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#10110 $.post() doesnt work in safari with $("formname").serialize() [email protected] bug low ajax 1.6.2
#11555 jQuery.ajaxTransport.send.callback doesn't get called for readyState = 2 with Chrome [email protected] bug low ajax 1.7.1
#11852 Use context parameter in .load jaubourg feature low ajax 1.7.2
#12101 ajaxStart working for .load(), but not for .ajax() bug low ajax 1.7.2
#12362 documentation: jQuery.ajax() and JSONP bug high ajax 1.8.0
#12404 .post() submits expando crimar bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12675 User aborted ajax requests should result in jqXHR.statusText == 'abort' not 'error' bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12824 Ajax fires abort onunload event, even when using XMLHTTP (IE only) [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#13169 'JSON' is undefined error when calling jQuery.parseJSON [email protected] bug undecided ajax git
#13529 $.ajax() Deferred does not pass json data [email protected] bug high ajax 1.9.1
#13588 ajax dataType: 'jsonp' does not trigger fail callback bug low ajax 1.9.1
#13880 contentType not taken into account in .ajax() bug low ajax 1.9.1
#15087 Space in URI making JQuery crash bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#15117 jQuery.param and long numbers. bug low ajax 2.0.3
#15142 Global .ajaxError() bug with http code 301 bug low ajax 2.1.1
#15166 $.getScript Function may cause XSS attack bug high ajax 1.11.1
#15173 Should support `responseURL` attribute for jqXHR feature undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15187 Preventing jQuery Ajax request being aborted in IE - 8 / IE - 9 bug high ajax 1.3.2
#12692 jquery toggleClass(function) behaves incorrectly bug undecided attributes 1.8.2
#12702 $(string) somethings not right bug low attributes 1.8.2
#13035 removeProp("tabindex") should remove the attribute bug low attributes 1.8.3
#13189 Inconsistency with .attr() accessor and mutator for missing attributes bug low attributes 1.8.2
#13367 removeClass() does not remove all class in v1.9.0 [email protected] bug undecided attributes 1.9.0
#13433 $('#selector').checked for element does not work bug undecided attributes 1.9.1
#13474 Boolean attribute (such as 'selected') cannot be set back after reset with Firefox Michel (R) bug undecided attributes 1.9.1
#13738 Problem to define Attr to a select > option tag in Google Chrome bug undecided attributes 1.9.1
#13808 .attr("value", *** ) can set the value of an input element but it can't reset it bug undecided attributes
#14495 Select .val() select a ghost option bug low attributes 1.10.2
#13560 update_submodules task doesn't work in a symbolically linked directory danheberden bug low build git
#14476 Build Errors (master, updated 10-21-13) bug high build 1.10.2
#14581 global jquery available when using the npm module bug low build 2.1.0-beta2
#12666 $.parseJSON fails for valid json string if it has newlines bug undecided core 1.8.0
#12851 Create a low-level "single-element API" feature low core 1.8.2
#13291 Optimize jQuery.type() for 2.0 feature low core git
#13478 IE 8 element with attribute creation failure 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 bug undecided core 1.9.1
#14001 Easy context switching (temporarily load in an iFrame) feature low core 1.10.1
#14333 Use the native Array.filter method in jQuery.grep (jQuery 2.x) bug low core 2.0.3
#14341 Remove context and selector properties dmethvin bug low core 2.0.3
#14507 Port .uniqueId() and .removeUniqueId() from jQuery UI feature low core 1.10.2
#14612 Broken slice() interface bug undecided core 1.10.2
#14613 Extended objects share single array bug undecided core 1.10.2
#15212 submit function out of document ready is called first, irrespective of the order (line number on page) bug high core 1.11.1
#15225 isWindow doesn't recognize wrapped window elements bug low core 1.11.1
#11887 Add an entry for $.cssNumber to the API docs BillyRayPreachersSon feature low css 1.7.2
#12441 .toggle() not working properly with selected descendants that aren't in the DOM bug low css 1.8.0
#12674 $.css not working in browsers == !Chrome bug low css 1.8.2
#13421 $.css bug in firefox bug undecided css git
#14819 IE10/IE11 not reporting padding with percentage on table-cell bug undecided css 1.11.0
#14845 CSS: Don't add 'px' to '-ms-flex-order' bug low css 2.1.0
#13426 Strange behavior in jQuery's .data method. [email protected] bug undecided data 2.0b1
