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#4651 jquery support object needs name attribute for param tag 1.4 bug undecided support
#4917 IE 6/7/8 have bugs related to the Sizzle selector of child elements. 1.4 john bug undecided selector
#4986 Changes to closest (#6507) breaks $(event.target).closest(...) 1.4 bug undecided core
#5859 Firefox window.JSON throws uncaught exception when an HTTP Status Code is issued 1.4.1 bug undecided ajax
#5886 ajax abort error 1.4 bug undecided ajax
#6121 data function no longer works with OBJECT elements 1.4.3 bug undecided data
#6152 parseJSON regex is redundant when native parsing is available. 1.4.2 enhancement undecided misc
#6234 mouseenter/mouseleave/hover event handler exceptions are caught unexpectedly 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6241 $.ajax calls the success callback in FF 3.5.8 for failed cross-origin requests. 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6282 .live/die( events ) and delegate/undelegate( selector, events ) 1.4.3 enhancement undecided event
#6304 calling $(...).data() changes behaviour of $(...).data('nosuchkey') 1.4.3 bug undecided data
#6337 Button click within form causes submit event even though return false is there 1.4.3 dmethvin bug undecided event
#6341 $.attr(name, null) is inconsistent across browsers 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#6359 live('submit') does nothing in IE if live('click') was called before. Same with delegate. 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6403 Website error: Versions page doesn't show versions 1.4.3 bug undecided misc
#6484 data attribute overwrited in new node creation 1.4.3 naugtur bug undecided data
#6488 isPlainObject fails on IXSLTProcessor in IE 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6511 Documentation Correction for .live() 1.4.3 bug undecided support
#6529 $("body").<somemethod>(...) throws if body does't exist 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6556 .data(object) breaks event handling 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6579 Allow named animation speeds to be 0 1.4.3 enhancement undecided effects
#6674 GET request sends Content-Type header when data on URI 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6675 makeArray fails on objects with a length property 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6677 Missing var declarations 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6700 .closest() returns duplicates of the same element within the matched set. 1.4.3 bug undecided traversing
#6726 Expose the frame interval in jQuery.fx 1.4.3 enhancement undecided effects
#6727 Setting context to "" in $.ajax causes error 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6733 make html(fn) use innerHTML if possible 1.4.3 enhancement undecided manipulation
#6740 isFunction breaks in ES5 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6796 Error 'script stack space quota is exhausted' when parsing 3MB XML file on Firefox 1.4.3 petewarden bug undecided core
#6807 jQuery.fn.data with JavaScript objects should set fields directly 1.4.3 enhancement undecided data
#6811 $.ajax does not respect contentType if data is blank 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6868 $.trim very expensive on long strings 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#6925 .empty() sometimes will throw an "'events' is null or not an object" error in Internet Explorer 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#6938 Blackberry 4.7: .attr("missing") returns "" 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#6982 .width() and .height() query and set different things when box-sizing is border-box 1.4.3 bug undecided dimensions
#6988 val(['option1', 'option2']) don't work in <select multiple="multiple"> if <option> have attribute value="value" 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#7029 Convert $("> ...") to .children() 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#7032 Syntax error on comma expressions between parentheses, fails in Eclipse 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#7067 Incorrect effects-unit-test could conceal failures 1.4.3 bug undecided effects
#7145 1.4.3rc1: jQuery.cssHooks not taken into account by $.fn.animate() 1.4.3 bug undecided effects
#7146 jquery-1.4.3rc1.js - TypeError: 'jQuery.ajax.triggerGlobal' is not a function 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#7164 1.4.3rc1 - Multiple child selectors fail 1.4.3 bug undecided traversing
#7188 jQuery.tmpl does not work with DOM fragments 1.4.3 BorisMoore bug undecided templates
#7190 disconnected node offset test fails when document is scrolled 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#7196 JSONP handler in 1.4.3-RC3 seems broken 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#7209 $.fn.removeData can't delete data 1.4.4 bug undecided unfiled
