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#15100 fixed isNumeric implementation of version 2.1.0 returns wrong results in Opera 12.17 gibson042 PachaG

The isNumeric function of older (2.0.3) versions works correctly in Opera 12.17

$.isNumeric(1.5999999999999999) == false
$.isNumeric(1.59999) == true

The test page http://jsfiddle.net/z2NYD/

#15098 fixed Firefox throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE in curCSS markelog Krinkle

After upgrading from jQuery 1.8.3 to 1.11.1, I've started seeing various cases where in Firefox an NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE exception is thrown from curCSS.

I suspect this is related to the change in how we call getComputedStyle.


ret = computed ? computed.getPropertyValue( name ) || computed[ name ] : undefined;

It used to use window.getComputedStyle regardless of which document owned the node, and it now uses the (seemingly more correct) ownerDocument.defaultView to access the relevant window (e.g. when inside an iframe or popup) and call getComputedStyle there.

#15097 notabug jQuery.css() returns empty string in firefox & IE krazyjakee

All browser versions I have tested are Edge versions. I have tried all versions of jQuery on jsfiddle right up to 2.x Edge.

Here is the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/PpwtJ/

Chrome is able to return a value but firefox and IE are not.

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