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#1747 invalid unique() doesn't work for arrays of non-objects rworth

the unique() function does not reduce an array of value-types (number, string, etc.). It only seems to work on arrays of objects, since as of 1.2, it uses jQuery.data internally.

See attached for patch including unit tests.

#1815 duplicate SlideUp function Chris

There is a slight bug with the slideUp function. When I used it on a DIV containing a table filled with rows of selected information via Radio type Inputs, once the DIV was slid up, and back down the Radio Input buttons were deselected. It only happens in IE for me; and its only a minor bug but it would be awesome if it was fixed :D

(Using Most Recent Version; Compressed)

For the Milestone part, not sure what that is or where to find it. The Component is in Effects (if you go to the visual jquery website)

#1836 wontfix .clone() not picking up form element names if set by .attr() in IE6 jamesvl

Name attributes, when dynamically set, are no longer getting cloned correctly in jQuery 1.2.1 on IE6.

Use case: When adding repeatable form elements to a form, I set the "original" elements' name to end with a '[]'. I then .clone() those elements and add them to the form if the user asks to.

Expect to see: The newly .clone()d elements to also have their names end with '[]'.

Actually see: The orignal elements' name only, if on IE6 and jQuery 1.2.1.

This behavior is not present on IE6 in jQuery 1.1.4, or with Firefox on either version of jQuery.

I copied my relevant code for an example here:


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