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#15233 migrated attributeContainsWord selector does not work for attributes with newlines gibson042 gharlan

If an attribute contains newline characters the attributeContainsWord selector (~=) does not work.


I would expect that both divs are red.

#15231 duplicate .trigger() doesnt work on Firefox flimmerkiste

When i call .trigger on an element Firefox 32.0 throws a TypeError. You can find the code here [ http://jsfiddle.net/ejj5pnkz/2/]. However .trigger() works fine in Chrome.

#15229 cantfix IE: Mouseleave fires on table element when select options open Mottie Mottie

I have a table containing selects within a column. An event listener is attached to the table (or tbody) to perform another action (e.g. give focus to another element).

In IE10+, when the user tries to open the select, it immediately closes because when hovering over the select options the table "mouseleave" event fires.

Here is a demo of this issue: http://jsfiddle.net/eY8uH/1073/

One fix would be to ensure the event.target is the same as the original element: http://jsfiddle.net/eY8uH/1075/

$('table').on('mouseleave', function(e){
    if (e.target.tagName === 'TABLE') {
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