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#1361 fixed "E + F" CSS selector broken in 1.1.3 john aportale

Befor 1.1.3, this selector worked for me. Now, it doesn't.


#811 fixed "Elem has no properties" error when trying to use if (jQuery(this).attr('id') == null) [email protected]

With 1.0.4 it used to be possible to check if plugin was attached to nonexisting element by using:

if (jQuery(this).attr('id') == null) {
    return false;

This does not seem to work with 1.1. Instead "elem has no properties" is given. Live example at:


#8961 invalid "GET" ajax calls cannot send a message body. This is against the HTTP spec. [email protected] [email protected]
// Determine if request has content
s.hasContent = !rnoContent.test( s.type );

While HEAD requests are expressly forbidden to have a message body in the HTTP spec, GET requests are free to.

I recognize that processing the "data" setting in an ajax request and appending it to the URL is a convenience for most users, so I suggest doing so as long as "processData" is set to true. Otherwise, it should be sent in the message body similar to a POST request.

I expect an argument along the lines of: "Clients shouldn't put data in a GET request because proxies and many other programs don't expect it." But this is out of the scope of your responsibility and should not be protecting the user in this way.

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