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#5792 1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17) 1.4 bug low ajax
#5794 Make Sure null Params Aren't Traversed 1.4 bug major ajax
#5873 removeClass leaves space after removing last class 1.4 bug low core
#5886 ajax abort error 1.4 bug undecided ajax
#3549 Binding multiple custom namespaced events is not working correctly 1.4.1 john bug major event
#3861 .live('click', function) conflicts with mousedown event 1.4.1 bug major event
#4435 Parse Error cause being lost 1.4.1 enhancement minor ajax
#5695 Default submit event cannot be prevented when triggering click event of a submit button 1.4.1 brandon bug critical event
#5779 Bad behavior on .bind() with multiple events if one of them is special 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5789 die() fails to remove handlers 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5798 replaceWith(function) scope is broken 1.4.1 bug major core
#5799 wrapInner(function): inconsistent with wrapInner(html), callback scope is broken 1.4.1 bug major core
#5801 enhancement: support .live('hover',fn) 1.4.1 brandon enhancement trivial event
#5804 .live('focus') proxys through to .live('focusin') 1.4.1 brandon enhancement major event
#5806 jQuery leaves textnodes in replaceWith 1.4.1 bug low core
#5808 Documentation typo on jQuery 1.4 site for jQuery.isEmptyObject() 1.4.1 bug minor core
#5809 Content type on http://api.jquery.com/api/ is not application/xml 1.4.1 bug major misc
#5834 event.special namespacing bug 1.4.1 bug major event
#5835 Inline script events and "live" 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5837 the :checked selector will select a select a option in Firefox 1.4.1 john bug major selector
#5838 Make sure regular settings object is passed as context for Ajax callbacks 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5845 Error with closing tags in query 1.4 and html method (1.3.2 was OK) 1.4.1 bug major core
#5848 OnChnage event firing incorrectly in IE8 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5852 .live() support for multiple types 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5856 namespaced events remain on DOM object when calling remove() 1.4.1 bug minor core
#5859 Firefox window.JSON throws uncaught exception when an HTTP Status Code is issued 1.4.1 bug undecided ajax
#5862 jQuery 1.4.0 breaks URL for AJAX GET if data contains key named "length" 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5869 SELECT element change event firing on focus first time in IE 1.4.1 brandon bug major event
#5875 .replaceWith() doesn't work with empty set 1.4.1 bug major manipulation
#5888 offset(coordinates) returns null when attached to empty jQuery set 1.4.1 brandon bug minor offset
#5890 live does not work properly with multiple events 1.4.1 bug minor event
#5891 Documentation error: jQuery.getScript() 1.4.1 bug minor unfiled
#5906 IE leaks memory when removing child elements with bound events (until page is unloaded) 1.4.1 bug major event
#5907 new *untils methods r failz 1.4.1 bug major core
#5910 In 1.4, show/hide methods call animate() when speed is false or empty string 1.4.1 bug major effects
#5912 flash object not work on insert via .html(flash_object_string) 1.4.1 bug major unfiled
#5913 Centralize the logic for throwing exceptions 1.4.1 enhancement major core
#5914 Expose JSON parsing logic 1.4.1 enhancement major core
#5915 .height(fn) and .width(fn) are missing 1.4.1 brandon enhancement major dimensions
#5919 jQuery.ajax({ dataType: 'json', error: function(...) {...}}) delivers a wrong this pointer. 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5920 filtering text/comment nodes with a not simple selector 1.4.1 bug major core
#5922 .load() doesn't fire global Ajax Events 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5923 Setting .readyState = 0 throws exception 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5924 Don't use cloned context in Ajax 1.4.1 bug major ajax
#5928 Global mousemove ceased to function 1.4.1 bug major event
#5929 Checked state from a cloned fragment fails 1.4.1 bug major core
#5949 Out of memory/Stack space in IE8, 1.4.1 bug major unfiled
#4261 .click method - behavior varies across browsers 1.4.2 brandon bug minor event
#4817 hasClass expands selector metacharacters 1.4.2 bug low attributes
