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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Priority Component
#2273 Other windows and documents 1.4 brandon bug major dimensions
#5949 Out of memory/Stack space in IE8, 1.4.1 bug major unfiled
#4435 Parse Error cause being lost 1.4.1 enhancement minor ajax
#5467 Patch for jQuery offset method for PlayStation 3 Silk browser 1.4 brandon bug major offset
#3363 Patch to include 3rd argument to callbacks in jQuery.get and jQuery.post as well as jQuery.load 1.4 flesler enhancement major ajax
#4206 Patch: JSONP: Support callbackName to request content with a constant URL 1.4 enhancement minor ajax
#4720 Performance: Cache array methods for faster accessing 1.4 enhancement minor core
#5991 Plain objects and arrays are considered same on deep extending. 1.4.3 bug major core
#4910 Please translate the Cyrillic stuff in http://docs.jquery.com/API/1.3/Selectors 1.4 bug minor docs
#7331 Problem with .hide().show() 1.4.4 john bug blocker effects
#4072 Provide a selector/node restriction option as a second argument to .closest 1.4 enhancement major core
#5289 Provide static support for Function.prototype.bind 1.4 enhancement major core
#5426 QUnit microformat incorrect 1.4 joern bug major qunit
#5088 QUnit performance tuning 1.4 joern bug major qunit
#4379 Reduce/eliminate dependencies between jQuery modules 1.4 baaron enhancement major core
#4114 RegExp w/ Function Should be Optimized 1.4 enhancement major core
#5146 RegExp.leftContext and FF3.0.x 1.4 john bug major selector
#6605 Regexp for TRIM can freeze browser 1.4.3 bug core
#4884 Regression in .attr() 1.4 bug major core
#6048 Regression in .data() module caused by commit e7912805 1.4.2 bug data
#4218 Regression: jQuery 1.3 only accepts upper case node names in HTML 1.4 john bug major selector
#5736 Remove .bind(name, fn, thisObject) and promote jQuery.proxy() 1.4 brandon bug low event
#6041 Remove existing foo[] when traditional = false in param 1.4.2 bug ajax
#6003 Remove the Need for setArray 1.4.2 enhancement major core
#4270 Remove the use of nonstandard properties leftContext and rightContext 1.4 john bug major selector
#4456 Remove unused vars in offset.js 1.4 brandon enhancement trivial offset
#5627 Replace broken on css return value 1.4 bug major core
#5647 Resizing DT elements broken in IE8 1.4 bug major core
#4246 Results from .children() should be sorted in order 1.4 bug major core
#5869 SELECT element change event firing on focus first time in IE 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#4905 Sandbox Compatibility 1.4 enhancement major core
#2349 Script error leaving page with applet tag (related to #1675?) 1.4 flesler bug major data
#5668 Scripts are not being disabled in the loaded page 1.4 bug major ajax
#4243 Selector ~ failed 1.4 john bug major selector
#4999 Selectors with commas do not work in jQuery 1.3 and IE 7 against XHR documents 1.4 john bug major selector
#3240 Serialize will submit disabled select options 1.4.3 dmethvin bug major ajax
#5923 Setting .readyState = 0 throws exception 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5423 Setting attr("usemap") requires camel-case property name in MSIE 1.4 bug minor core
#1900 Setting contentType on $.ajax() call does not work. 1.4 bug major ajax
#6727 Setting context to "" in $.ajax causes error 1.4.3 bug undecided ajax
#5509 Setting rgba value as border color makes jquery halt 1.4.3 snover bug critical css
#5544 Setting type attribute on button tag fails without exception in IE 1.4 bug major attributes
#6931 Setting/Getting Class Attribute Fails in Blackberry 4.7 1.4.3 bug attributes
#7014 Shorthand animation methods can only use 2 of 3 arguments: speed, easing, callback 1.4.3 bug effects
#5202 Simple .selector fix for when .pushStack 'selector' == jQuery object 1.4 flesler bug major core
#5386 Site problem - blank page 1.4 bug major site
#7236 Sizzle.contains - compareDocumentPosition throws on older/lamer browsers 1.4.4 bradrees bug high selector
#5979 Skip inserting whole fragment, if possible 1.4.2 enhancement major manipulation
