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#9788 .position() and .offset() return rotated values bug low offset 1.6.2
#8852 .slideUp/Down doesn't work on <tr> elements bug undecided effects 1.5.2
#8746 .text() Bug in IE7 with Iframes bug low manipulation 1.5.2
#8633 1.5.1 still has cache: false as the default for .getScript bug undecided unfiled 1.5.1
#8783 1.5.2 getComputedStyle bug Rick Waldron bug blocker support 1.5.2
#8825 1.5.2 version bind 函数bug bug undecided unfiled 1.5.2
#9259 1.6 breaks my code chuck@… bug low attributes 1.6
#8237 :HAS with :NTH-CHILD not working under IE bug high selector 1.5
#10569 :focus in Chrome bug low selector 1.6.4
#8303 :gt() inside :has() bug undecided unfiled 1.5
#6723 :has fails in combination with :gt bug low selector 1.4.4rc
#8720 :has fails with some combinations of other selectors bug low selector 1.5.1
#8132 :has with :nth-child throws syntax error bug high selector 1.5
#4468 :not() Selector not working properly with :first in IE browsers john bug low selector 1.4.4
#8583 :text misses input tags without type bug undecided unfiled 1.5.1
#4740 :visible:selected or :visible:first selectors not working on IE6 john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#8636 A possible bug in 'trigger' bug undecided unfiled 1.5.1
#8319 AJAX no longer working on Blackberry Widgets using 1.5 sefigrossman@… bug low ajax 1.5
#9189 Add helper functions .checked() and .disabled() feature low attributes 1.6
#9379 Add overload jQuery([arrayOfjQueryObjects]) enhancement undecided unfiled 1.6
#11552 Add support for :nth-of-type() feature low selector 1.7.1
#8447 Add support for el.classList where available enhancement low attributes 1.5.1
#8463 Ajax broken in jQuery 1.5.1 on Opera 11 andrearo@… bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#9108 Animate Vertical backgroundPosition bug low effects 1.6
#7174 Animate background-position works for left but not top enhancement low effects 1.5
#7932 Animate opacity with png in IE bug low effects 1.4.4
#9711 Animation delayed until tab/window has focus bug low effects 1.6.1
#8607 Appending link element to head does not work in IE bug undecided unfiled 1.5.1
#8282 Attribute Selectors Without Quotes Stopped Working bug low selector 1.5
#6004 Attribute equals selector doesn't work in IE8 with empty value attribute bug high selector 1.4.3
#5020 Attribute selector with filter fails john bug major selector 1.4.3
#9159 Attribute selectors not working in IE6-7 (really) jamietre bug high selector 1.6
#8246 Attribute value selectors containing colons now trigger a syntax error bug low selector 1.5
#9376 Autocomplete jquery not work after page refresh bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#9721 BUG - Plugins/Validation/Methods/date bug low misc 1.6.2
#9366 Background image in Opera bug high support 1.6.1
#9439 Better definition for jq escaping script enhancement low selector 1.6.1
#8870 Binding an event to an iframe window will throw an exception on unbind in ie bug high event 1.5.2
#8531 Boolean attributes unselectable with .filter() in Firefox bug low attributes 1.5.1
#9194 Bug in Animate background position bug low effects 1.6
#9175 Bug version for function animate bug undecided unfiled 1.6
#7951 Bug with animate background-position on IE8 bug low effects 1.4.4
#9160 CSS background position animations with multiple values. bug low effects 1.6
#9474 Calling .stop() in callback freezes animation bug low effects 1.6.1
#9487 Calling data on a jQuery object with HTML5 data attributes has strange behavior if attribute names contain singular letters. bug low data 1.6
#8326 Camelize problem with jQuery.fn.data() bug high data 1.5
#8330 Can not force form to submit bug high event 1.4.4
#8647 Can't delete the attribute size with FF4 bug low attributes 1.5.1
#9360 Changed behavior of $.param() bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#9428 Changing href attribute value in IE 7+ also changes link text (innerHTML value) bug low attributes 1.6.1
#7977 Changing the Object prototype breaks $.isEmptyObject ljharb@… bug low core 1.4.4
#9609 Checkbox disabling using .prop(), Chrome bug low attributes 1.6.1