#14385 The data() method returns String values for custom data-* attributes which contain Number values bug undecided data 1.10.2
#15144 Jqgrid slow script error in ie8 while loading 4500 records bug undecided data 1.11.1
#12765 deferred.then([SuccessArrayFuncs],failFunc) does not work as described bug low deferred 1.8.0
#12874 $.ajax add is not defined [email protected] bug low deferred 1.8.2
#14449 Allow done/fail callbacks to return deferreds feature high deferred 2.1.0-beta1
#14483 the promise of a promise is not the promise fastfasterfastest bug low deferred 1.10.2
#14542 Add jQuery.Callbacks.forget [email protected] feature undecided deferred 1.10.2
#12426 jquery 1.8.0 $(window).height() and .width() is broken and does not work correctly (Firefox, IE8) Wikinaut bug undecided dimensions 1.8.0
#11760 animate width of inline object in ie7 changes display to inline-block bug low effects 1.7.2
#11982 JQuery animate() issue when another animate is called from within the step function. gnarf bug low effects 1.7.2
#12399 Fade fails if target does have css3 transition properties gnarf bug low effects 1.8.0
#12744 Blur,Focusout not getting fired in Chrome for input type file. bug low event 1.8.2
#13436 Code-triggered mouseout should not trigger mouseleave on ancestor bug low event git
#14304 Event in mouseenter handler is mutable (may change in deferred handler) bug low event 2.0.3
#15224 triggering CustumEvents bug undecided event 2.1.1
#12466 Firefox 15.0 attr()/html() with special char not working bug low manipulation 1.8.1
#12799 replaceWith fails when MIME is application/xhtml+xml ndobrynin bug undecided manipulation 1.8.2
#13781 Problems about `text` method of jQuery bug undecided manipulation 1.9.0
#14464 jQuery.html() does not correctly parse input values with "/>" bug low manipulation 2.0.3
#14608 Wrong Textparsing with &reg (not ®) bug undecided manipulation 1.10.2
#15176 Uncaught TypeError: Array.prototype.slice called on null or undefined bug high manipulation 1.7.2
#15214 Bug with .clone() data types jlevene bug high manipulation 2.1.0
#12756 Format all code in unit tests to conform to the style guide feature low misc 1.8.2
#11496 .offset() called on a hidden element is positioned relative to it's old position instead of document. [email protected] bug low offset 1.7.1
#15165 jQuery .offset().top wrong on refresh of page bug high offset 2.1.1
#12538 HTML String instances not handled as string bug low selector 1.8.1
#12681 "attribute ends with" broken in 1.8.x bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#12684 Unrecognised Expression:input:radion[name=id] bug low selector 1.8.2
#12701 Cannot use arbitrary characters in id selectors for html5 bug undecided selector git
#12703 Selector: Unable to find element by css value innerHTML/innerText. bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#12704 :checked is considering drop down select also bug undecided selector 1.7.2
#12710 Complex :not fails in IE 8 bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#12748 :not() regression in 1.8.2 bug low selector 1.8.2
#12923 Copying select values from one form to another bug undecided selector 1.8.3
#13003 Error in Selector raises exception $('$something') bug undecided selector 1.8.3
#13552 Custom Pseudo Selector fails if name starts with "eq" bug undecided selector 1.9.1
#13629 Rename matchesSelector to matches bug low selector 2.0b2
#13771 Sizzle: p:contains(text) fails when text has both parenthesis and newlines bug undecided selector 1.9.1
#14043 $('#root').find(':not(#nested) > li') fails timmywil bug high selector 2.0.2
#14417 Impossible to select attribute value that contain backslash. bug undecided selector 1.10.2
#14514 attribute selector is not working if value has . in it bug undecided selector 1.7.2
#14547 .find method has different response in different jQuery bug undecided selector 2.0.3
#15064 selector breaks on tags with multiple classes bug undecided selector 1.11.0
#15215 Select on data attributes without value bug undecided selector 1.11.1
#13347 index( undefined ) returning incorrect values bug undecided traversing
#13372 eq(null) returns eq(0) bug undecided traversing git
#13530 Inconsistent results with .has since 1.8.3. Should .has selector match element itself or its parents? bug low traversing 1.9.1
#12363 Selector fails for top elements on $.ajax response bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#12414 方法不兼容 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7
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