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#4599 fixed "Better" Event delegation justinbmeyer

Although live is a great step forward ... I wonder if jQuery would support event delegation that

  1. Didn't need to query the dom.
  2. Could delegate from any element (not just documentElement)

For example: $('.some_widget').delegate('a.destroy', function(ev){ })

This is really important if you want to have different things on the page that use event delegation but don't want to muck up other delegates. You can always get the basic live like:

$().delegate('click', function(){})

What's more, delegation event should be called in order by depth and be stoppable. For example: <div class='some_widget'>

<div id='thing'><a>hi</a></div>


$('.some_widget').delegate('#thing', function(e){


}) $('.some_widget').delegate('a', function(e){

never called


The second function would never be called.

Finally, the following events should work (which don't in live)

submit, focus, blur, change.

This is basically all the functionality in the attached delegate.js file.

However, it uses browser sniffing. I'd like to explore ways of getting around this. This might be difficult w/o implementing synthetic events. Is there a way to tell which event bubble/capture, or see that change is really weird in IE (and a little in Safari).

This is an AMAZING feature and I'd really like to help add it. Right now it is 384 lines. I'm sure I could get it smaller.

#11506 fixed "Bug Tracker" link in navbar on "jquery.com" is to now dead dev.jquery.com trentm

"Bug Tracker" link in navbar on "jquery.com" is to now dead dev.jquery.com. Should be to "bugs.jquery.com.

See also: http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/11442 for the equiv bug for bugs.jquery.com. Not sure if these two are the same site.

#11559 invalid "Bugs with API site" jdsharp [email protected]

Table of contents pages snap to the top of the window when alt-tabbing or mousing back to the window, causing a reader to lose his place when reviewing the documentation.

This appears to be caused by the search control having focus, causing focus events to be triggered when the window regains focus, despite the user never intending to perform a search.

Clicking outside the search box to remove the focus restores sane behaviour.

Additionally, the bug tracker link at the bottom of the api page is broken, apparently pointing to http://dev.jquery.com/ instead of http://bugs.jquery.com/

Finally, overriding the arrow keys is a somewhat rude thing to do, especially when the end result performs much worse than the browser's default navigation.

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