#5283 Slide removes list bullets 1.4 bug major effects
#5557 Speed function doesn't properly handle null values 1.4 bug major effects
#4113 Standardize on .test() for RegExp 1.4 bug major core
#6189 Store jQuery.data for plain objects on objects 1.4.3 enhancement data
#6455 Strange behaviour of jQuery(elementArray) 1.4.3 bug low manipulation
#5267 Submit Delegation Patch 1.4 brandon enhancement major event
#5250 Support Object Literals for bind(), unbind() and one() 1.4 flesler feature major event
#4680 Switch from using eval to new Function for JSON 1.4 enhancement major ajax
#7032 Syntax error on comma expressions between parentheses, fails in Eclipse 1.4.3 bug undecided unfiled
#5274 Toggle cycles incorrectly with multiple toggle handlers 1.4 brandon bug major event
#5688 Too much recursion errors 1.4 bug major event
#7154 Trac Preferences missing timezones. 1.4.3 jdsharp bug low web
#3533 Triggering custom event with : in name on table in IE 6/7/8 gives error. 1.4 brandon bug major event
#6163 TypeError: events is null 1.4.3 brandon bug event
#5967 Unbind of namespaced 'change' event unbinds all 'change' events (IE only) 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#4399 Unused variables in dimensions.js should be removed [PATCH] 1.4 brandon bug trivial dimensions
#4707 Updating opacity in Internet Explorer breaks other currently used filters 1.4 bug major core
#4307 Upgrade Sizzle Engine to v1.0 1.4 john enhancement major selector
#6825 Use Array.isArray for jQuery.isArray when available 1.4.3 enhancement core
#5190 Use access() for bind, one, live, data and removeData 1.4 flesler feature major event
#4429 Use native JSON.parse if available inside ajax.httpData 1.4 flesler enhancement minor ajax
#4835 Use native trim() implementation if exists 1.4.3 enhancement major core
#4251 Use new when constructing RegExps and named functions instead of arguments.callee 1.4 brandon bug major event
#4587 Webkit not complying with simple selector 1.4.4 john bug low selector
#6403 Website error: Versions page doesn't show versions 1.4.3 bug undecided misc
#5600 Width returns null 1.4 bug major dimensions
#4855 Wrong script encoding in IE6/7 1.4.3 dmethvin bug minor ajax
#6498 XHR abort() method not working in IE7. 1.4.3 laurensonyourscreen bug high ajax
#3984 XmlHttpRequest.abort() does not fire ajaxStop event 1.4 john bug minor ajax
#5017 [PATCH] JSONP fails on page with no HEAD 1.4 bug minor ajax
#3688 [PATCH] Prevent changing of @type for BUTTONs as well as INPUTs 1.4 brandon bug minor core
#4436 [ajax] j.readyState is null or not an object on IE6 with Timeout enabled 1.4 bug major ajax
#5259 [patch] Event delegation for mouseenter and mouseleave 1.4 brandon enhancement major event
#5729 `Expando` cleanup in `.html()` and `.clone()` is too greedy 1.4 bug major core
#5167 abbr is not a self-closing tag 1.4 bug trivial core
#5191 add .unwrap method 1.4 feature major core
#4613 add and remove special event hooks 1.4 brandon bug major unfiled
#4101 add public contains method 1.4 yehuda feature major core
#3940 after() and before() fail after newly created jquery elements 1.4 aflesler enhancement minor core
#5886 ajax abort error 1.4 bug undecided ajax
#5609 ajax onreadystate abort 1.4 bug major ajax
#4971 ajax() with method "PUT" - missing payload 1.4 bug major ajax
#5338 ajaxSettings.xhr Automation server can't create object 1.4 bug major ajax
#3623 ajaxSettings.xhr breaks if IE activex disabled 1.4 flesler bug major ajax
#5529 ajaxSettings.xhr not correct on Windows Mobile phone 1.4 bug minor ajax
#4777 ajaxStop and ajaxStart not working 1.4 bug major unfiled
#2185 animate does not work properly with non-block-level elements (table, tr, td, inline, etc.) 1.4.3 snover bug high effects
#5829 appendTo broken in IE6 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#6160 attr() not sets value correctly 1.4.2 bug attributes
#6113 beforeunload event fires twice 1.4.3 bug event
#4106 binding to beforeunload does not work 1.4 brandon bug major event
#6644 binding/unbinding function to beforeunload event 1.4.2 bug unfiled
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