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#9102 wontfix attr() doesn't always return a string in jQuery 1.6 and lower Andy E Andy E

For Internet Explorer 7 and older, attr() may return a boolean or function type for certain attributes, for example "checked" or "onclick" respectively.

This is due to the old getAttribute bug that returns the DOM property value instead of the attribute string, which was finally fixed in IE 8. As a workaround, jQuery should make use of getAttributeNode rather than getAttribute.

This solution can be demonstrated by the following fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/TbjRN/. Run it in IE's compatibility mode or IE 7 or IE 6.

#7903 invalid .attr() does not recognize "shape" in <area> Anonymous Anonymous

In <area>-tags the shape-attribute is not recognised by .attr()

Deleting areas with no shapes doesn't work: focusable = focusable.map(function(){return($(this).attr('shape') === undefined && $(this).is('area')) ? null : this;});

Deleting areas with no href works: focusable = focusable.map(function(){return($(this).attr('href') === undefined && $(this).is('area')) ? null : this;});

#13702 invalid Inappropriate insertion of a tbody Arantor Arantor

Ref https://github.com/jquery/jquery/blob/master/src/manipulation.js#L293 onwards

If you attempt to add a tr to a table, jQuery will realise that you're adding a tr and attempt to check that you're adding it to a table with a tbody, and if not, it will wrap the tr in a tbody before adding it to the table.

Ordinarily this would be fine, but I have the situation where I have a table with multiple tbody tags, each of which with ids. The problem is that if I select my tbody directly, my tr is added with a nested tbody (creating tbody#myid tbody tr as a hierarchy)

Line 314 shows it looking for a table with tbody, which is fine if you're targeting the table directly but in my case I'm not targeting the table, I need to target the tbody specifically to add it to the right container.

Currently I'm adding it to the tbody, then performing $("tbody#myid tbody tr").unwrap(); afterwards to strip the extra layer of tbody that's unnecessary, but as you can probably imagine I'd prefer not to do that.

I should also add, the original version of the code was written a year or more ago and I seem to remember we were using 1.5.2 back then - but back then, the code indicated worked fine (i.e. I could select a tbody by id and then directly append tr to it without any problems) so I'm wondering if this is a regression.

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