#8003 Child selector followed by ancestor selector not working in IE bug high selector 1.4.4
#9416 Clone() function is not able to parse a form within a form properly in IE7 - 9 jjcrist@… bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#10843 Consider adding :link to Sizzle Christopher Lenz <cmlenz@…> feature low selector 1.7.1rc1
#9679 Document $.proxy enhancements from #7783 enhancement low core 1.6.1
#7923 Documentation bug: .text() does not always return CDATA bug undecided manipulation 1.4.4
#8170 Draggable with clone example doesn't work. bug undecided unfiled 1.5
#9636 Duplicate body removes real body's background in Opera bug high support 1.6.1
#9498 Element creation fails when both options map and string attributes are present. bug blocker manipulation 1.6.1
#9230 Error with .html() bug undecided unfiled 1.6
#8454 Error with using method getJSON in jQuery 1.5.1 alexuyt@… bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8830 Event hover() when fast pointing to an element bug high effects 1.5.2
#9602 Exception when adding a new node in XML. rcrathore bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#8796 Executing .click() on a checkbox performs actions out of order bug low event 1.5.1
#9350 FF bug: animate backgroundPosition bug low effects 1.6.1
#8828 FadeOut FadeIn broken devndesign@… bug low effects 1.5.2
#8758 Finding element with autofocus attribute doesn’t work always bug undecided unfiled 1.5.2
#8276 FireFox 3.6.13 Selecting Form Checkboxes checked items bug low css 1.5
#8626 Firefox 4 Error: uncaught exception anonymous bug undecided support 1.5.1
#8086 Firefox: can't insert form inside form with html - but with append bug undecided unfiled 1.4.4
#9462 Frames Memory Leak with jQuery bug low event 1.6.1
#9735 HTML5 details open attribute undefined timmywil bug low attributes 1.6.2
#8740 Has Attribute Selector fails on empty attributes on ie6/ie7/ff3.0 bug high selector 1.5.2
#9552 Hi, your plugins section is spammed by battery sellers... bug low web 1.6.1
#8361 ID selector not working for ID having colon or period bug low selector 1.5
#9718 IE Bug in try..catch..finally bug low deferred 1.6.2
#8329 IE bug when appending html button bug low attributes 1.5
#9246 IE debugger does not like the last curly bracket shown here bug high deferred 1.6
#9623 IE6 & 7 will not match attribute selector queries if the attribute in question has no value or a falsy value. bug high selector 1.6.1
#8128 IE7 - possible selector error bug low selector 1.5
#8375 IE8 - Changing title tag throws error bug undecided manipulation 1.5.1rc1
#8874 IE8 Memory leak jason@… bug low global 1.5.2
#12512 IE8/IE9 no longer fires "change" event when pressing enter key in a text box bug high event 1.8.0
#8628 Improving getting and setting attributes on form enhancement undecided unfiled 1.5.1
#8269 In IE 8 change event of textfield fires twice bug low event 1.5
#9133 Including opacity breaks an animation containing margin properties bug undecided effects 1.6
#7276 Inconsistent element selection in IE bug high selector 1.4.3
#8164 Inconsistent results when selecting "number" type inputs bug high misc 1.5
#7555 Incorrect .is() behavior when checking for attribute with no value bug low selector 1.4.4
#8895 JQuery 1.5.1 - 2 questionmark "??" problem when ajax operation... bug undecided unfiled 1.5.2
#9583 KeyError: 'captcha_redirect' bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#9584 KeyError: 'captcha_redirect' bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#5414 Live event binding not matching selector bug high selector 1.5
#8379 Missing reduce() feature low core 1.5.1
#9655 No Option to Creat an new Account on Jquery.com bug low web 1.6.1
#8477 No position() info in children on completing the ajax request filling a hidden div tomexero@… bug low css 1.5.1
#9496 Non-inline styles fail when appending multiple made-up elements in IE < 9 Rick Waldron bug high manipulation 1.6.1
#9324 Odd handling of 'onreadystatechange' event in jqXHR when readyState > 1 bug low ajax 1.6.1
#9242 Opera 11.10 Build 2092 and background reset on HTML element. bug high support 1.6rc1
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