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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4128 live function doesn't work on current elements selimachour bug undecided event 1.3.1
#4175 jQuery 1.3.2pre: Dialog broken in IE7 john bug undecided core 1.3.1
#3985 bind() does not work in a page generated from XML with XSLT within browser (Firefox) Statc bug low event 1.3.1
#5282 Elements have different order after find("*") and filter() in IE7 leif bug low selector 1.3.2
#3919 google hosted jquery is not gzipped joern bug major web 1.3.1
#3963 change function with IE bug major unfiled 1.3
#3968 ID-based lookup much slower on large pages john bug major selector 1.3.1
#3979 jQuery('.class') returns only one element bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#3994 $('#id1 > div') does not work correct in Opera 9.27 bug major selector 1.3.1
#3997 Address Rewriting Trailing Slash Bug in IE7 bug minor unfiled 1.3.1
#3998 find() method only return the first match element bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4000 overflow bug using .animate webkit browsers - element loses overflow property bug minor effects 1.3.1
#4008 Animate border width issue in Opera bug minor effects 1.3.1
#4016 [IE 6 & 7] Errors when traversing child elements after inserting generated VML bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4024 bind() should accept the "ready" event kind enhancement minor event 1.3.1
#4031 offset function in jquery.dimensions.js broken in IE brandon bug minor dimensions 1.3.1
#4034 iepngfix bug critical unfiled 1.3.1
#4041 Some selectors with meta-characters fail in jQuery 1.3.1 john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4043 animation on input or textarea results in loss of cursor and possibly keyboard input. bug major effects 1.3.1
#4046 .attr("value") 1.2.6 versus 1.3.1 bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4047 Selector, <select> and val() returns inconsistent value bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4054 XML parsing error in IE john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4063 $.getJSON() does not call callback with 0-length content response bug major ajax 1.3.1
#4070 Selection of empty fields in Chrome and Safari bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4083 selector :file value works in 1.2.6 john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4088 IE6 win xp sp3, events, html manipulation bug major core 1.3.1
#4108 :not(:last) selector fails john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4138 IE8RC1 disappearing margin above floated element bug major unfiled 1.3.1
#4152 jQuery causes flicker with embedded QuickTime movies in Safari bug major core 1.3.1
#4169 :has(:nth-child(1)) john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4173 .fadeIn() - IE 6+7 - inline-elements bug minor effects 1.3.1
#4177 jQuery.param() handles arrays very strangely bug minor core 1.3.1
#4407 Empty selectbox enhancement major core 1.3.2
#4410 fadeOut does not execute bug major effects 1.3.2
#4510 Attribute Filters on the tabindex attribute john bug critical selector 1.3.2
#4622 Jquery cannot get .text() or .html() from Div in IE8 john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#4635 animate() fails to get initial 'bottom' position on Firefox bug major core 1.3.2
#4790 selector with class doesn't work with macos x safari bug major selector 1.3.2
#4854 Selector which select more than needed john feature minor selector 1.3.2
#4929 Fix for IE Memory Leak bug critical core 1.3.2
#5058 span hide, show problem bug major effects 1.3.2
#5177 fadeOut(),animate() bug in IE6、IE7、IE8 bug major effects 1.3.2
#5262 jquery-1.3.2.min.js has bug.(minimizing bug) bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#5355 html() return '' in Firefox3.5.2, but return 'hello world!' in IE6.0 correctly. bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#5464 :ishidden selector on IE8 (IE8 standards) john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#5490 Few fixes for release enhancement minor core 1.3.2

Resolution: patchwelcome (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4035 change event firing for disabled options in select brandon bug minor event 1.3.1

Resolution: fixed (53 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4110 beforeSend is ignored in Firefox 3 with JQuery 1.3.1 bug undecided ajax 1.3.1
