashes IE8rc1 1.4 bug major core
#4235 $('#id).load() doesn't execute callback if selector matches an empty set 1.4 bug major ajax
#4236 Make sure $("#foo p") is as fast as $("#foo").find("p") 1.4 john bug major selector
#4240 Optimize .find() and jQuery() 1.4 bug major core
#4241 Namespaced events cause memory leaks 1.4 brandon bug critical event
#4242 in IE8 jQuery.cache has [null] in end of array 1.4 bug major data
#4243 Selector ~ failed 1.4 john bug major selector
#4246 Results from .children() should be sorted in order 1.4 bug major core
#4251 Use new when constructing RegExps and named functions instead of arguments.callee 1.4 brandon bug major event
#4257 offet().top is returning a decimal, Docs say it returns integers 1.4 bug major unfiled
#4261 .click method - behavior varies across browsers 1.4.2 brandon bug minor event
#4263 Offset() on position:fixed inside a div incorrect in Webkit browsers 1.4 brandon bug major offset
#4268 Events bound to iframe windows bound to jQuery window instead 1.4 brandon bug critical event
#4269 Optimize structure of .css() and .attr() 1.4 bug major core
#4270 Remove the use of nonstandard properties leftContext and rightContext 1.4 john bug major selector
#4280 "Permission Denied" errors in IE7 when unloading documents 1.4 brandon bug major event
#4294 typo in jquery-1.3.2.js comment 1.4 flesler bug trivial docs
#4296 css('font-size) converts percentage to pixels in IE 1.4 bug major attributes
#4320 document.body append-Error when using back-Button in IE7 1.4 bug major event
#4374 :hidden != :not(:visible) 1.4 brandon bug minor core
#4378 IE6 Broken JSONP calls. Several tickets, > 1 year. Solution available. 1.4 brandon bug critical ajax
#4380 redundant line break in version.txt 1.4 bug major build
#4388 .css(name, somefunc()) and .attr(name, somefunc()) cause fatal js errors when somefunc() returns undefined 1.4.3 bug major attributes
#4397 jQuery.props should have mapping for "colspan" -> "colSpan" 1.4 brandon bug minor support
#4399 Unused variables in dimensions.js should be removed [PATCH] 1.4 brandon bug trivial dimensions
#4413 Cannot animate by negative percentage in IE 1.4 bug major unfiled
#4425 hasDuplicate namespace is in global context 1.4 brandon bug major selector
#4426 CSS "left" value is incorrect when set to "auto" in FF3. 1.4 bug major attributes
#4436 [ajax] j.readyState is null or not an object on IE6 with Timeout enabled 1.4 bug major ajax
#4439 $.offset() and $.position() causes flicking screen in FF 1.4 brandon bug major offset
#4452 Error when calling jQuery.trim 1.4.3 flesler bug major core
#4459 $.map doesn't iterate through objects 1.4 bug major unfiled
#4484 Can't insert html code in <map> with firefox 1.4 bug major core
#4512 jquery-1.3.2.min.js "visible" selector doesn't run properly 1.4.3 snover bug high css
#4532 Live event handlers don't receive custom event data 1.4 brandon bug major event
#4539 live with context in jquery nightly 1.4 brandon bug major event
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