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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Priority Component
#5309 error when asking for css property for a missing object 1.4 bug minor unfiled
#5316 replaceAll only the first element from the matched set replaces the selector set 1.4.3 bug high manipulation
#5338 ajaxSettings.xhr Automation server can't create object 1.4 bug major ajax
#5344 Opera 9.2 and belowe don't handle css proprety «opacity» 1.4 bug major core
#5377 Documentation for tag selector is unclear 1.4 enhancement trivial docs
#5383 if jsonp not crossdomain, the complete handler will trigger twice 1.4.3 bug high ajax
#5386 Site problem - blank page 1.4 bug major site
#5391 jQuery.browser show wrong information under chromium 1.4 bug trivial core
#5403 Event/bind documentation bug 1.4 bug minor docs
#5415 validate - getting error messages 1.4 feature major plugin
#5416 find('something:first') can return multiple results 1.4 bug major selector
#5423 Setting attr("usemap") requires camel-case property name in MSIE 1.4 bug minor core
#5434 $.fn.add( selector, context ) 1.4 enhancement major core
#5439 $.ajax modifies the options object 1.4 bug major ajax
#5446 css("font-size") not returning correct value for elements in iframe 1.4 bug major core
#5452 $('#select_element_id').val("") bug when its option has no value attribute in ie6/ie7 1.4 bug critical core
#5460 .detach() method isn't documented 1.4 bug minor docs
#5468 Bad URI causes ajaxStop and ajaxComplete not to fire 1.4 bug minor ajax
#5470 jQuery.lastCloser instead of using data API 1.4 enhancement major core
#5474 isObject that works 1.4 bug critical core
#5475 closest method to evaluate the selector with appropriate context 1.4 bug major core
#5483 Another Result in .html() with \r\n at the beginning (1.4pre) 1.4 bug major core
#5493 isObjectLiteral to work correctly with custom objects with empty prototype 1.4 enhancement major core
#5494 jQuery.extend(true, ...) to extend recursively object literal values only 1.4 bug major core
#5505 hasClass doesn't work with carriage return or tab 1.4 bug major core
#5527 More generic jQuery.merge 1.4 enhancement major core
#5528 jQuery.makeArray( nodeList ) 1.4 bug major core
#5529 ajaxSettings.xhr not correct on Windows Mobile phone 1.4 bug minor ajax
#5544 Setting type attribute on button tag fails without exception in IE 1.4 bug major attributes
#5551 .parentsUntil, .nextUntil, .prevUntil methods 1.4 feature major core
#5557 Speed function doesn't properly handle null values 1.4 bug major effects
#5582 jquery.is(':attribute') always returns true for attributes it doesn't know about 1.4 bug major selector
#5589 $(undefined) selecting the whole document is confusing 1.4 enhancement major unfiled
#5594 $.fn.filter has different argument-list than any of the other iterator functions 1.4 bug major core
#5599 Added support for per-property easing 1.4 feature major effects
#5600 Width returns null 1.4 bug major dimensions
#5602 trim bug 1.4 bug critical core
#5609 ajax onreadystate abort 1.4 bug major ajax
#5612 No way to set attribute that matches a $.fn function name 1.4 bug major core
#5619 hide() on a node imported from XML and not yet appended to the DOM causes an error in FF2 1.4 bug major core
#5627 Replace broken on css return value 1.4 bug major core
#5632 Alpha filter name in upper case is not processed properly when setting opacity 1.4.3 bug major css
#5643 $.trim() in jQuery 1.4a1 strips out embedded newlines 1.4 bug major unfiled
#5647 Resizing DT elements broken in IE8 1.4 bug major core
#5652 focus(), blur(), and submit() no longer working in 1.4 1.4 bug critical event
#5654 Ajax callbacks and the this keyword 1.4 bug minor ajax
#5667 serialize / serializeArray ignores HTML 5 input types 1.4 bug minor ajax
#5668 Scripts are not being disabled in the loaded page 1.4 bug major ajax
#5669 isPlainObject( null/undefined/window ) on IE 1.4 bug major core
#5679 Google closure-compiler compiled version of jQuery 1.4 enhancement minor core
#5681 clone(true) does not clone event bindings 1.4 bug major event
#5688 Too much recursion errors 1.4 bug major event
