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#15122 notabug Jquery imagdrag and clone not working in ipad mpsaravanan

Here is my code. This code working fine in desktop and mobiles but not working in ipad only.

function showFly(id){

var cart = $('.destination');

var imgtodrag = $(".flythisproject_"+id).find("img").eq(0); if (imgtodrag) {

var imgclone = imgtodrag.clone()

.offset({ top: imgtodrag.offset().top, left: imgtodrag.offset().left


.css({ 'opacity': '0.5',

'position': 'absolute', 'height': '50px', 'width': '50px', 'z-index': '100'


.appendTo($('body')) .animate({ 'top': cart.offset().top + 10,

'left': cart.offset().left + 10, 'width': 75, 'height': 75

}, 1000, 'easeInOutExpo');

setTimeout(function () {

cart.effect("shake", {

times: 2

}, 200);

}, 1500);


'width': 0,

'height': 0

}, function () {





#15121 fixed wrap module uses manipulation module, but does not declare the dependency tj.vantoll
define([ "jquery/wrap" ], function( $ ) {
	$( "div" ).wrap( document.createElement( "div" ) );

This fails because wrap.js uses $.fn.clone(), which is defined in manipulation.js, but does not declare a dependency on it.

I'll send a PR.

#15120 duplicate Cannot target form when it contains hidden field named "style". scottrichardson

I have a button that when clicked, performs actions on hidden a form, including sliding it down into view.

It's part of a CMS that we use on all projects and has worked perfectly on every job until today.

The only thing I changed was rename an input type='hidden' to name='style'. It seems like query does not like having a hidden field named 'style'/ I was no longer able to perform any slideDown action on my form. It simply wouldn't respond. Callbacks WOULD work as if it HAD slid down, but nothing visual would happen on screen.

As soon as I renamed the input to name="thestyle" it worked fine.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.