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#5991 Plain objects and arrays are considered same on deep extending. 1.4.3 bug major core
#6011 Numeric character references, eg,   are inserted as plain text when text does not contain tags 1.4.2 john bug major manipulation
#6012 .attr uncomatibility between 1.3.x and 1.4.x 1.4.2 bug major attributes
#6013 hover event fires incorrectly over scrollbar of UL element in Firefox 1.4.2 john bug major event
#6023 el.find('[readonly]') does not work 1.4.2 john bug critical selector
#6031 parseJSON doesn't parse JSON with a leading newline in IE6 and IE7 1.4.2 john bug major core
#6041 Remove existing foo[] when traditional = false in param 1.4.2 bug ajax
#6042 Make sure a boolean is returned from jQuery.contains 1.4.2 bug core
#6048 Regression in .data() module caused by commit e7912805 1.4.2 bug data
#6049 github offline breaks development cicle 1.4.2 bug build
#6050 jQuery 1.4.1 addClass white space issue 1.4.2 john bug attributes
#6055 Calling trigger('blur') does not work if the handler is bound with the live() method 1.4.2 bug event
#6056 jQuery 1.4 replaceWith() does not work with iFrame 1.4.2 bug manipulation
#6059 Live don't work correctly on class selectors since 1.4 1.4.2 bug event
#6060 Aborted AJAX requests are considered as successfull in 1.4 1.4.3 bug ajax
#6065 1.4.2 special events are slightly hosed! 1.4.2 bug event
#6068 Elements removed from a jQuery object with .filter() are still inserted with .prependTo() and .appendTo() 1.4.2 bug manipulation
#6077 Live mouseenter/mouseleave not working in 1.4.2pre 1.4.2 bug event
#6084 1.4.2: events and removed elements 1.4.2 bug event
#6088 Height/Width sometimes returns document dimensions in Opera 1.4.3 bug dimensions
#6107 Google AJAX CDN is loading "1.4.2" for "1.4" 1.4.2 bug misc
#6113 beforeunload event fires twice 1.4.3 bug event
#6121 data function no longer works with OBJECT elements 1.4.3 bug undecided data
#6155 API docs: Callback argument for Hide does not have a type 1.4.2 bug misc
#6160 attr() not sets value correctly 1.4.2 bug attributes
#6163 TypeError: events is null 1.4.3 brandon bug event
#6166 typeof($(EXPR).data('undefinedKey')) returns object vs 'undefined' now 1.4.3 bug data
#6167 documentation: link to test suite outdated 1.4.2 bug unfiled
#6169 .live('hover') breaking change from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 1.4.3 bug event
#6182 Make sure .live() bubbles unless explicitly stopped 1.4.3 bug event
#6184 .unbind() fails on plain javascript object 1.4.3 bug event
#6190 offset and position in other windows 1.4.3 brandon bug offset
#6200 .live(... broken in 1.4.2 using IE8 1.4.3 john bug low event
#6202 special events + .die issue in 1.4.2 1.4.3 bug event
#6203 Content missing in Documentation FAQ 1.4.3 bug unfiled
#6209 .live() doesn't filter by namespace 1.4.3 bug event
#6227 $(arrayofElements).appendTo(...) fails 1.4.3 bug manipulation
#6234 mouseenter/mouseleave/hover event handler exceptions are caught unexpectedly 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6241 $.ajax calls the success callback in FF 3.5.8 for failed cross-origin requests. 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6250 Default action not triggered when namespace used 1.4.3 bug event
#6257 Bug in cleanData 1.4.3 bug manipulation
#6298 IE7,IE8 throw exception on new window.XMLHttpRequest(); 1.4.3 john bug high ajax
#6304 calling $(...).data() changes behaviour of $(...).data('nosuchkey') 1.4.3 bug undecided data
#6337 Button click within form causes submit event even though return false is there 1.4.3 dmethvin bug undecided event
#6341 $.attr(name, null) is inconsistent across browsers 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#6359 live('submit') does nothing in IE if live('click') was called before. Same with delegate. 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6374 Change Event does not fire in IE 1.4.3 bug low event
#6382 .live() not working properly with "has attribute" css selector 1.4.3 bug low selector
#6403 Website error: Versions page doesn't show versions 1.4.3 bug undecided misc
#6434 Calling .data() on an empty set throws TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined 1.4.3 bug data
#6444 jQuery.cleanData calls on null objects (causing script breakage) 1.4.2 bug core
#6451 local jsonp requests cause ajax 'active' counter to decrement twice 1.4.3 bug ajax
#6455 Strange behaviour of jQuery(elementArray) 1.4.3 bug low manipulation
