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#23 fixed Matthias Miller domReady Approach trows an dialog box on IE + https [email protected]

The problem is in document.write("<scr" + "ipt id=ie_init defer=true " +


IE thinks that src=javascript:void(0) is a security threat

#24 fixed Make fade effects work on tables [email protected]

Effects don't work on tables, because in CSS2-compatible browsers, table elements have "display: table" "display: table-row" and "display: table-cell". Trying to apply revealing effects will end up setting "display: block", and destroying the table layout.

The following patch tries to fix this by setting the right display style based on the element's HTML tag. Fade effects work on table and td, but not on tr. Show/hide should probably work as well.

Doing size-dependant effects will probably not work well though, as you can't just isolate table elements with position: absolute to measure them. Still, it's a start.


#25 fixed IE "method not supported" error. (Worked previous to 1.0) [email protected]

Running the following code:

if($("error",x).size()>0){ ...

on xml returned from a $.post callback


diff: diff}, function(x){ ...

results in the "method not supported" IE error. (For this instance, when the element in question is not actually present in the xml) Sadly the app Im working on can only be viewed in IE, but I have attached the Visual Studio debug page highlighting where its going bad.

This may not be a bug, but it worked previous to 1.0 and now it doesnt.

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