#5704 Deep extend converts array to object 1.4 bug major core
#5709 $.ajax() - type is json if dataType is unspecified and c-t is "application/json" 1.4 enhancement trivial ajax
#5718 $.ajax() - dataType: "auto" setting for auto-detecting/parsing response data via content-type header 1.4 enhancement major ajax
#5729 `Expando` cleanup in `.html()` and `.clone()` is too greedy 1.4 bug major core
#5750 $.extend copies by reference, even with deep=true (patch) 1.4 bug minor core
#5752 jquery.ajax DELETE verb does not contain request body content 1.4 bug major ajax
#5772 $() is jQuery but nut $(document) any more? 1.4 bug major core
#5786 xhr.send should test if data property is undefined 1.4 bug minor ajax
#5792 1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17) 1.4 bug low ajax
#5798 replaceWith(function) scope is broken 1.4.1 bug major core
#5799 wrapInner(function): inconsistent with wrapInner(html), callback scope is broken 1.4.1 bug major core
#5806 jQuery leaves textnodes in replaceWith 1.4.1 bug low core
#5808 Documentation typo on jQuery 1.4 site for jQuery.isEmptyObject() 1.4.1 bug minor core
#5809 Content type on http://api.jquery.com/api/ is not application/xml 1.4.1 bug major misc
#5829 appendTo broken in IE6 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5834 event.special namespacing bug 1.4.1 bug major event
#5845 Error with closing tags in query 1.4 and html method (1.3.2 was OK) 1.4.1 bug major core
#5856 namespaced events remain on DOM object when calling remove() 1.4.1 bug minor core
#5859 Firefox window.JSON throws uncaught exception when an HTTP Status Code is issued 1.4.1 bug undecided ajax
#5862 jQuery 1.4.0 breaks URL for AJAX GET if data contains key named "length" 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5873 removeClass leaves space after removing last class 1.4 bug low core
#5875 .replaceWith() doesn't work with empty set 1.4.1 bug major manipulation
#5886 ajax abort error 1.4 bug undecided ajax
#5890 live does not work properly with multiple events 1.4.1 bug minor event
#5891 Documentation error: jQuery.getScript() 1.4.1 bug minor unfiled
#5904 Injecting Flash with $.html fails in 1.4 in IE6 1.4.2 bug critical manipulation
#5906 IE leaks memory when removing child elements with bound events (until page is unloaded) 1.4.1 bug major event
#5907 new *untils methods r failz 1.4.1 bug major core
#5912 flash object not work on insert via .html(flash_object_string) 1.4.1 bug major unfiled
#5917 replaceWith is not working as mentioned in the api doc 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5919 jQuery.ajax({ dataType: 'json', error: function(...) {...}}) delivers a wrong this pointer. 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5920 filtering text/comment nodes with a not simple selector 1.4.1 bug major core
#5928 Global mousemove ceased to function 1.4.1 bug major event
#5949 Out of memory/Stack space in IE8, 1.4.1 bug major unfiled
#5962 Missing a "(" in the example 1.4.2 bug minor unfiled
#5966 getJSON callback does not fire 1.4.2 bug critical ajax
#5977 .html() will strip <style> tags in IE 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5984 $().ready() and $().bind('ready') behave differently 1.4.2 bug trivial unfiled
#5991 Plain objects and arrays are considered same on deep extending. 1.4.3 bug major core
#6012 .attr uncomatibility between 1.3.x and 1.4.x 1.4.2 bug major attributes
#6048 Regression in .data() module caused by commit e7912805 1.4.2 bug data
#6049 github offline breaks development cicle 1.4.2 bug build
#6055 Calling trigger('blur') does not work if the handler is bound with the live() method 1.4.2 bug event
#6056 jQuery 1.4 replaceWith() does not work with iFrame 1.4.2 bug manipulation
#6059 Live don't work correctly on class selectors since 1.4 1.4.2 bug event
#6060 Aborted AJAX requests are considered as successfull in 1.4 1.4.3 bug ajax
#6065 1.4.2 special events are slightly hosed! 1.4.2 bug event
#6068 Elements removed from a jQuery object with .filter() are still inserted with .prependTo() and .appendTo() 1.4.2 bug manipulation
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