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#14727 invalid after select options [email protected] [email protected]

Hi, there might be a bugs relate to select options using <options> or <ul li>.

For sample that there is blue box with rounded corner is 1px which stright, and when click the button it will change blue box rounded corner to 5px, however i want to change rounded corner again AFTER SELECTED FROM DROP MENU, but is not working, i even try with ui or li is not working. Even if i want to change text color to different color after selected from drop menu is not working. So basically i'm trying to say that there might be bug that jquery is not doing any action after selected from options.. here is my sample of code.

		$(".customSelect").click(function() {
   });   });
#6790 .css() returning inconsistent values between browsers Alistair Alistair

Using jQuery v1.4.2, Firefox 3.6.6, Chrome 4.1, IE 6,7,8.

Example, I'm using the .css() function to get the value of the css attribute "background". The attribute has *not* previously been assigned a value (either in script or style sheet).

e.g. alert($(this).css("background"));

In Firefox and Chrome, the return value is an empty string (""). However in IE 6,7,8, the return value is "undefined".

Considering jQuery aims to be cross-browser and free us from writing browser-conditional code, I think the desired behaviour would be a consistent return type (ie. string) across all browsers, whether the attribute is set or not.

The result is not needing to check first if a value is present before doing something with it.

The following statement will not work across all browsers, because you can't do indexOf() on "undefined": alert($(this).css("background").indexOf("somepic.gif"));

Inconsistent return values occur for other CSS attributes as well. For example, if "background-image" is not set, .css("background-image") returns "none" in IE, and "" in Firefox & Chrome. There are many other cases as well.

It would be great if jQuery could provide standard rules across all browsers for the values that are returned from .css(), so we don't have to write browser-specific code for them.

If we want the browser-specific value, we can always use $(something).get(0).style.backgroundImage etc.

It would be a matter of jQuery checking for something like "none" for "background-image" and changing it to "" for us. This would help give us consistent return values for .css().

#14219 duplicate ie7 got member not found exception when set a not exist attribute Ammon Ammon

use IE7, try to set "pattern" attribute to input element and got an exception "Member not found" at jQuery source code line 4571.


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