#5829 appendTo broken in IE6 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5851 IE8 does not support the change event while using live 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#5904 Injecting Flash with $.html fails in 1.4 in IE6 1.4.2 bug critical manipulation
#5917 replaceWith is not working as mentioned in the api doc 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5945 live namespaced events 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#5959 Change event for Select element getting fired on click (occuring in 1.4.1) 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#5962 Missing a "(" in the example 1.4.2 bug minor unfiled
#5966 getJSON callback does not fire 1.4.2 bug critical ajax
#5967 Unbind of namespaced 'change' event unbinds all 'change' events (IE only) 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#5970 Change event isn't fired in IE on a text box when starting from a empty field. 1.4.2 brandon bug major event
#5971 Make sure jQuery.data( elem ) always returns an object 1.4.2 bug major data
#5972 Improve Performance of .bind() and .unbind() 1.4.2 brandon enhancement major event
#5973 Add A Special Default Hook 1.4.2 brandon feature major event
#5974 Bring the performance of empty/remove/cleanData down to the wire 1.4.2 enhancement major manipulation
#5977 .html() will strip <style> tags in IE 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5978 Only Cache Fragments in Main Document 1.4.2 bug major manipulation
#5979 Skip inserting whole fragment, if possible 1.4.2 enhancement major manipulation
#5984 $().ready() and $().bind('ready') behave differently 1.4.2 bug trivial unfiled
#5986 regression: replaceWith treats text only node as selector 1.4.2 john bug major manipulation
#5988 v1.4.1 removeClass is No Work! 1.4.2 john bug major attributes
#6003 Remove the Need for setArray 1.4.2 enhancement major core
#6005 Add delegate/undelegate functionality 1.4.2 brandon feature major event
#6011 Numeric character references, eg, &#160; are inserted as plain text when text does not contain tags 1.4.2 john bug major manipulation
#6012 .attr uncomatibility between 1.3.x and 1.4.x 1.4.2 bug major attributes
#6013 hover event fires incorrectly over scrollbar of UL element in Firefox 1.4.2 john bug major event
#6023 el.find('[readonly]') does not work 1.4.2 john bug critical selector
#6031 parseJSON doesn't parse JSON with a leading newline in IE6 and IE7 1.4.2 john bug major core
#6041 Remove existing foo[] when traditional = false in param 1.4.2 bug ajax
#6042 Make sure a boolean is returned from jQuery.contains 1.4.2 bug core
#6048 Regression in .data() module caused by commit e7912805 1.4.2 bug data
#6049 github offline breaks development cicle 1.4.2 bug build
#6050 jQuery 1.4.1 addClass white space issue 1.4.2 john bug attributes
#6055 Calling trigger('blur') does not work if the handler is bound with the live() method 1.4.2 bug event
#6056 jQuery 1.4 replaceWith() does not work with iFrame 1.4.2 bug manipulation
#6059 Live don't work correctly on class selectors since 1.4 1.4.2 bug event
#6065 1.4.2 special events are slightly hosed! 1.4.2 bug event
#6068 Elements removed from a jQuery object with .filter() are still inserted with .prependTo() and .appendTo() 1.4.2 bug manipulation
#6077 Live mouseenter/mouseleave not working in 1.4.2pre 1.4.2 bug event
#6084 1.4.2: events and removed elements 1.4.2 bug event
#6094 Maintain parity of name between .text() and .getText() 1.4.2 enhancement manipulation
#6107 Google AJAX CDN is loading "1.4.2" for "1.4" 1.4.2 bug misc
#6152 parseJSON regex is redundant when native parsing is available. 1.4.2 enhancement undecided misc
#6155 API docs: Callback argument for Hide does not have a type 1.4.2 bug misc
#6160 attr() not sets value correctly 1.4.2 bug attributes
#6167 documentation: link to test suite outdated 1.4.2 bug unfiled
#6444 jQuery.cleanData calls on null objects (causing script breakage) 1.4.2 bug core
#6644 binding/unbinding function to beforeunload event 1.4.2 bug unfiled
#1675 expando related problem on removeData() 1.4.3 flesler bug major data
#2185 animate does not work properly with non-block-level elements (table, tr, td, inline, etc.) 1.4.3 snover bug high effects
#2279 faster trim 1.4.3 flesler enhancement minor core
#2338 jQuery.event.fix() mangles "event.which" when it == false 1.4.3 bug minor event
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