#7222 data() doesn't retrieve HTML 5 data-* attribtues 1.4.4 bug undecided unfiled
#7223 data( key ) for HTML 5 data-* attributes behaves different from api documentation 1.4.4 bug undecided unfiled
#7226 clone on line 372 is declared implicitly 1.4.4 bug undecided unfiled
#6505 IE does not support live change events if a live click event is bound first. 1.4.3 bug blocker event
#7018 Bug in some specific subversion at IE 7 in $.ajax 1.4.3 snover bug blocker ajax
#7141 $.fn.show doesn't make element visible if it was previously hidden with $.fn.hide 1.4.3 john bug blocker effects
#7142 Closest() is broken in 1.4.3 1.4.3 bug blocker traversing
#7212 1.4.3 find() doesn't find elements when selecting from a form 1.4.4 john bug blocker selector
#7219 .children(selector) no longer works in 1.4.3 1.4.4 dmethvin bug blocker selector
#7220 Next Sibling combined with :last is failing. 1.4.4 john bug blocker selector
#7225 CSS width and height of hidden and disconnected elements is incorrect 1.4.4 danheberden bug blocker css
#7243 live is not working properly with attribute not equal selector in Firefox 1.4.4 john bug blocker selector
#7247 function bound to ready event fires twice on 1.4.3 1.4.4 gf3 bug blocker core
#7315 $.fn.show fails to show element if element hidden with style rule 1.4.4 john bug blocker css
#7331 Problem with .hide().show() 1.4.4 john bug blocker effects
#7337 "auto" keyword is coerced to empty string, breaking backward compatibility 1.4.4 john bug blocker css
#7352 Appending iframe on "ready" causes re-trigger of "ready" 1.4.4 john bug blocker event
#7393 Elements hidden before appended to the DOM can't be shown 1.4.4 bug blocker effects
#7395 css() and the dimensions functions broken 1.4.4 john bug blocker css
#7422 Ajax abort() regression for IE in jQuery 1.4.3 (through 1.4.4rc2) 1.4.4 snover bug blocker ajax
#7451 $(document) cannot fetch attributes on document object 1.4.4 snover bug blocker attributes
#2185 animate does not work properly with non-block-level elements (table, tr, td, inline, etc.) 1.4.3 snover bug high effects
#4194 show() sometimes uses wrong display type 1.4.4 bug high effects
#4512 jquery-1.3.2.min.js "visible" selector doesn't run properly 1.4.3 snover bug high css
#5316 replaceAll only the first element from the matched set replaces the selector set 1.4.3 bug high manipulation
#5383 if jsonp not crossdomain, the complete handler will trigger twice 1.4.3 bug high ajax
#6298 IE7,IE8 throw exception on new window.XMLHttpRequest(); 1.4.3 john bug high ajax
#6498 XHR abort() method not working in IE7. 1.4.3 laurensonyourscreen bug high ajax
#6525 IE script error on z-index 'auto' or 'inherit' 1.4.3 bug high css
#6577 jQuery.jsonParse is freezing FireFox and Chrome when parsing non-breaking whitespace (0xA0) 1.4.4 bug high ajax
#6843 computed Style bug when filtering over text nodes 1.4.3 lathan bug high css
#7101 IE opacity setting 1.4.3 snover bug high css
#7116 jQuery tries to set "NaNpx" and "nullpx" as CSS size values 1.4.3 enhancement high css
#7143 1.4.3rc1: .resize() doesn't work 1.4.3 bug high event
#7150 Events can't be triggered on objects that already contain an "events" property 1.4.3 bug high event
#7229 1.4.3 regression - passing null to event handler 1.4.4 Rick Waldron bug high event
#7236 Sizzle.contains - compareDocumentPosition throws on older/lamer browsers 1.4.4 bradrees bug high selector
#7349 bug in cleanData jquery-1.4.2.js line 4522 1.4.3 bug high event
#7374 (Google Chrome) ready Event is fired twice on back button. 1.4.4 cyberheroo@… bug high core
#7382 CSS selector [class!=invalid] not working 1.4.4 bug high selector
#3808 $().load() fails 404 if there is a hash in the url 1.4.3 bug low ajax
#3965 serialize bug in IE 1.4.4 bug low ajax
#4587 Webkit not complying with simple selector 1.4.4 john bug low selector
#4817 hasClass expands selector metacharacters 1.4.2 bug low attributes
#4878 val() tries to set multiple values on single select lists 1.4 bug low core
#5736 Remove .bind(name, fn, thisObject) and promote jQuery.proxy() 1.4 brandon bug low event
#5792 1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17) 1.4 bug low ajax
#5806 jQuery leaves textnodes in replaceWith 1.4.1 bug low core
#5873 removeClass leaves space after removing last class 1.4 bug low core
#6200 .live(... broken in 1.4.2 using IE8 1.4.3 john bug low event
#6374 Change Event does not fire in IE 1.4.3 bug low event
#6382 .live() not working properly with "has attribute" css selector 1.4.3 bug low selector
#6455 Strange behaviour of jQuery(elementArray) 1.4.3 bug low manipulation
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