#6469 API Documentation Site JS Error on Enter Key press (in Firefox) 1.4.3 bug unfiled
#6484 data attribute overwrited in new node creation 1.4.3 naugtur bug undecided data
#6488 isPlainObject fails on IXSLTProcessor in IE 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6498 XHR abort() method not working in IE7. 1.4.3 laurensonyourscreen bug high ajax
#6505 IE does not support live change events if a live click event is bound first. 1.4.3 bug blocker event
#6511 Documentation Correction for .live() 1.4.3 bug undecided support
#6525 IE script error on z-index 'auto' or 'inherit' 1.4.3 bug high css
#6529 $("body").<somemethod>(...) throws if body does't exist 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6556 .data(object) breaks event handling 1.4.3 bug undecided event
#6570 docs.jquery.com/Tutorials doesnt work for at least 2 days 1.4.3 bug unfiled
#6572 bugs about $(..).html() & .text() 1.4.3 bug attributes
#6575 jQuery 1.4.2 conflicts with other libraries even using .noConflict() in IE and Opera 1.4.3 bug offset
#6577 jQuery.jsonParse is freezing FireFox and Chrome when parsing non-breaking whitespace (0xA0) 1.4.4 bug high ajax
#6605 Regexp for TRIM can freeze browser 1.4.3 bug core
#6615 Delegated 'mouseenter' and 'mouseleave' events are reported as 'mouseover' 'mouseout' 1.4.3 bug low event
#6644 binding/unbinding function to beforeunload event 1.4.2 bug unfiled
#6650 $.ajax data conversion not according to the documentation. 1.4.3 bug data
#6674 GET request sends Content-Type header when data on URI 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6675 makeArray fails on objects with a length property 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6677 Missing var declarations 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6684 css("top") (and similar getters) returns different values in different browsers 1.4.3 bug css
#6700 .closest() returns duplicates of the same element within the matched set. 1.4.3 bug undecided traversing
#6727 Setting context to "" in $.ajax causes error 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6740 isFunction breaks in ES5 1.4.3 bug undecided core
#6763 jquery has numerous warning when run through javascript lint 1.4.3 bug unfiled
#6777 $.support.objectAll is still listed in the documentation 1.4.3 bug support
#6796 Error 'script stack space quota is exhausted' when parsing 3MB XML file on Firefox 1.4.3 petewarden bug undecided core
#6808 jQuery.fn.data on JavaScript objects adds the jQuery Expando, which survives JSON serialization 1.4.3 bug data
#6811 $.ajax does not respect contentType if data is blank 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#6812 build.xml not replacing Date in source properly 1.4.3 bug build
#6832 setData Bubbles 1.4.3 bug data
#6836 Array incorrectly dealt as object breaking functionality of clone function when using custom Array prototype 1.4.3 Rick Waldron bug low event
#6843 computed Style bug when filtering over text nodes 1.4.3 lathan bug high css
#6868 $.trim very expensive on long strings 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#6908 $.ajax doesn't ignore case of scheme and host in URL. 1.4.4 SlexAxton bug low ajax
#6925 .empty() sometimes will throw an "'events' is null or not an object" error in Internet Explorer 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#6930 Blackberry 4.7: makeArray(RegExp) fails 1.4.3 bug core
#6931 Setting/Getting Class Attribute Fails in Blackberry 4.7 1.4.3 bug attributes
#6932 Blackberry 4.7: .val() on empty option fails 1.4.3 bug attributes
#6938 Blackberry 4.7: .attr("missing") returns "" 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#6952 Blackberry 4.6 Errors When Sorting Elements 1.4.3 bug selector
#6963 Blackberry 4.6 Finds Nodes That No Longer Exist 1.4.3 bug selector
#6982 .width() and .height() query and set different things when box-sizing is border-box 1.4.3 bug undecided dimensions
#6988 val(['option1', 'option2']) don't work in <select multiple="multiple"> if <option> have attribute value="value" 1.4.3 bug undecided attributes
#7011 noConflict is broken by Commit #8effe3a7dee91c833cc1774646da9d743600c64c 1.4.3 bug unfiled
#7014 Shorthand animation methods can only use 2 of 3 arguments: speed, easing, callback 1.4.3 bug effects
#7018 Bug in some specific subversion at IE 7 in $.ajax 1.4.3 snover bug blocker ajax
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