#1349 .is(':visible') is incorrect when parent element is hidden john bug major selector 1.3.1
#2091 `make with_plugins` broken bug major build 1.4
#2490 wiki page for Traversing/find somewhat misleading john bug minor core 1.3.1
#2845 Sortable that has OBJECT tag generates error in IE paul bug major core 1.3.1
#2973 IE6 clone(true) bug when cloning a cloned element with events bug major core 1.3.1
#3082 Speed improvements for jQuery.css("width"/"height") in combination of dimensions.js john enhancement major dimensions 1.3.1
#3254 Defective cloned object bug minor core 1.3.1
#3265 Critical error raised when animating VML john bug major selector 1.3.1
#3500 IE clone( true ) error on recloning bug major core 1.3.1
#3895 Using offsetWidth for jQuery selectors (especifically the :visible selector) john enhancement minor selector 1.3.1
#3913 problem with jquery 1.3 selector john bug major selector 1.3.1
#3955 JavaScript error in new API browser for Event Handling 'bind' function remysharp bug minor web 1.3.1
#3962 $.getScript leaks in IE john bug major ajax 1.3.1
#3966 Event doesn't get attached to all newly created elements when element is added to multiple nodes with one selector brandon bug minor event 1.3.1
#3988 $(document).ready() fires after images load in IE bug major core 1.3.1
#3989 Alll links on bind docs go to 404 bug minor docs 1.3.1
#3990 1.3.1 selector bug - $('input[value=""]') bug major selector 1.3.1
#3995 jQuery(array) and get() enhancement minor core 1.3.1
#4001 setInterval leak in function custom bug major effects 1.3.1
#4004 Speed up DOM removal by decoupling event.remove and removeData enhancement major core 1.3.1
#4012 Live() support for focus,blur,change,select,submit,reset events in IE brandon enhancement major event 1.3.1
#4014 boxModel check affects page layout john bug minor support 1.3.1
#4018 documentation incorrect for jQuery.support.tbody bug minor docs 1.3.1
#4020 ID/Name Selector Bug bug major selector 1.3.1
#4023 "+" combinator and ":visible" misbehaving? john bug minor selector 1.3.1
#4026 Possible speed improv. for closest() john enhancement major selector 1.3.1
#4033 currentTarget isn't enforced (for IE) on native events flesler bug major event 1.3
#4036 Important performance improvement bug major core 1.3.1
#4037 800x faster HTML load on large HTML chunks bug major core 1.3.1
#4038 Improving .hide() method to avoiding reflow to constantly occur enhancement minor effects 1.3.1
#4042 .class selector not working in opera in some cases john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4051 [api.jquery.com] Effects problems bug minor misc 1.3.1
#4058 Simple selector not working in 1.3.1 with webkit browsers john bug critical selector 1.3.1
#4074 .clone() doesn't respect ownerDocument john bug major core 1.3.1
#4078 Function to prevent memory leaks in IE interfering with a height of 100% in IE6 bug minor unfiled 1.3.1
#4081 Simple name selector not working in 1.3.1 with IE 6 john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4086 $().load() & $.ajaxSetup bug bug minor ajax 1.3.1
#4091 Error in escaping selector bug critical unfiled 1.3.1
#4098 [name=0] doesn't work john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4102 add delay to Animate enhancement major effects 1.3.1
#4104 `tag:not(tag.className)` selector fails to return any element in jQuery 1.3.1 john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4107 Safari's input type="search" field is ignored by serializeArray bug minor ajax 1.3.1
#4109 jQuery Demos in Docs have downloadable code with dependencies enhancement minor web 1.3.1
#4112 Out of Memory Exception in IE with AJAX calls bug minor ajax 1.3.1
#4115 Faster Offset Initialization brandon enhancement major offset 1.3.1
#4142 the selector by attribute has a bug john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4153 Return Selector Results in Document Order john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4158 multiple pseudo selector issues bug major selector 1.3.1
#4163 Please Add $(this) in selector section to show that this can select "itself" enhancement trivial unfiled 1.3.1
#4167 .CLASS and [class*=...] fail on XML documents john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4176 jQuery.each() doesn't deal with arrays properly bug major core 1.3.1
#4178 Slowdown of .html() in 1.3.1 bug major core 1.3.1
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