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#4471 invalid wrap(html) includes IE 7 appendChild bug IGotNothin IGotNothin

When using wrap to wrap something with html when that something is inside a table cell, it does not work in IE 7. I found info on this bug here: http://metadeveloper.blogspot.com/2007/01/ie-7-appendchild-bug.html

It's somewhat obscure and caused by a browser bug, but didn't know if you want to try to compensate for it. I was able to get around it in my code by handling the update differently, but would be nice to still be able to use wrap.

#12047 wontfix body.removeChild( container ); can cause an error Ian Yang Ian Yang

An answer of a question on stackoverflow shows that jQuery adds some elements (the outmost one is container) to do some tests (line 1537 in the un-minified version):

// Run tests that need a body at doc ready
jQuery(function() {
var container, outer, inner, table, td, offsetSupport,

And at line 1654 jQuery wants to remove that test element with:

body.removeChild( container );

However, as addressed in the question, by using the DOMNodeInserted event, all contents of body can be wrapped inside another element before jQuery can remove that test element, causing body.removeChild( container ); to fail because the container isn't a child element of body anymore.

So the suggestion is to change line 1654 into:

jQuery( container ).remove();
#8800 worksforme Opera animate trouble Inqy Inqy

Strange trouble with Opera 11.01 and jquery 1.5.2.
http://jsfiddle.net/FvkGm/2/ - test this (click one of the visible texts, a screen will appear and [X] at the top of the frame) Click [X] and it won't disappear in Opera only
there was another problem with animate in opera earlier http://stackoverflow.com/questions/846334/opera-handles-jquerys-animate-method-in-a-very-strange-way

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